The 10 Best Tactical Smartwatches For 2024

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Best Tactical Smartwatches
Best Tactical Smartwatches

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Garmin Tactical Smartwatch

The Garmin Tactical Smartwatch is a rugged and reliable companion designed to meet the demands of adventurers and tactical enthusiasts alike. This watch is your ultimate outdoor companion with its impressive solar charging capabilities and extensive GPS features. Read Review

2. Runner Up: KOSPET Tactical Smart Watch

The KOSPET Smart Watch takes durability to the next level with military-standard verification and exceptional resistance to damage. With many features, this smartwatch becomes the ultimate companion for a life filled with adventures. Read Review

3. Best Reliable: Rgthuhu Tactical Smart Watch

The Rgthuhu Military Smart Watch is a rugged timepiece designed for tough conditions. With top-notch health monitoring, Bluetooth calling, and abundant application tools, this watch is an ideal partner for outdoor and indoor adventures. Read Review

4. Best Design: Moowhsh Tactical Smart Watch

Experience the thrill of outdoor exploration with the Moowhsh Tactical Smart Watch. Designed with a rugged micro-blasted metal frame and titanium body, this watch has passed 15 military standard tests, making it your ideal companion in any adventure. Read Review

5. Best Durable: Bassizo Tactical Smart Watch

Crafted from special aluminum alloy and passing various military-grade tests, this watch ensures resilience in challenging environments. Stay connected and track your fitness effortlessly with its extensive features. Read Review

Smartwatches have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering convenience and a range of features to help you stay connected and stay on top of your fitness goals. Tactical smartwatches provide the same features as their traditional counterparts but with an added emphasis on reliability and durability. They are designed specifically for military and law enforcement personnel who need a reliable watch that can withstand rugged conditions.

Tactical smartwatches are equipped with features like GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, and more, making them an ideal choice for those needing a rugged device to keep up with their active lifestyle. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best tactical smartwatches on the market today. We’ll discuss what sets them apart from the competition and which features make them the ideal choice for a reliable and rugged watch. So, if you’re in the market for a tactical smartwatch, read on to find out which ones are the best.

After lots of research based on customer feedback, We think the best tactical smartwatches is Garmin Tactical Smartwatch. From its ten military-grade certifications to withstand extreme conditions like scorching heat and cold, this watch is a true soldier in the world of wearables. You can also see a KOSPET Tactical Smart Watch and many other good choices to decide which is the best for your requirements.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Garmin Tactical Smartwatch
Our Score:

The Garmin Tactical Smartwatch has solar charging capabilities, offering the convenience of extended battery life even in remote locations. Built to U.S. military standard 810, it's shock, thermal, and water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for extreme conditions. The rugged GPS watch is water-rated to an impressive 100 meters, allowing you to explore aquatic environments confidently.

Moreover, navigation is a breeze with the built-in 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter. Combine this with multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo), and you'll have reliable tracking even in challenging terrains where GPS alone might falter.

For tactical enthusiasts, the Garmin Smartwatch has dedicated features like Jumpmaster mode, waypoint projection, and dual-position GPS format, catering to their specific needs. Nonetheless, it may be quite hard to set up, but you can get more information on Youtube or the website to help you utilize it better.

TOP Choice #2 KOSPET Tactical Smart Watch
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KOSPET Smart Watch is the epitome of durability with its military-standard verification and resistance to water, dust, and extreme temperatures. It's a reliable partner for outdoor enthusiasts, and its slim shell design adds to its visual appeal. The touch screen, high-end brightness, and excellent resolution provide an enjoyable user experience, while the long battery life ensures you can stay connected and entertained for extended periods.

Moreover, the watch's 24 sports modes make it an efficient fitness companion, providing accurate data and timely reminders for resting and engaging in physical activities. The real-time health monitoring features, including heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen tracking, make it a valuable health assistant. The pedometer further adds value by helping track calories burnt throughout the day.

One slight drawback is that the watch screen may lose a bit of sharpness after extended use. However, this minor imperfection is easily overlooked because of its numerous other impressive features.

