Pie Iron Cooking - Camping Food Options

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Pie Iron Cooking - Camping Food Options

A pie iron, a metal cooking tool with long handles, is used to heat food. These utensils are well-known for their ability to make pies.

What is Pie Iron?

The pie iron consists of two small metal bowls, some round and others square. They fit together and have long handles, as shown above. When the food has been filled, the bowls are held together and heated over a flame to heat the contents.

These are compact and can be carried camping with you to increase your campfire cooking. You can use them in your fireplace cooking. You can also use it outside, over your firepit. These great tools can be used anywhere there is fire.

With a set of pie irons, you can cook everything you want

You can cook almost anything! You can cook almost anything that you can fit in an iron! Fill it with whatever ingredients you like, and close it. This accessory is perfect for a few things.

One, pies! Pies are easy to make this way, as the name suggests.

Another option is a grilled sandwich. This is actually my favorite! These irons make it easy to create delicious, crispy, and melty sandwiches.

How can you use a pie iron?

It's not complicated! Just fill the pans with food and close the lid.

Here are some tips:

  1. Before you use any new irons, it is important to condition them properly. Cover them with cooking oil, and place them on the fire for a few minutes until they start to smoke. To get a good seasoning coat, wipe them clean. You don't have to do it again after the first use. However, wash them well and apply a little oil to protect them from damage.

  2. Before you add food, butter, or oil, the irons, prevent sticking and make your bread or pie crust crisp and toasty.

  3. Line the iron with your favorite pie dough to make pies. Fill the iron with your pie filling, just as you would for a regular pie.

  4. After buttering the irons for grilled sandwiches, place slices of bread on each side, and fill the sandwich with as many ingredients as you like. You can also make a simple grilled cheese sandwich, but I prefer to go gourmet. Here are some suggestions!

  5. Hold the iron tightly and place it over the fire. This is the most difficult part of cooking, knowing when it is time to eat. It is best to wait until the iron is hot before you open it. Otherwise, it could all fall apart and break if it is not fully cooked. Start by cooking your food for longer than you think is necessary. You'll gain experience and a better understanding of how long it takes to brown the food and cook it thoroughly.

  6. Once you are done, open the pie iron. They will be hot so take care! Serve and enjoy!

After each use, make sure to wash your irons thoroughly and apply a little oil. They are made of metal and can rust if they are left wet or have food on them. Oil can be applied to protect and preserve them.

Some great options for grilled sandwiches:

  • Grilled cheese: A good ol' grilled cheddar is hard to beat. But I love to add some flavor by using fancy cheeses that are more interesting. You can try French Gruyere or if your preference is for a little more pungency, Morbier and Raclette. Yum!
  • Ham and Cheese Another classic. They can also be enhanced by interesting cheeses. You can try the cheeses above or any other you find interesting. You can even try gourmet cured pork products such as Prosciutto and Cured Spanish Chorizo.
  • Blue Cheese! Blue Cheese! It can be used alone or with meat or with fruit. Gorgonzola with Apple Slices in Toasty Bread is one of my favorites!

Give your irons a chance to get creative! I would love to hear about your creative uses of pie irons and pie-iron cooking recipes. Please let me know what you did and how it performed!

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