What Size Propane Tank for Gas Stove? A Beginner's Guide

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What Size Propane Tank for Gas Stove? A Beginner's Guide

If you are a new homeowner considering installing a gas stove, you will need to factor in the propane tank size that is best suited to it. 

The right tank size is essential to ensure your gas stove functions correctly and safely. Selecting the right propane tank size is more complicated than it might initially appear and involves a lot of considerations and calculations.

What size propane tank for a gas stove? The answer to this question depends on the BTU rating of the stove and how much you will do cooking.  

We will explain the factors you need to consider and the steps you need to take to make the right decision. Let's stay tuned to the reading for further details!

What Size Propane Tank For Gas Stove?

Deciding on the propane tank size for a gas stove depends on several factors, including the BTU rating and how much you will do cooking.

A stove with a BTU rating of 30,000 BTUs may require a 20-pound propane tank, while a furnace with a lower BTU rating may only require a 5-pound tank.

Additionally, a larger tank may be necessary to avoid frequent refills if the stove is used often and for long periods.

It is essential to consult a professional to determine the correct propane tank size for your gas stove.

The right size depends on several factors

Why Is It Vital to Choose the Right-Sized Propane Tank?

Choosing the right-sized propane tank is an important decision for various reasons, such as usage time, safety, and better performance. 

The tank's size will determine the propane's capacity, affecting the length of time you can use it before needing refilling. A larger tank can provide more reliable and consistent performance and reduce refilling frequency.

Additionally, selecting the right tank size can reduce the risk of the tank becoming overfilled, which can be dangerous and waste the propane. 

Furthermore, selecting the appropriate tank size can help ensure the tank is stored safely and securely to reduce the risk of a severe accident. 

Therefore, it is critical to take the time to properly evaluate the right-sized propane tank and then decide to purchase it.

The right size tank reduces the refilling frequency 

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Propane Tank Size

When it comes to choosing the right propane tank size for your home or business, certain factors will ensure you have the right amount of fuel to meet your needs. 

The propane tank size you choose will depend on the application type you need and the amount of energy you intend to use. 

Here are some of the things to take into account when selecting the ideal propane tank size:

Dimensions of the house

The size of your house is crucial as you'll need to ensure that the tank you select can fit in the necessary space. Measure the area where you plan to place the tank and ensure that your size will fit comfortably.

You should also consider the number of appliances running on the tank. 

For example, if you use multiple appliances at once, select a larger tank size to ensure that you have enough propane to power them. 

Number of household members

When selecting a propane tank size for your home, it is vital to consider the number of household members using the tank. 

A larger tank may be necessary if more individuals use the propane. It is crucial to consider the propane each person will use, as this will help determine the ideal tank size.


When selecting a propane tank size, you should consider storage. Your storage area must be large enough to accommodate the physical size of the tank.

It's important to note that the larger the tank, the more propane it can store.

This means you can buy in bulk, potentially saving money in the long run. However, it's important to remember that larger tanks may not be suitable for some storage areas, as they can be too large to fit or too heavy to move.

Consider storage when choosing a propane tank 


How long will a 100 lb propane tank last for cooking?

A 100lb propane tank can last a while for cooking, depending on the tank size, the cooking area, and the amount of cooking done. 

A 100lb tank can last up to a month or more. Yet, if you use it in an area that requires a lot of cooking, such as a restaurant, the tank may last less long.

How long will a 20lb propane tank last on a stove?

The answer to how long a 20lb propane tank will last on a stove depends on several factors. The propane tank size, the type of stove, and the amount of heat it produces all affect how long the tank will last. 

Generally speaking, a 20lb propane tank can last between 8 to 10 hours, depending on the stove's output.

The tank may last even longer using the stove on a moderate or low setting. 

Can I run a gas stove on a propane tank?

Yes, you can run a gas stove on a propane tank. When using a propane tank for a gas stove, it is vital to ensure that the tank is for the furnace you will use it with. 

You should also ensure that the stove's fuel tank is required to operate safely and efficiently. Additionally, it is advisable to inspect the tank regularly to ensure it is in good working condition.

What size propane tank do I need for a gas range?

You require a 100-lb (45.4 kilograms) propane DOT tank for a gas range used for cooking. Families of small to medium size should use this tank. 

Larger families may benefit more from 420 lb (190.5 kilograms) tanks, especially if they also need to support other appliances.

How much propane is needed for a gas range?

Depending on the size of your range, the amount of propane needed will vary. Generally, a standard-size gas range will require around 65,000 BTU/hour or 5 to 10 gallons per month.


To conclude, propane tanks for gas stoves come in various sizes, from 5-20-pound propane tanks.

The size you choose will depend on the BTU rating of your stove, the amount of cooking you plan to do, and the amount of time between refills.

However, it is essential to note that larger tanks require additional space and ventilation. Finding the perfect tank size for your needs can make your cooking experience with a gas stove more enjoyable.

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