How To Cool A Tent When Camping? 7 Easy Tips To Follow

  • 22 Oct 2022 07:55
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How To Cool A Tent When Camping? 7 Easy Tips To Follow

Camping with a tent in the coming summer is a great and fun option. When it's too sunny during the day, though, your tent becomes as stuffy as a greenhouse. It absorbs the heat from the sun and creates an uncomfortable feeling!

So how to cool a tent when camping without power available? It sounds impossible, but there are a few simple ways you can try with your tent.

How To Cool A Tent When Camping?

Here are the effective tips I have ever used to make camping for my family and me more relaxed and more comfortable. Let's explore them now!

Use a canvas one

Use a canvas one 

Common tent material is nylon or polyester. Yet, both increase the sun's ability to absorb heat and quickly explain why you're so hot.

To solve this problem, I always suggest users use a tarp whose material is a tent. 

They are less common because they are heavy but can prevent your tent from overheating. Indeed you will have much more comfortable camping.

Look for a shade to set a tent.

Sometimes camping is better in the sun. Yet, placing the tent directly in the sun is the shortest way to keep the tent hot throughout the day.

Yet, you should find a shady tent to keep your tent cool. Also, finding a stable and ventilated spot helps increase airflow and keeps your tent cooler.

However, if you can't find a shady spot in the campsite, use a sunshade to minimize the amount of heat absorbed by it.

Use a battery-powered fan.

Use a battery-powered fan.

Sometimes, a few tips in life or self-design don't seem to bring the expected results. So I advise you to take advantage of the inventions from technology.

Of course, you can't bring an electric fan when camping; instead, get a battery-powered one for your camping trip. It provides air circulation to keep the tent from being stuffy.

Also, depending on the campers, you can choose a medium or small fan to make it more convenient to carry and help everyone cool down in hot weather.

Choose weather-friendly clothing

Choosing excellent and weather-appropriate fabrics is the best way to stay cool while camping.

Once you've planned your summer camping trip, you know it will be hot. You will undoubtedly feel much more comfortable if you choose clothes with cozy and comfortable fabrics. Some options like T-shirts, shorts or PJ pants are a perfect choice.

Always drink enough water.

As you probably know, it's more important to stay hydrated. If you don't mind bringing along fancy things, prepare a cooler with ice to cool off and keep your body hydrated.

You can take the ice and place it in front of a fan to increase the coolness of the tent.

Optimum ventilation and air

Optimum ventilation and air

Optimum ventilation and air

An excellent way to cool your tent is to increase ventilation. You can open a zipper to draw air during the day or at night. It will undoubtedly be very comfortable and pleasant.

Yet, it will be perfect if you use the shield in your tent. Opening the zipper can get you some air, but the tent might have a few bugs.

Sleeping outside the tent

The usual way to use a sleeping bag is to lie entirely inside it. Yet, if the weather is too hot, you can lie on the sleeping bag and use a thin blanket to remain warm.


Can you put an air conditioner in a tent?

You can still use the mini air conditioner in the camp with a power supply of 12-30 volts. Yet, I recommend using a battery-powered fan instead of wasting time connecting an external power source.

Why is it so hot in my tent?

When the weather is hot, sunlight can pass through your tent fabric, absorbing the hot air inside. So it makes your tent retain the high temperature at night.

Will a portable AC work in a tent?

It depends on the tent setup. Even if you have an AC port in your tent, window AC is still worth considering. Conversely, a portable air conditioner should be the last option if you don't have an AC port or cover.

Final Words

I have shared some valuable tips on how to cool a tent when camping without electricity in the summer.

I hope those mentioned above will be helpful for your trip. Try some of these tips next time you are camping, and let us know. Thank you for reading!

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