What To Do With Ashes From Fire Pit? The Exact Answer Is Here!

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What To Do With Ashes From Fire Pit? The Exact Answer Is Here!

The fire pit is the focal point of any outdoor gathering. However, dealing with fire pit ash after masses is complicated.

So, what to do with ashes from a fire pit? If you are struggling with this question, immediately refer to some of the instructions below.

What To Do With Ashes From Fire Pit?

Things to do with ashes from fire pit 

Have you collected ashes and need to learn how to dispose of them properly? Instead of treating it as garbage, you can consider the following methods:

Add it to garden

Ash can be a fertilizer rich in potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. These nutrients are beneficial for plant growth.

To allow the ash to release nutrients into the soil, you should add the ash and the compost you prepared earlier. Sprinkle the ashes over the compost so the nutrients begin to release.

Raise the soil pH

Raise the soil pH 

You can use this to control soil pH, especially with highly acidic garden soils.

However, before choosing to use ash, you need to monitor the pH level in the soil. Some plants will adapt well to sudden changes in soil alkalinity. 

While some other plants grow best in acidic environments, using less ash at once is unsuitable.

Keep pests at bay

Pesticides with chemical components bring a noticeable effect. However, the excessive use of pesticides causes many health concerns.

And ash is one of the natural ways to prevent insect infestation. Sprinkle ash around the garden beds to deter insects in your garden. You can also dilute the ash with water and use it as an insect spray.

The most common recipe is one cup for, one cup of lime and two gallons of water. Then pour this solution into a spray bottle and use it as an insecticide.

Keep glass surfaces clean.

Want to keep your glasses clean, especially dark-colored ones? A mixture of ash and clean water will solve your problem.

All you need to do is prepare fine ash, mix it with water, and stir well. After completing the manipulations, you create a pumice stone with good cleaning ability.

Dip a damp cloth in the pumice stone and rub it on the glass until the stain is gone. Finally, rinse the glass surface again to get a clear and shiny surface.

Absorb spills

Absorb spills

Ash is also an ideal method for dealing with spills. When you accidentally spill water or oil, sprinkle ashes to absorb moisture.

In addition to absorbing moisture, ash can prevent mold and absorb unpleasant odors. You can also combine use with charcoal to increase efficiency.

Provide traction on snowy walkways

Ash can replace gravel to provide traction in snow. And you need to sprinkle ash on the path you will pass to avoid slipping.

Carry ashes in your car to move confidently across any icy surface.

How To Safely Remove Fire Pit Ashes? 

Ashes will have relatively high applicability. Yet, you could accidentally burn yourself if you don't know how to handle it safely.

The first rule in handling ashes is to let them cool before collecting them in a bag. Then you can throw them in the trash.

How To Treat Burns? 

Even using protective gear such as gloves or a shovel, you can still get burned when handling the ash. In this case, calmly follow the steps below so the situation does not worsen.

First, immerse the burned part in cool water for a few minutes. In this case, you should not apply ice to prevent the wound from worsening.

Then, use a clean bandage to cover the wound to avoid infection. If swelling or infection develops, over-the-counter pain relievers are necessary. However, you should see a doctor if these symptoms do not improve.


Where to dispose of ashes from a fire pit?

You can dispose of the ash as ordinary waste in landfills. You also reuse the ash in the garden or on snow-covered roads.

Are ashes from a fire pit good for a garden?

Ash is a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer for the garden. It also can adjust the pH of the soil, so it's excellent for use in the park.

Should you clean the ash out of the fire pit?

It would help if you disposed of the ash after each use. The acidity in the fork can be harmful to the surrounding soil.

Can you put too much ash in your garden?

Although it is quite adequate, you should use only a little ash in the garden. Because of its alkalinity, it can adversely affect soil and surface water quality if used too often.

Does ash Stop weeds from growing?

Ash can prevent weed growth. Especially with high alkalinity, ash can kill thistles, Japanese Knotweed, and many other weeds.


The article has mentioned some methods you can apply to use wood ash. Hopefully, through the above sharing, you have a convincing answer to the question: "What to do with ashes from a fire pit?"

I hope you find a safe and effective way to handle wood ash soon

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