Can You Cook On A Campfire Grill? All Tips For You

  • 24 May 2022 10:30
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Can You Cook On A Campfire Grill? All Tips For You

There are many ways you can turn your campfire into a campfire grill during your next camping trip. Cooking outdoors is part and parcel of camping. Camping cooking doesn't need to be limited to what you can put on a skewer and hold over the fire. 

You can actually cook almost anything that you might cook on the grill at home with a little creativity. Even if you don't intend to camp, you can still use the same tips and ideas if you have a large backyard with an in-ground fire pit. 

These are some ideas on how to enjoy a campfire barbecue.

Grill Grate Campfire Grill

This is something I highly recommend serious campers and hikers to look into. The basic square or round metal grill grate is lightweight and doesn't take up much space. These replacement grills can be found almost anywhere there are grills. 

Some round grates can be folded in half, or one side can fold down. This is a way to make it easier to add charcoal to a charcoal grill. However, the grill grate can be a great tool for campers! It is lightweight and easy to transport.

So, why do I mention grill grates? What does this have to do with the campfire grill? It's as easy as setting up a campfire and placing your grill on it. It's that simple! There are some tips to make it even better.

  • First, make sure you have a large firepit to hold your campfire grill. Use your metal grill grates to help you determine the right size. The grate can easily fall into the fire if you make the fire pit too large.
  • Your grill should be at least a few feet from your firewood and coals to ensure that your food doesn't get too charred. You can make a deep pit for your campfire before you start digging. You can also, preferentially, dig a pit to ensure that your firewood is low enough. Then, create a circle of rocks around the campfire's perimeter. Choose large, sturdy rocks. You should make sure that the perimeter ring is the right size (just slightly smaller than the grill grate's inner diameter) so that your grill can be laid on top.
  • Then, make a big fire and let it cool down before you add your campfire grill. It is not a good idea to cook over open flames as it can quickly burn your food and cause it to char. You want a core of hot embers to be at the heart of your fire, and then let it die down before adding your food and grill. You will cook over hot embers, not open flames. The heat will eventually stop, but you can extend it by stirring the embers occasionally (with a long stick or a skewer) to increase oxygen so that they burn longer.
  • You can modify the above method to ensure that you have heat for longer periods of time. This is how you do it: First, build a campfire firepit similar to the one shown above. Instead of creating a circle, you can make a pit that is more like figure 8. You want to create a circular area with stones around the perimeter. This is where you can place your campfire grill grates as described above. You don't need this to be too deep. It should be 8-12 inches below the grill grate. You will also need a side pit that is connected to your campfire grill pit. This is where your campfire will be strong and large. You can push the glowing heat source underneath the grill as the wood begins to burn to embers or coals. To keep the fire burning for as long as possible, you can add more wood to it. This will allow you to keep your hot open fires away from your food and still have hot coals to heat your meals over. Keep going! You can add more wood to your campfire and push some of the hot coals under the campfire grill.

Campfire Tripod Grill

You are effectively suspending a grill grate over your firepit. This may seem more complicated and less portable than it is, but there are tripods made specifically for this purpose that fold into small packages that can be taken on your next camping trip.

Portable Grills

There are many types of insurance available if all else fails. They are easy to set up, portable, and transport. Both gas and charcoal grills are available. These are light and easy to use. They are heavier than a regular flat or tripod grill. The fuel (propane or charcoal tank) must also be carried, but they make smaller propane tanks that can be used with smaller portable grills. These can be very useful if you plan to travel by car and camp close to your parking spot.

That's all! It's that easy! You can grill great recipes while camping, no matter what method.

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