How To Jump Start A Diesel Truck With 3 Batteries? Step-By-Step Guides

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How To Jump Start A Diesel Truck With 3 Batteries? Step-By-Step Guides

The batteries on the truck are all connected in parallel. So, if you need to start your diesel, you must attach one of those batteries to the central engine bay.

A truck engine with 3 batteries, is the connection as simple as above? How to jump-start a diesel truck with 3 batteries? This guide will answer your questions. Let’s read on to discover!

How To Jump Start A Diesel Truck With 3 Batteries? 

It is not difficult for you to start a diesel truck engine with three batteries. The start-up process consists of three simple steps for battery and diesel vehicles.

Step 1: Prepare for the boot process.


You will have to prepare tools for removing the hood, fully charged batteries, clamps, and suitable terminals.

Once you have prepared all the necessary tools, you can proceed to remove the hood altogether. It will take quite a while to complete if it's your first time.

Check out the instructions provided by the manufacturer or browse for suitable visual instruction videos for your vehicle.

You also need to turn off the motor in this step. Your battery must be in the "parked" or "neutral" position. For your safety, although not required, you should turn off the lights before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Insert the battery

You proceed to install the battery compatible with your vehicle. It's best to fully charge the battery beforehand to ensure your truck has enough power to start.

You should install the battery by connecting the first battery-positive terminal to the second female-positive terminal. This rule applies to all batteries.

Step 3: Attach the battery anode to the truck anode

 Attach the battery anode 

After attaching the three batteries' anodes, attach the other end of the anode to the corresponding anode on the truck.

As for the cathode, you'll have to adjust the connector to connect to the black end of the jumper. Use clamps and terminals to increase connection accuracy.

Which Battery Is Suitable For Starting Diesel Models? 

Suitable batteries for Diesel truck 

Battery chargers and cables are essential equipment for starting a diesel engine. But in addition to the above devices, you need to consider compatible batteries.

The battery must have the same voltage as a diesel engine for a smooth start. During installation, you must adhere to the connecting poles. 

Besides, it would help if you stored the battery safely by turning off the engine and removing the car key before installation.

In addition to the above general requirements, with each diesel engine, you have a separate note about the battery.

With a three-battery diesel engine, you must ensure the battery is fully charged or has enough power to start your engine.

With a two-battery truck, each battery is in charge of one motor. When inactive, both batteries will be charged. You must be careful when connecting the jumper cable to either pin. Also, before installation, set the vehicle to neutral or parked.

With a two-battery diesel engine, the higher the resistance level, the greater the amount of power needed to turn the engine. To solve this problem, you should set up a dual battery.

This method helps you connect the two batteries more efficiently to limit possible risks.

Tips To Start A Dead-Batteries Diesel

Some tips to follow 

How to start a diesel truck when the battery dies is a common question among many drivers. The operations to do, in this case, are not tricky challenges. Here is a three-step process that you can refer to:

Step 1: Preparation

Before making any changes, you must turn off the truck's battery. 

You can switch batteries multiple times to make the battery charger connection more efficient. The hot side battery takes a long time to start up but provides more power due to fairly complete charging.

Step 2: Open the hood

Use specialized tools and open the hood according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

Compared to conventional cars, the batteries in diesel trucks are in a rather difficult-to-reach position. So be patient or use a long cable to shorten the processing time.

Remove the battery clamps before connecting the cables to keep the dead diesel truck starter safe. These accessories may cause fire or electric shock on the cable connection.

Step 3: Connect the battery

Finally, you need to connect three batteries.

The connection principle is to attach the third battery's positive terminal to the first one negative. The current will flow through the storms and start your diesel engine with a dead battery.

With the engine running, it's time to disconnect the cables. Besides the above actions, you must keep the starting voltage high enough for idling vehicles. These notes will help you significantly extend the battery life in your car.


Starting a diesel truck with three batteries is not too difficult. Yet, you may have many questions related to this. Here are brief answers to the questions.

Can you jumpstart a diesel truck with a car?

You can start your truck's engine with a car. So, use the vehicle and the cable to charge one of the two batteries in parallel on the car.

Can you jumpstart off a dual battery?

You can use dual batteries if you have a jumper cable ready and attach it to the battery with a thicker line.

If your vehicle has dual batteries with cables of the same thickness, you can only use one of the two batteries for the jump star.

How many amps does it take to jumpstart a diesel truck?

For slow rotation, the jumpstart will require 550 amp. Or, if you want to get through deep puddles, the number goes from 550 to about 900 amps.

Can a diesel run on one battery?

Diesel-powered vehicles can only work best with two batteries. Its powerful motor requires a lot of energy to operate.


How to jump-start a diesel truck with 3 batteries is not as difficult a challenge to solve as you think. 

Through the sharing in the article, I hope you have grasped the principles of starting the engine by following the above instructions efficiently.

In case you have trouble starting, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. We're here to help you create your truck with three batteries.

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