The 10 Camping Gear Made In Usa For 2023

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Camping Gear Made In Usa
Camping Gear Made In Usa

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

Experience ultimate comfort and relaxation with the Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock. Its easy setup, compact design, and durable construction make it an essential outdoor companion. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: GearLight LED Head Lamp

Illuminate your outdoor adventures with the GearLight LED Head Lamp. Designed for durability and convenience, it's a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and makes a great gift option for Father's Day. Read Review

3. Best Easy To Use: Gas One GS-3400P Camping Stove

Enhance your outdoor cooking experience with the Gas One GS-3400P Camping Stove. This dual-fuel stove offers the convenience of using both butane and propane fuel, making it adaptable to different camping scenarios. Read Review

4. Best Design: KIPIDA Camping Shower

Experience the ultimate outdoor showering solution with the KIPIDA Camping Shower. This innovative solar shower bag is designed to provide a refreshing and convenient showering experience, no matter where your adventures take you. Read Review

5. Best Quality: Coleman Camping Tent

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with the Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent. This exceptional camping tent offers unparalleled comfort, protection, and convenience for your outdoor adventures. Read Review

Camping is an outdoor activity that has been around for centuries and has been enjoyed by people of all ages. It's a great way to enjoy nature, explore new places, and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But camping can also be a challenging experience, especially if you don't have the right gear.

That's why it's essential to invest in quality camping gear that is made in the USA. Quality camping gear made in the USA can provide you with the safety and convenience you need for a successful camping trip. From tents and sleeping bags to cooking gear and outdoor apparel, there are plenty of camping gear options made in the USA that will help make your camping experience enjoyable and stress-free. This article will discuss some of the best camping gear made in the USA, including the benefits of choosing American-made equipment and where to find it. We also recommend products created in other nations and US-based businesses, ensuring that they are comparable or higher quality to those made in the United States so that you have various options for your overall experience.

Our team had to focus on researching and sifting through 16 hours to get such results for readers. These studies are based on customer star reviews and interviews about their feelings when using the product. As a result, We believe the camping gear made in usa is Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock. This hammock offers a level of relaxation that can't be topped, whether you're spending the evening relaxing in your backyard, staring at the stars beneath the night sky, or having a quaint evening by the fire. If you're seeking additional options and more in-depth advice, check out the following buying guide & FAQs.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock
Our Score:
Wise Owl Outfitters

This hammock offers a level of relaxation that can't be topped, whether you're spending the evening relaxing in your backyard, staring at the stars beneath the night sky, or having a quaint evening by the fire. Because it is crafted from parachute nylon, known for its softness and strength, it wraps around you like a warm embrace and enables you to relax and rejuvenate totally.

Setting up the hammock is a breeze, thanks to the two 9ft long tree straps and carabiners included. The hammock features five loops, allowing you to adjust the height to your preference. The Single Hammock comfortably accommodates one person, while the Double Hammock offers ample space for two or those seeking extra room. It provides sturdy support with a weight capacity of 400 lbs for the Single and 500 lbs for the Double. Nevertheless, it is slightly tight for some users, so it can be quite inconvenient if they prefer a more spacious feel.

TOP Choice #2 GearLight LED Head Lamp
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The GearLight LED Head Lamp is a shining star among outdoor lighting solutions. Its super bright LED lights generate a brilliant and long-lasting beam that provides daylight color and exceptional definition. Whether camping, hiking, or exploring the great outdoors, this headlamp provides a clear view of your surroundings.

Additionally, its removable, washable, and adjustable headband guarantees a comfortable fit for adults and children. Weighing only 3 oz with batteries, this product feels lightweight and comfortable even during extended wear. The adjustable head design allows you to direct the light precisely where you need it, thanks to the 45-degree range of motion.

This headlamp can also withstand rain, snow, and rugged outdoor conditions, making it suitable for various environments. Plus, the value pack includes two headlamps, ensuring you always have a backup on hand. On the other hand, the AAA batteries are not included, so you need to buy that separately.

TOP Choice #3 Gas One GS-3400P Camping Stove
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Gas One

The Gas One GS-3400P Camping Stove is a versatile and efficient cooking companion for your outdoor adventures. Compatible with butane and propane fuel, you can choose the fuel option that suits your needs. The included propane converter regulator ensures a smooth transition between fuel sources.

This product has automatic piezo-electric ignition. No need for lighters or matches; simply turn the dial and ignite the flame effortlessly. This feature eliminates the hassle and frustration often associated with traditional ignition methods, allowing you to start cooking quickly and easily.

The ease of use is further enhanced by the adjustable heat dial, which gives you precise control over the cooking temperature. Whether simmering a delicate sauce or boiling water for a hot beverage, this stove delivers consistent heat easily. The only downside is that this product can be broken if you misuse it, so you must use it carefully.

4 KIPIDA Camping Shower
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The KIPIDA Camping Shower is a must-have accessory for outdoor enthusiasts. Its heat-absorbing design ensures you can enjoy a warm shower even in remote locations. The water can be heated to a comfortable 113°F (45°C) with just three hours of direct sunlight. The high water capacity of 5 gallons allows for a longer showering time, ensuring you feel refreshed and revitalized.

This product comes with useful accessories, including the supplied hose, shower head, and water tap, making it incredibly convenient. The upgraded shower head offers an easy on/off switch with adjustable water flow, providing a customizable shower experience. Whether you're camping, hiking, backpacking, or on a fishing trip, this versatile camp shower is designed to meet your needs. Nonetheless, it would be best if the rubber handle could be improved. But this minor issue does not affect the overall quality and functionality of the product. 

