How To Jump Start Your Car With A Battery Pack? A Detailed Guide

  • 24 Oct 2022 06:55
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How To Jump Start Your Car With A Battery Pack? A Detailed Guide

Imagine you're getting ready to work on a winter morning, but your old car won't start despite everything.

It is terrible when the car engine makes a loud rumbling noise, black smoke, and finally, a hopeless stall. Don't worry; if everything you've tried doesn't work, try to jump-start it with a battery pack.

So how do jump start your car with a battery pack quickly and efficiently? Follow the simple steps below to see how quickly I handled this situation.

Safety Precautions

As you know, when you start a vehicle, you must consider safety measures.

If it's not your car and you've never tried a jump start before, ask the owner if they're sure they want to start the vehicle. Then you need to do a few things to ensure safety.

  • First, you need to check for apparent damage. If there are indeed abnormalities in one or two battery jumpers, don't risk jumping.
  • Next, if you're wearing a ring or metal jewelry, remove it to ensure no metal is touching the battery terminals.
  • Once you've completed the previous precautions, here are ten steps so you can start your car with the battery pack.

How To Jump Start Your Car With A Battery Pack?

Step by step to follow 

Here’re the detailed steps I will provide you to start your car with a battery pack.

  • You must ensure that all electrical systems or equipment in the vehicle are turned off, including radio/CD, sat-nav, and lights. In addition, to provide the best, you should lower the driver's window.
  • Next, park the connecting vehicle as close to the problem vehicle as possible. But you must keep the two cars at a small distance to wire from one to the other.
  • In the third step, you must remove the ignition and open the bonnet after ensuring both engines are off.
  • When you're ready, take one end of the red jumper wire and attach it to the positive side (+ symbol) on the flat battery side. After that, you can start pulling the lid and accessing the terminal.
  • Similarly, use the red jumper attached to the positive terminal on the other car's battery. Then attach its other end to the excellent battery anode on the second vehicle.
  • In the next step, take one end of the black jumper wire to connect to the battery negative terminal.
  • Attach the other end of the black jumper wire to a stable grounding point on the vehicle in question.
  • Next, you can start starting the damaged vehicle. If you've tried restarting it several times and everything still doesn't work, its battery is completely dead. So, you need to seek expert help by calling RAC on 0330 159 1111.
  • If you start it up and it's already running, keep it running for at least 5 minutes.
  • You should turn off the engine and disconnect the negative lead immediately. Also, check the machine to ensure the engine starts.

How To Jump Start Car With A Portable Battery Pack? 

Steps to consider with a portable battery pack

If you cannot get professional help in emergencies, it is wise to prepare a portable battery pack as a last resort.

To get started with this portable battery pack, you need to follow the same steps as a regular battery, such as checking for damage and removing metal if you're wearing one.

  • First, you must check that your battery pack is fully charged.
  • Next, you need the car's battery in the trunk, the bonnet, or a plastic cover.
  • Connect the red wire to the battery-positive terminal and the negative (black) wire to the ground point on the crash vehicle. Right after that, you also need to use a battery pack on the side of the car.
  • At this step, ensure the leads are long enough, so the battery connection does not stretch. Besides, you mustn't put it on the engine as it can fall off whenever starting.
  • After the battery pack connects, start working on creating the car as usual. If it starts gradually and maintains the car for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • If you've tried to start it up many times without success, you may need to wait for professional help.

Safety Tips To Consider

Safety tips to consider

Here are a few tips that can help you use your battery more safely:

  • Check whether you have turned off the engines on both vehicles.
  • In the rescue vehicle, disconnect the red jumper to connect to the battery-positive terminal.
  • With the other end, disconnect it from the battery on the car in question.
  • You must disconnect the black jumper wire with the vehicle in distress.
  • Disrupt it from the first car at the other end of the black jumper wire.


Are portable jump starters worth it?

Yes, this jumper is worth it. Especially if your car's battery has completely failed, the jump starter may be the last option.

How many mAh do you need to jump-start a car?

I recommend users search for cars with a jumper cord minimum of 10,000 mAh.

How long do portable jump starters hold a charge?

The portable starter can be available only once after each charge. While there will be a few exceptions, double-checking your device before bringing it in the car is still a good idea.

Is a jump starter the same as a battery charger?

A jump starter is different from a battery charger

They differ because jump starters do not need any charge to activate the current.

Can you leave a jump starter plugged in all the time?

It will help if you check it after a few hours under ideal conditions. The duration may shorten quickly if the battery is not available for a long time.


With this post, I have provided you with brief guides and valuable tips. Hopefully, this post will help you find the answer to the question: How to jump-start your car with a battery pack? Thank you for reading!

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