The 7 Best Vehicle Dash Cam Of 2024, Researched By Us

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Best Vehicle Dash Cam
Best Vehicle Dash Cam

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: REDTIGER Dash Cam

The REDTIGER Dash Cam is a top-tier device that combines advanced technology with ease of use, providing ultra-clear 4K front and 1080p rear recordings. It’s designed to enhance your driving experience by capturing detailed images and ensuring you stay connected and secure on the road. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Vantrue N4 Dash Cam

The Vantrue N4 Dash Cam offers unmatched versatility with its triple-channel recording system. Designed to monitor the front, rear, and interior of your vehicle simultaneously, it ensures comprehensive protection and high-resolution video capture in any situation. Read Review

3. Best System: Biuone Dash Cam

The Biuone Dash Cam is an excellent choice for drivers seeking comprehensive coverage. With its dual-camera system, wide-angle lenses, and user-friendly design, this dash cam ensures every moment on the road is captured with clarity and detail. Read Review

4. Best Control: Garmin Dash Cam

The Garmin Dash Cam is a compact, high-performance device that blends seamlessly into any vehicle. Its discreet design, advanced features, and reliable recording capabilities provide a discreet yet powerful way to monitor your driving experiences. Read Review

5. Best Versatile: BOOGIIO Dash Cam

The BOOGIIO Dash Cam is designed to offer superior image quality and user-friendly features. This dash cam guarantees a crisp and vivid image of the road, day or night, with its 1080P Full HD recording and sophisticated night vision features. Read Review

In today’s fast-paced world, a vehicle dash cam has become an essential driver accessory. These compact devices offer peace of mind and security, capturing everything from scenic road trips to critical evidence in the event of an accident. With advancements in technology, dashcams now boast features like high-definition video, wide-angle lenses, night vision, and even real-time alerts.

The market is brimming with options, from basic models to those with sophisticated capabilities like GPS tracking and cloud storage. Whether you’re a daily commuter, a rideshare driver, or someone who simply wants to enhance their driving experience, there’s a dash cam that fits your needs.

At Kris Van Assche, we’ve sifted through countless models to bring you the top picks for 2024. Our comprehensive guide not only highlights the best dash cams available but also provides you with the key factors to consider when choosing the perfect one for your vehicle.

We think the best vehicle dash cam of 2024 is REDTIGER Dash Cam. Equipped with built-in GPS and Wi-Fi, the dash cam precisely tracks your vehicle’s location, routes, and speed. However, to provide the reader with a wider variety of alternatives, we recommend adding Vantrue N4 Dash Cam if you are interested in purchasing another appealing one.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 REDTIGER Dash Cam
Our Score:

The REDTIGER Dash Cam stands out with its Ultra HD 4K front camera and 1080p rear camera, capturing detailed footage, including street signs and license plates. Its wide-angle lenses minimize blind spots, offering an expansive road view. Equipped with built-in GPS and Wi-Fi, the dash cam precisely tracks your vehicle’s location, routes, and speed. The "Redtiger" app enables wireless data transfer, control, and video sharing, enhancing convenience.

Thanks to the Starvis Sensor, f/1.5 large aperture, 6-glass lens, and WDR & HDR technology, the camera's night vision capabilities are remarkable. These features ensure clear images even in low-light conditions. Additionally, the 24-hour parking monitor and built-in G sensor provide constant surveillance, recording any detected collisions and locking the footage for review.

The REDTIGER Dash Cam is perfect for drivers who demand high-quality video recordings and comprehensive road coverage. However, the requirement for a dedicated hardware kit for the 24-hour parking monitor might be an added cost. Despite this, the benefits of continuous monitoring justify the investment, ensuring your vehicle's safety.

TOP Choice #2 Vantrue N4 Dash Cam
Our Score:

The Vantrue N4 Dash Cam excels with its triple-channel system, featuring a 155° front camera, 165° inside camera, and 160° rear camera. This setup provides a wide field of view, capturing footage at 1440P + 1440P + 1080P resolution, which is ideal for detailed video evidence. In dual recording mode, the front camera captures 4K resolution while the rear camera records in 1080P. The rear camera’s 360° adjustment and 20ft extension cable make it versatile for different vehicle types. The front camera offers crystal-clear 4K recordings, capturing vital details like license plates and road signs.

