How to Jump Start 24V With 2 12V Batteries?

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How to Jump Start 24V With 2 12V Batteries?

Many autos utilize 12 volts instead of 24 volts, so there are many cases where the battery dies unexpectedly, and you don't recognize if you can start 24V with 12V.

Therefore, how can you reactivate your cars and trucks when this is the case?

You can entirely choose 12 volts as opposed to 24, but it can be challenging to locate a suitable wire as well as it will take longer than expected.

How to jump-start 24v with 2 12v batteries? Let's say your truck battery is dead and has 24 volts. You certainly need a truck with 2 12-volt batteries.

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How to Jump Start 24V With 2 12V Batteries?

A guide on how to jump-start 24v with a 12v battery.

In case you don't have extra expert tools or cables accessible, the most effective technique for you is to use jumper cords with clips for both sizes of auto batteries. Besides, if you have two batteries with clamps ideal for 24V and 12V, you will only need one set of expansion cords.

Required Devices

All you require is 2 12-volt batteries and a 12-volt supply jumper wire.

Step 1

If your vehicle has a 12-volt battery and the other has a 24-volt battery, you need to place them as close together as possible. If they are next to the car, place them side by side so they can be close together.

If they remain in the engine bay, you must see that they're beside each other.

Step 2

Next step, you need to take the battery out of the truck (12V battery). They are linked together, and one side is attached to the vehicle.

Be sure to use gloves and a wrench during the process to guarantee security and eliminate the cord that links both batteries (12V battery) to the rest of the cable, attaching them to the truck.

In this manner, you can detach both batteries from the cars and truck; however, they stay connected for safety factors.

Step 3

Then, you require removing the bands that bind both batteries together. As soon as you are done after that, you have 2 12-volt batteries not linked to each other or the vehicle.

Step 4

At this point, utilize a hefty jumper rope. Then link the first pin to the 2nd (favorable to negative). Now you have two batteries (12V battery) with just 2 terminals left, and both left extra.

Step 5

Affix the positive part of a jumper cable to the anode (+) on the truck battery (24V battery). Next, connect the 2nd cord to the cathode, a bolt in the engine bay, or the truck's steel structure (24V battery).

Currently, you need to place the vehicle in neutral and put the car in neutral. After that, start it with a typical procedure. Disconnect leads when begun.

Alternative Solution

Use a 12-volt battery starter pack as an alternative to a 24v battery starter. 

When you cannot restart, you can use a 12-volt battery starter pack as an alternative to a 24v battery starter.

This is an energy you can use to start your vehicle when it runs out of battery.

Occasionally you still have to bill it; however, seldom. It's easy and light, so it can start more significant engines like those in cars and trucks.

You can use this utility to begin your automobile when it lacks a battery. It would be best if you billed it often but seldom. It's straightforward and light to start more significant engines like those in vehicles and trucks.

I have used it to start autos with the cigarette lighter plug and begin many vehicles, given that I purchased the automobile in 2018.

I suggest always lugging a small battery starter with you when camping in your house since you can lend it to your pals when they have trouble.

It's like equipping a portable non-reusable starter and an emergency power book to the engine of your house, car, or truck.

You can examine the 12-volt battery packs listed for your vehicle or vehicle.

Safety Tips

Safety tips that you need to remember. 

To ensure the procedure goes smoothly as well as with no other dangers, below are some security tips to remember:

  1. You must remember to begin your battery on lead-acid batteries (deep cycle, gel, VRLA, and so on) and not on vehicles or motorbikes with flooded batteries because this set consists of harsh sulfuric acid, which can influence your health and wellness.

  2. You never need to use metal tools to short-circuit the cable television clips directly onto the battery terminals instead of utilizing a piece of insulation.

  3. Ensure that your cars and trucks are turned off before beginning them.

  4. Always check to ensure the cords are appropriately linked: the black cable on the unfavorable incurable and the red cable on the favorable terminal, both on their corresponding sides (+/-). Never turn around to link the cables, or you will undoubtedly harm them and the battery!

  5. You are required to choose a cord that is hefty and sufficient.

  6. Once everything is linked, activate the engine and allow it to complete 5 mins or two before taking your cars and truck out of the "jumper".

You must make sure to keep in mind the things I've listed above for your safety and for the process to go smoothly.


This post may help you address the question, "how to leap beginning 24v with 2 12v batteries?". Overall, beginning a 24V battery with 12V is not a simple job.

It would be best if you simply had the right electrical wiring, but also, as a result of the voltage distinction and need to understand how much amperage your auto can supply and have adequate power left in the 12V cars and truck battery to make a distinction.

You also need to recognize the security pointers that I have covered all this info step by step, so you don't need to fret about any of those details!

With any luck, these standards will help you and make the job more straightforward. Thanks for your interest!

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