TOP Choice #3 Rgthuhu Tactical Smart Watch
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Rgthuhu has created a tactical smartwatch that can handle rough terrains with ease. Its 12 military-grade tests and sturdy build, including a titanium body and scratch-resistant glass, make it a reliable companion for active outdoor lifestyles. The single-mode Bluetooth allows easy phone calls and music control, while the message reminders keep you connected without constantly checking your phone.

Furthermore, the health monitoring features, including heart rate and blood oxygen tests, add to its appeal, ensuring safer and more controlled exercise sessions. Its sleep-tracking functionality provides valuable insights into your sleep patterns, fostering healthier habits. The watch's extensive support for over 120 sports modes allows customization and adaptation to various fitness routines.

The watch's 128M memory enables efficient data processing and supports many useful applications, from weather forecasts to sedentary reminders. Nevertheless, the app might not load all contacts from your phone, but it is not a big deal. 

4 Moowhsh Tactical Smart Watch
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The Moowhsh Tactical Smart Watch is a tough and reliable timepiece for outdoor enthusiasts. Its military-grade construction ensures it can withstand extreme conditions, while the 5ATM water resistance lets you explore up to 20 meters underwater. The watch's heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring features provide valuable insights into your health, making it a personal health assistant on your wrist.

Additionally, the built-in Hi-Fi speaker and microphone allow you to make and receive calls, play music, and use voice assistants easily, freeing your hands from your phone. The watch's compatibility with Android and iOS devices provides comprehensive technical support, and its long-lasting battery life ensures daily uninterrupted usage.

The minor drawback is that the charger might stop working after prolonged use. Nevertheless, with its numerous features, including weather forecasts, alarm clock, and sports modes, it remains an excellent gift choice for any man, father, or friend.

5 Bassizo Tactical Smart Watch
Our Score:

Constructed using a special aluminum alloy, this product successfully tackles various military-grade tests, ensuring durability even in harsh environmental conditions. The large 1.85-inch high-definition screen enhances your visual experience, providing crisp and vibrant details during use.

Thanks to the Bassizo smartwatch's call and notification features, staying in touch has never been easier. Equipped with high-quality speakers, you can make and receive calls directly from your wrist. Additionally, you can connect your watch's audio Bluetooth to enjoy seamless music playback.

Moreover, the watch offers additional functionalities like weather forecasts, alarm clocks, camera controllers, music control, and even a sedentary reminder. It is also powered by a large 350mAh battery, ensuring a remarkable battery life of up to 5-7 days with normal use and a standby time of approximately 15 days. While it resists water damage during handwashing and light rain activities, it does not support swimming or diving.

6 PUREROYI Tactical Smart Watch
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The PUREROYI Tactical Smart Watch is your perfect partner for outdoor pursuits. Its Bluetooth 5.0 capability lets you dial phone numbers and answer calls right from your wrist. This product offers an impressive selection of 20 sports modes, catering to indoor and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, its waterproof IP68 rating, dustproof and shockproof features ensure it can withstand various sports scenarios while accurately recording your movement data.

Besides, the watch has a detailed instruction guide, making operating and navigating your daily routines easy. The watch boasts ultra-low power consumption, allowing up to 45 days of standby time and 20 days of typical use on a full charge. Additionally, it offers various functions such as weather forecasts, alarm clocks, games, timers, and more. Nevertheless, the watch has no volume adjustment, but it is not a big deal.

7 EIGIIS K55 Tactical Smart Watch
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The EIGIIS K55 Tactical Smart Watch is durable to withstand the challenges of an active lifestyle. Built with high-quality aluminum alloy and tempered glass, this rugged timepiece meets military-grade standards, offering resistance to heat, cold, humidity, and salt spray. The 1.85" HD full touch screen delivers bright and clear visuals that add a touch of elegance to its robust design.

This product can make and answer calls, ensuring you stay connected while on the go. Paired with your smartphone, it also updates you with notifications from various social media platforms, email, and messaging apps. The subtle reminder vibration guarantees that you'll never miss an important message.

The EIGIIS K55 has an impressive array of 24 sports modes for fitness enthusiasts. You can easily track your progress through the DaFit App's daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Although it may be a bit complicated to use the first time, you can get used to it after some use, so you don't need to worry about that.