The infrared night vision, enhanced by the STARVIS CMOS sensor and 4 IR LED lights, ensures clear recordings even in complete darkness. The 24-hour parking mode offers continuous or event-triggered recording, providing constant surveillance. Its supercapacitor also makes it heat-resistant, extending the device’s lifespan in extreme temperatures. Nevertheless, it does not come with a memory card.

The Vantrue N4 Dash Cam is ideal for rideshare drivers, fleet managers, and anyone needing comprehensive vehicle coverage. Its triple-channel system and superior night vision make it perfect for those requiring detailed interior and exterior recordings. 

TOP Choice #3 Biuone Dash Cam
Our Score:

The Biuone Dashasd has front and rear cameras, ensuring full coverage of your driving environment. The dual dash camera system comes with a cigarette lighter charger and a USB port, which solves the charging problem. The f1.8 aperture and WDR technology guarantee clear playback on both the dash cam and PC, capturing every detail. The Loop Recording function also allows for endless recording without storage concerns, and the included 32GB card records in FHD 1920X1080P at 30 fps, ensuring high-quality footage.

The 170° wide-angle amera and 140°camerascamera significantly reduce blind spots. This dash cam is designed to minimize distractions with an auto-off screen function while still recording. The installation is user-friendly, with a suction cup for secure mounting and simple operation, making it ideal even for new users. However, it does not support WiFi.

The Biuone Dash Cam is perfect for drivers who prioritize detailed video capture and ease of use. It's ideal for those who need a straightforward yet effective solution for monitoring their driving environment. 

4 Garmin Dash Cam
Our Score:

The Garmin Dash Cam is a car key-sized device that mounts discreetly behind the rearview mirror, ensuring it goes virtually unnoticed. It automatically records and saves video of incidents, offering drivers peace of mind. The wide 140-degree lens records 1080p video with Garmin Clarity HDR optics, ensuring crisp detail day and night. Voice control in multiple languages allows for hands-free operation, making it easy to save video, start/stop audio recording, and take still pictures.

Videos are also automatically uploaded via Wi-Fi to a secure online Vault, making them easy to view and share later. The Parking Guard feature monitors activity around your parked vehicle, alerting you if an incident is detected. Remote Live View monitoring is available through the Garmin Drive app, allowing real-time tracking when away from the car. One minor downside is that it requires a constant power supply and an active Wi-Fi connection for some features. 

The Garmin Dash Cam is perfect for those who prioritize seamless integration into their vehicle and advanced features like voice control and remote monitoring. Whether for daily commutes or long road trips, this dash cam provides comprehensive coverage and ease of use.

5 BOOGIIO Dash Cam
Our Score:

The BOOGIIO Dash Cam stands out with its 1080P Full HD resolution, capturing every detail with crystal-clear clarity. Its 3-inch IPS display provides real-time images, helping you see every detail during playback. The dash cam starts recording automatically when the engine starts, ensuring constant protection. Nonetheless, the screen is a little small, but it is not a big deal.

Night driving is safer with the BOOGIIO Dash Cam's ultra HD night vision. Its F1.8 large aperture and WDR and HDR technology ensure clear images even in low-light conditions. The 170° wide-angle lens, combined with a 6G lens and upgraded sensor, reduces blind spots and captures more details, providing a comprehensive road view.

Ideal for drivers who want reliable recording and clear footage, the BOOGIIO Dash Cam is perfect for those who often drive at night or in varying light conditions. Its extensive features and ease of use make it suitable for both daily commuting and long road trips, ensuring peace of mind on the road.

6 Milerong Dash Cam
Our Score:

The Milerong Dash Cam provides complete road coverage with its dual-camera system. The front camera records in 1080P FHD at a 170° angle, while the rear camera captures 720P HD footage at a 140° angle. Equipped with F1.8 aperture and HDR/WDR technology, the dash cam excels in low-light conditions, delivering clear night-time footage. The 3-inch IPS screen allows real-time monitoring and playback, making it easy to review footage. One minor drawback is that keeping the wires in place is quite hard.

Loop recording and the G-sensor feature also add to the dash cam's reliability. The G-sensor triggers emergency recording during collisions, ensuring critical footage is saved and protected. The loop recording feature automatically overwrites older files, so you always have the latest footage available.

