What To Put In The Bottom Of A Fire Pit? A Detailed Explain

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What To Put In The Bottom Of A Fire Pit? A Detailed Explain

Fire pits are an integral part of the winter months. You'll need it to enjoy the outdoors, grill food, and keep warm.

You can ultimately build your fire pit home with all the necessary materials. So what to put in the bottom of a fire pit? This article will include the answer!

What To Put In The Bottom Of A Fire Pit?

Many materials can be put at the bottom of the fire pit, including sand, dust, pebbles, lava rock, fire glass, and concrete slabs. 


Sand for fire pit 


Sand is the first material many people think of to fill a fire pit. The reason is that the material is relatively cheap, easy to use, and requires no maintenance. 

It can last for decades even if you don't have a maintenance plan. Another advantage of it is that it is suitable for heat absorption. Therefore, it can protect the surface under the flame from damage.


Dirt has the same advantages as sand, including good heat absorption and ease of use. But its particular superiority lies in its popularity and budget. You can even take advantage of the dirt in your fireplace.

However, dirt also has some disadvantages. The most worrying problem is that the organic matter in the soil will be burned when the temperature is high. You have to replace the dirt regularly if you want to maintain the fire pit's aesthetics.


Rock for fire pit

Stone is a relatively easy material that is perfectly available for the bottom of the fire pit. It would help if you prioritized using small stones to stabilize the fire pit. 

These stones also act as a protective layer for the surface underneath the fire pit. Finally, stone is a pretty good material for decorating a fire pit.


Along with stone, gravel is also a material you should consider. This material keeps the base from burning, is easy to use, and is aesthetically pleasing.

You can also combine gravel with sand and dirt to increase the protective effect.

Lava rock

It is a material that can keep a fire pit warm quite well. It is also optimal if you appreciate the rustic and natural look.

In addition to retaining heat and aesthetics, this stone drains exceptionally well. Thus the bottom of the fire pit will be dry, and the lower surface will not be negatively affected by the heat.

Fire Glass

Fire glass

Fire glass is a stone that is quite similar to glass. They can catch fire and are not well insulated. Yet, this material is famous for its beautiful design and color.

Concrete slabs

Concrete blocks bring only a little impressive aesthetic beauty. However, there is no denying this material's durability and ease of use. 

You can even use concrete blocks for decades without worrying about problems like damage or breakage.

Fire Pit Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Fire pits offer great outdoor experiences in low temperatures. However, if you are negligent, you are most likely to be hurt by the fire pit. 

And here are some safety tips you need to keep in mind when using a fire pit:

Check wind conditions

Wind makes it difficult to light a fire. In addition, the wind can also cause sparks to change direction, unintentionally burning bushes or surrounding structures.

You should avoid using the fire pit on windy days. You must also check the wind direction before starting the fire and should not sit on the windward side.

Outdoor bonfire with marble chips

You need to avoid burning the fire pit on the outside overhang. To prevent sparks from igniting nearby structures, you must clean the space around the fire pit with marble chips.

Are marble chips good for a fire pit? The short answer is yes. It helps maintain a lower safe temperature and effectively limits thermal burns in the fire pit.

Get ready to put out the fire.

It would help if you carried a shovel and other fire-extinguishing tools while using the fire pit. You should always be ready to use water or a shovel to put out the fire to prevent a fire. It would help if you also taught your children what to do when a fire gets into their clothes or burns down nearby structures.

Keep the chair away from fire.

The chair is a reasonably explosive material. Therefore, even if you'd like to get closer to the fire, keeping a safe distance between the chair and the fire pit is still a good idea.

Similarly, you must keep hair, clothing, and other flammable materials away from the fire pit. It is better to tie your hair back and not wear clothes with too wide sleeves when grilling food with a fire pit.

Never leave the fire alone.

Quite a few users have a habit of leaving the fire pit with the flame extinguished. Yet, bright embers in a fire pit can still cause a fire.

Hence, make sure the fire is completely extinguished before everyone leaves. Some critical maneuvers are pouring water over the embers and checking the logs to ensure they've stopped burning.


The article has helped you find the ideal materials to answer the question: What to put in the bottom of a fire pit? It shares safety tips you need to keep in mind.

I hope the above information is helpful for you to use safely and without wasting time on fire pit bottom maintenance.

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