The Best Waterproof Outdoor Blanket Of 2023: Best Picks & Buying Guides

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Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket Dual Layers
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Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket Dual Layers

The Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket features super soft, waterproof material so you can stay dry and cozy anywhere. Enjoy the beach, trip to the park, camping, sports event, your yard after the rain, and more! The blanket is perfect for four adults or a small family. It is easy to maintain by just shaking the sand right off and spot cleaning any spills after each use. It is quick to dry and will stay cool to the touch even on hot summer days. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Picnic Blankets Waterproof Foldable,79"x79" Blanket

This is a heavy duty and thickened fabric, Aluminum foil bottom waterproof sand proof and environmentally friendly. It is very durable in protecting you from the wind, rain or other harsh weather. You can even use it as a beach blanket at the poolside. The size of this picnic blanket is 79"x79", perfect for a small family or an outdoor party. Read Review

3. Best Water Resistance: Extra Large Picnic Outdoor Blankets,79" X 79" Picnic Mat Tote

This picnic blanket is a must have on your next outdoor event. It's perfect for picnics, the beach, ball games and more. Made of three layers of material tough and durable, top is polyester fleece for surface, soft and warm. Middle layer is sponge padding, bottom is waterproof PEVA backing kept completely dry from the damp ground and it was cushioned enough to be comfortable. This blanket measures 79" X 79". Read Review

4. Best Durable: Waterproof Picnic Blanket Portable with Carry Strap

Weighing only 1.8 pounds, the Waterproof Picnic Blanket Portable with Carry Strap for Beach Mat or Family Outdoor Camping Party is a convenient portable blanket that folds to a compact tote. It's ideal for your next picnic, beach adventure, backyard party, camping, backpacking or simply to have a clean and comfortable mat for your toddler to play on. The durable fabric is easily cleaned by washing off sand or dirt and wiping any stain or other spill away. Read Review

When the temperature drops, you want to cozy up with your favorite blanket and stay warm. But when your blanket is exposed to the elements, it can get so much worse before it gets better. A blanket can quickly become a soggy mess.

And if water gets inside your blanket, your night will be ruined from moisture-filled pilling and mildew. It’s no wonder so many people struggle with outdoor blankets! Fortunately, there are a lot of great options out there for keeping your blankets dry. We tested 10 of different models to find the best waterproof outdoor blanket available right now. Here’s what we discovered.

