Can You Light A Gas Stove With A Lighter? Explained Answer

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Can You Light A Gas Stove With A Lighter? Explained Answer

Your gas stove may malfunction sometimes. It will be very annoying when your food is ready to cook, but there is no fire. 

Can you light a gas stove with a lighter? Do not play with fire if you know how it works. So let's check this guide to find out what you should do! 

Can You Light A Gas Stove With A Lighter? 

Yes. You can light your gas stove using a lighter if you follow the right steps. Also, bear in the safety measures while working the fire. 

The rule of this ignition method is to prevent the flame from the lighter from interacting with your stove's gas. 

Hence, ensure that the gas is off. It would be best to wait for it to evaporate completely before igniting the stove with a lighter. 

Is it safe to light a gas stove with a lighter?

Yes. It's quite safe to use a lighter to start a gas stove; ensure that you turn off the gas and wait until it dissipates before trying again if you can't get it going within 15 seconds.

You can light almost any modern gas stove using a lighter or a match if its ignite gets broken. And matches make a safer solution than cigarette lighters.

Gas Stove With A Lighter (2)

You can ignite your burner with a lighter

How to light a gas stove with a lighter?

After ensuring the gas has flown away, you can quickly light your gas stove with a lighter. Safety measures are essential when cooking with gas.

Now, please follow these steps to light your stove: 

  • Open the oven after turning the knob to the "ignite" setting.
  • When the pilot light turns on, continue twisting the knob; then, release both the knob and your hand. You may turn it to the left if you are at the first temp setting.
  • Place a lighter next to or within the hole to ignite the pilot light.
  • Move the flame carefully towards the direction of the pilot light after it lights. 
  • Hold the knob down for about ten seconds to start the pilot light. You must give it ten seconds to warm up before changing the temperature. The oven's heat will fluctuate too fast due to the pilot light.
  • By shutting and opening the oven door, you may alter the temperature within. If the pilot light doesn't go out, switch your oven off.
  • Now, adjust the knob until you get the desired temperature to cook your food.

This video will give you a visual explanation of how to light your gas stove using a lighter:

Learn how to light your stove safely

How Do Gas Stove Igniters Work? 

Unlike most water heaters, gas stoves lack piezoelectric spark systems. Instead, they use electric currents to spark. You can find a controller in the system that turns the stove on and off. 

Here is the process of your gas stove ignite works: 

  • The ignite on your gas stove collects power from your household circuit. Typically, it needs 120 volts to run. 
  • You deliver the spark circuit whenever you turn your stove on, which activates a capacitor at the ignition terminal to produce a voltage of 15,000 volts.
  • That voltage is powerful enough to generate an arc of electricity to pass through the air to the stove's base before returning to the ground.
  • Then, the arcing generates the spark. 

On some gas stoves, the igniter is separate from the burners. Hence, the stove will still spark until you turn the knob past its "Ignite" position. Such a thing happens even with a lit burner.  

On some other models, the igniter works in sync with the controller. It will turn off the flames once the burner ignites. In most cases, the controller has safety features that turn off the gas when there isn't a fire. 

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When your gas stove needs electricity to work

Can You Manually Light A Gas Stove With Electric Ignition? 

Yes, and that's how a gas stove with electric ignition can work during an electricity failure. Here is what you can do to light it manually:

  • Hold a lighter or a lighted match near your stove. 
  • Turn the control knob to a low-flame setting. 
  • Turn your stove on after it lights. 


You can ignite your gas stove using a lighter. But if you have difficulties igniting it within 15 seconds, ensure the gas is off and wait for it to disappear before trying again. 

Do you have any questions about lighting your gas stove manually? Please inbox us, and you will receive the answer soon. 

Thank you for reading! 

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