How To Keep Dogs Cool While Camping? 8 Effective Tips In 2022

  • 25 Oct 2022 13:30
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How To Keep Dogs Cool While Camping? 8 Effective Tips In 2022

Having a cute little dog accompanying you on a camping trip is a fun and relaxing experience for any pet owner. However, the dogs may struggle when adapting to the weather and climate changes. 

Without proper treatment, your little friends may become angry or get in a bad mood and ruin your whole camping trip. In this post, I will instruct you on how to keep dogs cool while camping. 

8 Tips To Sooth Your Dog On A Camping Trip

These easy methods are completely safe for your little friends and will quickly improve their happiness. They also create a chance for you to have a fun moment with your pet. Now, continue reading to find out!

Shaded & Elevated Dog Bed

The most common cause for your best agitation is high temperature, especially in its resting spot. If the bed isn’t sheltered from the sun, it will get hot and ruin your dog’s sleep. 

Therefore, it’s essential to put your dog's bed in a higher place and under the tree’s shade. You can shelter it with a camping tent and avoid direct sunlight. 

Cooling Dog Bandana

The dog bandana is one of the most effective ways to reduce their body temperature and improve their bad mood state. Use bottled water or dip the bandana into clean water to cool it first. 

After wringing, wrap the item around your dog's neck. Don’t squeeze too hard, or it will suffocate the dog. 

A Dog Bandana

Apply Dog-Friendly Sun Cream

It’s wrong to think that dogs are immune to sunburn. While your dog has thicker fur, the harsh sunlight in camping sites can still cause sunburn and affect your pet’s mood. 

So, ensure that you pack a dog-friendly sun cream before going on the camping trip. Before taking it for a walk outside, apply the sunscreen according to the package’s instructions. 

Dog Sunglasses

If your dog hides under the tree and doesn’t want to play, he may be affected by the sunlight. Dog sunglasses can help protect his vision from daylight and also give your pet a pretty cute appearance.

Protect Your Dog’s Paws From Heat

The hot paws will affect your pet's emotions and can damage their feet.

You can use booties designed for dogs to protect their feet from the heat when walking on rugged terrains. 

Take Your Dog For A Swim

If there is a clean and safe lake or water spot near your camping site, take your pet for a swim. It will refresh the dog’s body and wash off the bugs or dirt building up on its fur. 

However, always accompany your pet even if it can swim. Also, avoid swimming if it’s in the middle of the winter because your dog can catch the flu.


It’s dogs’ instinct to stay active, and it would irritate them if you limit their activity. Wait for the sun to soothe down, apply sun cream, and take your pet for a quick run. 

It will keep the dog energetic and cheer it up quickly with the beautiful scenery. 

Take The Dog For A Hike

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Always keep your dog hydrated because the hot temperature in camping sites can drain its body water very fast. Ensure that you fill the water supply frequently so your pet won’t suffer from dehydration. 

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to keep dogs cool while camping is essential if you want to bring your little friend on camping trips. No matter what method you choose, always do it with care and love for your dog. Thank you for reading

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