You are strongly encouraged to pay close attention to the Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket Dual Layers as our top product. Or you can check the Picnic Blankets Waterproof Foldable,79"x79" Blanket as the other great option, even if the first option didn't meet all of your requirements.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket Dual Layers
Our Score:
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - Our sophisticated and attractive outdoor blanket is tartan & creative stripe design is fashion forward and sure to impress family & friends as you have lunch at a picnic.
  • USE IT ANYWHERE - Simply fold up this picnic mat and use its handy strap to conveniently carry it over your shoulder and transport it to and from your destination. You can use this outdoor picnic blanket at the beach or at the park as well
  • GREAT AND CONVENIENT - There are endless uses for this beach mat, including lounging in any setting that has casual seating, like the beach, park, and outdoor concerts.
TOP Choice #2 Picnic Blankets Waterproof Foldable,79"x79" Blanket
Our Score:
  • 👏MANY PRAISES FOR THE OUTDOOR BLANKET: Over 50,000 outdoor enthusiasts have used our outdoor mats for countless epic events (picnics, beaches, concerts...) bringing them countless happy moments and giving our blankets high praise.
  • 👍Foldable PICINIC BLANKET FOR EASY PORTABILITY:Our picnic BLANKET takes just 30 seconds to fold. As well as being very light, making it easy to carry and use for nearly everyone, adults and kids alike.
  • 👨👩🧑‍‍THT LARGE OUTDOOR MAT IS PERFECT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY : we have designed 3 different sizes to accommodate a family of 2, 4, or 6 people, whether it's a picnic in the park, playing at the beach, going to a concert or sports meeting or having a party, this place Pads are the best choice.
TOP Choice #3 Extra Large Picnic Outdoor Blankets,79" X 79" Picnic Mat Tote
Our Score:
Michael Josh
  • Soft Sturdy and Water-Resistant Outdoor Blanket: Three layers of material tough and durable, top is polyester fleece for surface, soft and warm. Middle layer is sponge padding, bottom is waterproof PEVA backing kept completely dry from the damp ground and it was cushioned enough to be comfortable
  • Portable and Foldable Picnic Mat: Just fold up this picnic mat, hold the handle and take it to the destination you need. If you prefer to carry a picnic mat, we have a matching storage bag. You can put the picnic mat in the storage bag and carry it on your back
  • Great Size Blanket: unfolded size is 200CM x 200CM, it's large enough to fit for 5-6 adults sitting or 3-4 adults laying, fit the whole family, giving your children and pets a large area to play
  • LARGE SIZE, PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT- Unfolded blanket is 78" X 54" inches. It easily folds to a compact tote 11"L x 4"W x 4"H inches. Weighs Only 1.8 Pounds. Ideal for your next picnic, beach adventure, backyard party, camping, backpacking, or simply to have a clean and comfortable mat for your toddler to play on.
  • SERVICE - We are so convinced that you will love our picnic blankets. If you have any problem, please contact us, we will give you quickly and happy answers.
  • EASYLY HAND WASH OR SPOT CLEAN FOR MAINTENANCE- Just shake off sand or dirt and wipe off any stain or other spill.
  • 【Easy to Fold & Lightweight】 XL picnic blanket can shrink down to a very portable size of 15''x 5''. With the help of the velcro, it will not loose easily and take too much space. The weight of the mat is only 2.3lbs, you can fold it with simple steps, carry or store it anywhere you want.
  • 【Soft and Durable with 3-Layers】Made of 3 layers, our picnic mat has thickened and sturdy fabric on the top, soft cotton for middle and durable fabric backing. Perfectly suitable for siting or lying on grass, beach, floor or any kindly of surface, giving you soft and comfortable feelings.
  • 【Easy to Clean & Machine Washable】Outdoor picnic blanket is super easy to clean due to its durable and waterproof backing, easily shake & wipe off dirt, mud, wet grass, and beach sand. And you could put it into washing machine to save your time and free both hands.
  • Durable and Water Resistant: Finished with thick oxford polyester top and water proof PVC bottom, the big picnic blanket is sturdy to prevent from ripping or tearing. It will keep you dry and comfortable from the grass, sand.
  • Quality Guarantee: REDCAMP offers a 365-day limited manufacturer warranty. If you have any problem with the lightweight foldable picnic blanket, please contact us by email, we will provide friendly customer service.
  • Multi-function Outdoor Blanket: You and your families can use the xl picnic blanket as a large beach blanket, stadium blanket for sports events, park blanket for concerts, picnic mat and camping blanket for park, etc.
  • Luxuriously Soft Outside Blanket - We bought all of our top competitor's portable blankets before releasing ours, and we can guarantee you this is the softest outdoor picnic blanket on Amazon. If it's not, send it back for a full refund.
  • Machine Washable Picnic Blanket - Spill some wine or have that one obnoxious friend walk on your blanket with muddy shoes? Not a problem. Toss it in the washer and your foldable beach blanket will be good as new.
  • XL Big Beach Blanket - Fully opened, this outdoor blanket for grass or sand is 78x59 inches, making it one of the largest portable picnic blankets on Amazon. Perfect for: beach gifts, extra beach items, summer gifts for women or men, concert blanket, picnic supplies, etc.
  • In seconds,and becomes a lightweight, easily portable tote. The attached handle makes carrying a breeze, and the blanket can be transported to and from all your activities with ease.
  • Large Size: Unfolded size 80" x 70", folded size 12.5" x 10.6",easy to fold & carry.
  • B.L. blanket allows you to sit comfortably in a less clean environment , protecting you from sand, dirt, wet grass or even just dirty campgrounds.
  • WATERPROOF OUTDOOR BLANKET: Water-resistant fabric of this mat is ideal for all kinds of surfaces
  • DURABLE: Sturdy sewn-in insert makes folding this picnic outdoor mat easy and secure
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The inner lining of this large outdoor mat quickly wipes clean in case of crumbs or juice box spills.
10 Picnic Blanket Waterproof Extra Large
Our Score:
  • Perfect gift great gift idea! this travel beach mat sand free waterproof park mat makes a great present for any time of the year. great beach throw or beach rug high quality tote set
  • Manufactured upholding the excellent quality control, materials and standards.
  • California Picnic waterproof picnic blanket tote. you will not find a better picnic blanket on amazon. top of the line fabric made from soft touch acrylic fibers are eco-friendly and non toxic

What to Look for When Selecting best waterproof outdoor blanket?

There are numerous factors for customers to consider whenever they decide to buy a best waterproof outdoor blanket. Simultaneously, it comes with many product types and brands, which makes it difficult for you to choose yourself. Thus, we are here to give you support, guidance, and solutions to these problems. Our buying guide will highlight some most outstanding features related to the best waterproof outdoor blanket of 2023.

Nowadays, the number of technology sale networks, especially websites, sale forums, or even the online space for customers’ comments, has been dramatically increased. So, you can quickly obtain information on best waterproof outdoor blanket available on these sources. 

Along with reading the update of best waterproof outdoor blanket on famous websites, you are also expected to go through some needed things below to make a great decision.