5 Coleman Camping Tent
Our Score:

The Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent is ideal for car camping and extended trips. It features a separate floorless screened room, providing additional ventilation, storage, and a bug-free meal space. The WeatherTec system, with its patented welded floors and inverted seams, ensures that you stay dry even during unexpected downpours. The included rainfly offers extra weather protection, making it a reliable shelter in various conditions.

This spacious tent can accommodate two queen-size airbeds and has storage pockets to organize your belongings. Moreover, the angled windows enhance air circulation while keeping water out, and the hinged door allows for effortless entry and exit. The convenient E-Port lets you bring electrical power inside your tent, adding a touch of modern convenience to your camping experience. The only minor drawback of the Coleman Camping Tent is the relatively small window on the back wall. A larger window would have improved air circulation further.

6 Get Out Gear Camping Blanket
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Get Out Gear

The Get Out Gear Camping Blanket is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts. Weighing only 1.1 lbs, this blanket is incredibly lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and store in the included stuff sack. Its 20D ripstop nylon shell effectively blocks wind and cold, while the 650 Fill Power down insulation ensures optimal warmth, allowing you to stay cozy in various weather conditions.

Equipped with premium snaps, it can be transformed into a poncho, freeing your hands for activities like tailgating, chatting around the campfire, or simply enjoying your favorite book. Thanks to the durable water-repellent (DWR) coating, the spill and water-resistant properties make it suitable for use on different surfaces without worrying about dirt, sand, or pet hair. Unfortunately, it may be relatively small for larger individuals. However, its versatility, lightweight design, and cozy warmth make it an excellent choice for most outdoor enthusiasts.

7 TOBTOS Camping Sleeping Pad
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With its remarkable features, this top-notch sleeping pad sets itself apart from the competition. Its extra thickness and width provide unbeatable comfort, allowing you to sleep soundly, no matter your preferred position. Furthermore, the ultra-tough 40D nylon coated with a waterproof TPU coating ensures exceptional pressure-bearing capabilities and impressive durability. Even in the harshest conditions, you won't have to worry about air leaks or tears, thanks to the heat-sealed edges. It's a reliable companion that will withstand your wildest adventures.

Equipped with a one-piece pillow that perfectly contours to the curve of your head and neck, it ensures optimal support and balance. The raised sides of the pad provide added security, offering effective protection against accidental turning over. You can enjoy a comfortable and worry-free sleep every night. The minor issue is that folding it and putting it back in the bag can be a bit difficult, but you can get used to it after some use.

More To Consider

9 MARCHWAY Camping Cot Bed
Our Score:
10 Gerber Gear Multi-Tool Hammer
Our Score:
Gerber Gear

What to Look For in a camping gear made in usa?

Please follow the bellow points before selecting the camping gear made in usa:

BPA Concerns

BPA-containing materials are often used in food and beverage. It has been shown that BPA can seep into food or beverages. BPA can cause brain damage and other problems in infants and children. It may be linked to increased blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. BPAs have been banned from food and beverage products. BPS (bisphenol-S) and BPF, (bisphenol F), are two compounds which are often used in place of BPA. Although studies on their long-term health effects are ongoing, it is possible that these compounds could pose as great or greater risks than BPA.


Utensils can be stuffed in haphazardly into bags or boxes, along with the rest of your camping food. They need to last. For camping utensils, stainless steel and titanium are more resilient than the other options.


Are you looking for lightweight, portable camping utensils or something more robust to go with your kids on car camping trips? Are you more inclined to freeze-dried simple meals with only one spoon or do you prefer full-sit meals using a knife and fork? The best set will be the one that suits your specific needs.


Most camping tools are made of metal, such as stainless steel or titanium. Every one has its advantages and disadvantages. Both aluminum and stainless-steel utensils are affordable choices. However, aluminum is less durable than stainless steel, which can make them heavy. While titanium utensils can be lightweight and long-lasting, they are typically more costly than the other options. Although plastic utensils are typicallyer than those made from metals, they will also break faster. They may also have bisphenol A (or BPA), which is a chemical that can be found in some plastics and resins.


You should ensure that your knives are either sharpened easily or are very sharp. Many knives can become dull after only a few uses. Many knives are sharp enough to be used for camping. They are easy to locate. Instead of buying a set, you can buy your own knife.


Weight is not a concern if you are backpacking. For lightweight backpacking material, titanium, aluminum and plastic work well. Although stainless steel is durable and strong, it feels heavy.


What camping gear is made in the USA?

Many types of camping gear are made in the USA, including tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, lanterns, cookware, and accessories. You can find a great selection of camping gear made in the USA from retailers like Mountainsmith, Big Agnes, and Kelty.

How can I make sure I'm buying camping gear made in the USA?

The best way to ensure you're buying camping gear made in the USA is to look for the "Made in USA" label or logo on the item. Additionally, many retailers will specify on their websites or product descriptions if the item is made in the USA. Finally, you can contact the manufacturer directly to ask about the origin of the item.

What are the benefits of buying camping gear made in the USA?

Buying camping gear made in the USA has many benefits, including supporting local businesses and workers, ensuring that the gear is made in a safe and ethical environment, and being able to trust the quality of the item. Additionally, buying American-made products often results in a longer life span for the item.

In general, it's difficult to say who creates the camping gear made in usa since each firm has unique qualities, features, and pricing points that set them apart from the competition. We only suggest products from the most outstanding manufacturers on our site, so you can rest assured about their quality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance with your problems. Wish you a happy shopping!

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