More To Consider

8 BJNAA Military Smart Watch
Our Score:
9 AMIHUSEl Tactical Smart Watch
Our Score:
10 Vicfiud Tactical Smart Watch
Our Score:

What to Look For in a best tactical smartwatches?

You may know that shopping is one of the essential activities in a human being’s life. Selecting the best product will affect your daily life. However, which factors can make this purchase effective? If you are looking for best tactical smartwatches for your demands, you will waste your time with incorrect data. But it would be best if you weren’t so nervous about that. We have a group of experts to research best tactical smartwatches, and they’ve given reliable information.

There are lots of essential things you should keep in mind. On the other, just some of them are most focused. Here are the critical factors related to buying best tactical smartwatches you may want:


You want the watch band to be comfortable while hiking and you want to make sure it won't irritate your skin. It is important to keep sweat buildup in mind, as soft and ventilated bands prevent it. More importantly, the weight of the watch is important to keep in mind. A watch weighing less than 60 grams (about 2 ounces) is most comfortable.


Make sure you are comfortable using the watch. It may be a touchscreen watch or a watch with buttons. Before you buy a smart watch, you should assess whether the buttons are comfortable for you to use. The buttons on a watch are not affected by your sweat, so you will not have to worry about removing your glove to use the watch if you are hiking in cooler weather. On the other hand, buttons are harder for some people to use.

Battery Life

You should be able to follow your activities with your watch. Some watches possess batteries that last for at least a year, while others require recharging every evening, and yet others are charged with solar energy. You might want to bring a portable battery charger if your watch needs to be recharged frequently. If you are hiking and your watch dies, you should bring a portable charger with you.


You will eventually get rained on if you hike enough. A water-resistant watch will save you the expense of purchasing a new one if it gets wet. When wearing your watch in the water, ensure you know the depth of water resistance and what you plan to do. Some watches are water-resistant up to 30 metres and others are water-resistant up to 300 metres. If you want to paddleboard with your watch, 30 metres should be sufficient, but if you want to go deep-sea diving, you need a 300-metre water resistance.


A rugged design is usually complimentary to a hiking watch's look in the wilderness. They're usually big and bulky and don't have the right appearance for a night on the town. You might be able to use a replaceable watch band to dress it up a bit, if you want to wear your watch outside of hiking.

Extra Features

Are you looking for a basic watch or one with all the bells and whistles? The following are some of the features commonly found on watches for the outdoors. You should keep in mind that these features will increase the price but also provide convenience: Music, GPS, compass, heart-rate monitor, barometric altimeter, barometer, altitude...


What is a tactical smartwatch?

A tactical smartwatch is a type of wristwatch specifically designed for military and law enforcement personnel that combines the features of a conventional smartwatch with enhanced durability, performance, and features tailored for tactical and combat situations. The features of a tactical smartwatch include weatherproof construction, GPS tracking, enhanced durability, and specialized apps.

What are the advantages of a tactical smartwatch?

A tactical smartwatch is designed to provide superior performance and durability in extreme conditions. The enhanced durability and specialized features make it ideal for use in military and law enforcement operations. Additionally, the tactical smartwatch can provide users with GPS tracking, weatherproof construction, and specialized apps.

What are the features of a tactical smartwatch?

Tactical smartwatches typically feature enhanced durability, weatherproof construction, a durable display, GPS tracking, and specialized apps. Additionally, some models feature additional features such as heart rate monitoring, step tracking, and access to tactical maps.

What is the battery life of a tactical smartwatch?

The battery life of a tactical smartwatch depends on the model and the features being used. Generally, tactical smartwatches can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks on a single charge.

Overall, the statistics we described here are not all of them. Instead, we always freshen it up continually as the data is updated and available. It would be best to remember things we mentioned above, including brand’s value, product’s value, product’s highlights, important specs, customer ratings & reviews. 

Our readers, you guys, are always respected and treated with top priority so that you are supposed to receive the most up-to-date information on our site. You should feel free to contact us for support with the product’s problems. Thanks for reading, and we wish you a happy shopping.

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