The gear required for outdoor activities can quickly add up. A lightweight picnic blanket is a great option to keep things simple.
An easy option for picnic blankets is to roll them up and attach a handle or wrap the blanket around. Picnic blankets can be folded into small pockets on the blanket or in an enclosed pouch.
Take Care
A picnic blanket getting regular use needs occasional cleaning. Your picnic blanket can be stained by dirt, grass, leaves and mud, as well as spillage or crumbs from food and drinks. Some picnic blankets can be machine washed. Some picnic blankets like some made of wool may only be machine washable or need to dry cleaned. Some plastic mats like polypropylene picnic covers are not machine washable but can be easily wiped clean with a gardenhose.

Styles And Designs

There are many options for picnic blankets. You can choose from traditional tartan or retro gingham as well as cultural patterns and chic understated designs.

Intended Use

Although many picnic blankets can be used in many different ways, it is important to think about what you might use the blanket for. We found waterproof picnic blankets that had a fleece cover were great for camping or hiking. However, they can attract dirt and sand which is difficult to remove.
Lightweight picnic blankets are ideal for beaches because they repel liquids and sand, but too thin to allow them to feel comfortable on hard surfaces like grass and rocks.


A picnic blanket should be large enough to accommodate everyone, even pets. You may find that some picnic blankets that are small and portable, like those that can be folded up in a pocket or pouch, don't have as much space to spread out. A large picnic blanket, on the other hand takes up much more space. It is better to buy a large picnic blanket than one that is too small for your alfresco food.


The material of a picnic blanket has an impact on its comfort, durability and resistance to water. Wool and fleece are the most popular options for warm picnic blankets. Acrylic and cotton picnic blankets have a similar soft feeling to wool, but are not too warm for hot-weather picnics. Polypropylene and nylon are also popular choices for beach picnic blankets. Both materials are light and easy to remove sand or debris.

Many picnic blankets have a waterproof backing to prevent soggy spots. If you need to be able to use your picnic blanket under any conditions, this is an essential item. A waterproof backing can make your picnic blanket heavier and more difficult to wash.


A picnic blanket should be soft enough for you to relax on, but strong enough to resist anything. You should read the care instructions of your manufacturer to ensure that it stays in great condition. Some blankets can be machine washed, while others need to only be treated with a spot treatment.


How Long Can You Use A Picnic Blanket Before You Have To Replace It?

Your picnic blanket's lifespan will depend on how it was made, the frequency you use it and its ease of cleaning. Cheap blankets can only last for a few seasons before they become stained or lose their value. You can often use picnic blankets of high quality for years if you take care of them.

Can I Machine Wash A Picnic Blanket?

It may be possible to machine wash depending on which picnic blanket you choose.
To avoid damaging your picnic blanket or ruining its quality, always follow the instructions of the manufacturer when washing it. To preserve the blanket's quality, use a mild detergent.

What Kind Of Picnic Blankets Are Good For The Outdoors?

You want to choose the most durable outdoor picnic blanket. It should be resistant to moisture to prevent dewy grass from growing, it must also allow you to lie down comfortably and protect your feet from uneven surfaces. Since they offer warmth, protection from moisture, cushioning, and comfort, we found waterproof picnic blankets with a fleece top to be the best for camping and hiking trips.

Lightweight, non-sandy picnic blankets can be a good choice if you are heading to the beach. They provide less protection against the sand than hard ground. You can easily wipe off any sand and particles that may have collected at the end.

What Should You Consider When Deciding On A Picnic Blanket’s Material?

Picnic blankets can be made of cotton, polyester or a combination. You should consider all factors when comparing different options. You should look for water resistance as well as a material that doesn't attract leaves and grass. A blanket that is resistant to stains, machine washable and/or can be machine dried should also be considered. This will ensure you have plenty of picnics with it.

What's The Difference Between A Picnic Blanket And A Regular Blanket?

Picnic blankets can be used to cover multiple people, unlike regular beach towels and blankets. Picnic blankets are usually made from either waterproof and sand-repellent fabric, or fleece with a water repellent backing. This provides ample protection against the elements. Picnic blankets, unlike beach towels, aren't designed to absorb water. If they do, it can leave you with a wet blanket.

How Should You Wash Picnic Blankets?

Picnic blankets can be made from many different fabrics. Make sure to follow the care instructions of your manufacturer when washing them. Picnic blankets can be machine washed, but others are best spot-clean. Picnic blankets are easy to clean because they have waterproof and stain-resistant materials. You can also spot-treat them or wash the machine when necessary.

As mentioned above, all of our information is drawn from actual research, so the accuracy level is reliable. Furthermore, best waterproof outdoor blanket of 2023 will be updated regularly to add new data. You should keep a close eye on our websites for any updates or additions.

After all, we are always available to support and assist you with any problems related to best waterproof outdoor blanket. Please feel free to contact us as soon as possible. Thank you!

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