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What is CampFireHQ?

CampfireHQ is your go-to website for expert advice and ideas when it comes to choosing the best products for camping, hunting, fishing, survival, and all things related to outdoor adventure. Whether you need recommendations for gear, tips for specific activities, or helpful insights to enhance your experience, we've got you covered. Our extensive resources include detailed product guides, informative articles, and practical tips to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to make the right choices. Join our community of outdoor enthusiasts and let CampfireHQ be your trusted companion on your next adventure.

Where do we get our information from

  • Forums, product reviews, consumer research, and expert advice: We gather data from the market through forums, product reviews, consumer research, expert advice, and user feedback. To find the best products worth testing and key features to watch out for, we pay close attention to the user and consumer feedback.
  • Product testing: We put products through various tests and trials based on the situations they would be used in. We then evaluate the results and cross-reference them with existing reviews. Then, we compile our findings into concise, informative, and complete reviews that you will see on this site.
We don't accept sponsored or free products and we do not have any relationships with the brands. All products that we review were either purchased by us or received feedback from customers who purchased the product and tried it out.

Review Categories

We have a deep appreciation for fishing gear and have dedicated ourselves to thorough research and analysis of the market to bring you detailed information on the best fishing gear available. Our reviews encompass a wide array of fishing equipment, including rods, bait, various types of kayaks, and fishing reels.

For hunting enthusiasts, we also offer comprehensive reviews. Whether you prefer hunting with a crossbow or a traditional bow, or you're interested in a heavy-duty composite bow, we stay in the know about the top options in the market, ensuring you are well-informed before making a purchase.

When it comes to hunting optics, we understand the crucial role they play. Whether you're in need of a rangefinder to accurately measure distances while hunting with a crossbow or rifle, or you're seeking a night vision scope to enhance visibility in low-light conditions, we can guide you in making the right choice for your specific hunting needs.

If camping is your passion, we've got you covered as well. Our expert reviewers and users share invaluable information on camping tents, sleeping bags, and all the gear you might require for a successful camping trip.

Survival gear is another area of expertise for us. Our editorial team has meticulously tested a variety of knife models, from the best survival knives to versatile pocket knives. Our product testers are well-versed in the realm of survival gear, including axes and machetes, and we regularly consult with other experts to ensure we are up to date. With each article, you can be confident that you are receiving insider knowledge.

Furthermore, we provide detailed information on outdoor accessories. If you're seeking more information about popular accessories such as knife sharpeners or gun safes, we have you covered.

Additionally, we take pleasure in sharing tips and valuable advice on all things related to outdoor activities. Whether it's hunting, fishing, or camping, our goal is to keep you well-informed and enhance your experiences.

We strive to simplify your search for outdoor gear and enable you to make informed decisions on how to spend your time outdoors. Should you have any questions regarding our reviewed products or require guidance on hiking gear, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Partner Programs

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