Perfect for those seeking comprehensive vehicle protection, the Milerong Dash Cam is ideal for drivers who want front and rear coverage. Whether you frequently drive in busy city traffic or embark on long road trips, this dash cam offers reliable recording and peace of mind, ensuring every angle is covered.

7 Yeecore Dash Cam
Our Score:

The Yeecore Dash Cam provides crystal-clear video thanks to its native 4K sensor and advanced ISP. The 157° ultra-wide-angle front and 140° rear cameras ensure comprehensive coverage, capturing both front and rear views with impressive clarity. Superior night vision and HDR technology allow for clear video recording even in low-light conditions, enhancing safety during night drives.

The built-in 5G WiFi and GPS offer seamless connectivity and accurate location tracking, simplifying video management and ensuring you have all the necessary data in case of incidents. The emergency lock and loop recording features ensure important footage is saved and not overwritten, providing peace of mind. Furthermore, the four distinct parking modes offer round-the-clock protection for your vehicle. Nevertheless, you can’t have the camera connected to your phone and use the camera to view or record simultaneously.

The Yeecore Dash Cam is ideal for drivers seeking a reliable, high-quality recording device for their vehicles. Its comprehensive coverage and advanced technology make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their driving experience.

What to Look For in a best vehicle dash cam?

Often buyers are reluctant to buy best vehicle dash cam. When considering a large purchase, certain things should be examined. Our knowledge and experience of best vehicle dash cam will help in making the best options.

Please keep in mind the following criterial before selecting the best vehicle dash cam:

High Dynamic Range & Night Vision

Although it sounds like something that would be useful on a premium digital camera, HDR can still prove to be a benefit in extremely bright and high-contrast situations. In addition, night vision dash cameras can provide security and protection at night.


High resolution 4K photography is something to be proud of. It allows for sharper images and greater detail. But, you will also need more space as the files get larger.

Protection While Parked

One advantage to having a wired, in-car dashcam is the ability for it to continue running even when your car is not in use. It can also record unusual activity like theft attempts and parking bumps.

Battery Powered Dash Cams

Some dash cameras have batteries, they can be easily installed with no wires. However, the battery life is usually only about 30 minutes. Although the cables might look messy, but this dash cameras can be plugged into either a USB socket (or 12V) and continue to run indefinitely.

Front And Rear Dash Cams

A rear-facing dash camera can prove very helpful in situations where the danger is coming from behind. A separate guide is available to help you choose the right front or rear dash camera. Some dashcams with front-facing cameras can be upgraded to include a rear camera.

Angle Of View

Wide-angle lenses are a common feature of dashcams. Wider angles allow for more information to be gathered at junctions and on side roads. However, objects further ahead are likely to be missed.


What is a vehicle dash cam?

Vehicle dash cam is a small camera that is mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a car to record video and audio while driving. It is used to capture footage of accidents, road rage incidents, and other events on the road.

How does a vehicle dash cam work?

Vehicle dash cam is typically powered by the car's cigarette lighter or USB port, and automatically starts recording when the car is turned on. The camera records video footage onto a memory card, which can be viewed on a computer or smartphone.

What are the benefits of using a vehicle dash cam?

Some benefits of using a vehicle dash cam include providing evidence in case of accidents, protecting against insurance fraud, and capturing memorable moments on the road. It can also help improve driving habits and provide peace of mind while driving.

How do I install a vehicle dash cam?

Installing a vehicle dash cam is typically a simple process that involves mounting the camera on the dashboard or windshield using a suction cup or adhesive mount. The camera should be positioned to capture a clear view of the road ahead. Instructions for installation are usually provided with the dash cam.

Can I use a vehicle dash cam in all weather conditions?

Most vehicle dash cams are designed to withstand a range of weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold. However, it is important to check the specifications of the dash cam to ensure that it is suitable for use in your specific climate.

How do I view footage from my vehicle dash cam?

Footage from a vehicle dash cam can be viewed by removing the memory card from the camera and inserting it into a computer or smartphone. Some dash cams also have Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to view footage on a mobile app.

When new data becomes available, we routinely adjust the list of best vehicle dash cam. Please do regularly visit our website for the most up-to-date news.

If you have any questions or difficulties with best vehicle dash cam, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll try our best to do everything we can to assist you if you ask!

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