The Best Summer Backpacking Sleeping Bag For 2024

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Best Summer Backpacking Sleeping Bag
Best Summer Backpacking Sleeping Bag

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: SWTMERRY Sleeping Bag

The SWTMERRY Sleeping Bag is a cozy cocoon engineered for cool and cold adventures. Crafted with waterproof prowess and easy portability, it's your trusty companion for all-season escapades. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Tuphen Sleeping Bag

The Tuphen Sleeping Bag offers superior comfort and convenience for any camping or outdoor adventure! This high-quality sleeping bag has a special design to provide fantastic freedom and maximum comfort. Read Review

3. Best Design: MalloMe Sleeping Bag

The MalloMe Sleeping Bag is the perfect choice for year-round comfort and protection. This sleeping bag is designed to keep you warm and cozy, regardless of weather conditions. Read Review

4. Best Compact: ECOOPRO Sleeping Bag

The ECOOPRO Sleeping Bag is the perfect choice for any outdoor adventure. This lightweight, compact sleeping bag is designed to keep you warm and comfortable on your next camping trip. Read Review

5. Best Water Resistant: VENTURE 4TH Sleeping Bag

This high-quality polyester bag ensures a comfortable sleep, whether on a strenuous climb or simply stargazing. Its innovative features make it the ultimate travel companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Read Review

The summer season is one of the best times for outdoor adventures like backpacking and camping. With the warm sun and beautiful scenery, it's no wonder that so many people are drawn to the great outdoors during the summer months. However, having the right gear and equipment is essential for a successful and comfortable summer backpacking experience.

One of the most essential pieces of gear is a quality sleeping bag, which will be your home away from home and provide you with a comfortable night's sleep. With so many different brands and styles of sleeping bags available, finding the best summer backpacking can seem daunting. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the top summer backpacking sleeping bags on the market so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. 

After extensive study and analysis over a -research hours, we think the best summer backpacking sleeping bag is SWTMERRY Sleeping Bag. It's a versatile 3-season companion, ideal for temperatures between 50-68℉ (10-20℃). You can consider Tuphen Sleeping Bag as an alternative if you're still undecided. Other suggestions on this list are worth considering, and we've put up a helpful shopping guide to help you decide!

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 SWTMERRY Sleeping Bag
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Embark on a snug journey with the SWTMERRY Sleeping Bag, tailored for cool and cold weather exploration. The double-filled technology ensures warmth in extreme conditions, with a temperature rating of 41-77℉ (5-25℃). It's a versatile 3-season companion, ideal for temperatures between 50-68℉ (10-20℃).

This sleeping bag prioritizes portability with a lightweight and compact design that is ideal for backpacks and emergencies. The bottom zipper design adds a thoughtful touch, letting your feet dance with the wind. In addition, the 210T Nylon outer cover, waterproof and breathable, combined with 190T Polyester Pongee lining, creates a cozy haven.

The only downside is that the zipper can sometimes be stuck and hard to pull. But fear not, a gentle hand can navigate this minor hiccup. Overall, it is without a doubt the ideal sleeping bag for backpacking and excursions.

TOP Choice #2 Tuphen Sleeping Bag
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The Tuphen Sleeping Bag is designed to give you fantastic freedom with special features to ensure a comfortable night's sleep. With a temperature range of 5(℃)--25(℃), this double-filled wonder ensures warmth even at 40(℉). The roomy 29.5 W x 86.6 H in dimensions accommodates adults and kids with ease. The two-way zipper, complemented by a "zipper guard," makes entry and exit a breeze, while the bottom zipper adds a dash of practicality.

It's lightweight and packable, condensing into a three-pound container that fits comfortably into any backpack without the fuss of painstaking folding. Cleaning is a breeze – you just need to wipe it down or toss it into the machine. The minor drawback is that it is a bit challenging to put inside the bag. But you will get used to it after some use, so you don't need to worry about that.

TOP Choice #3 MalloMe Sleeping Bag
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The MalloMe Sleeping Bag is perfect for year-round comfort, no matter the weather. Boasting a temperature range from 40°F to 77°F, its waterproof hex-tech design and double-layered stitching ensure optimal warmth, making it ideal for spring, summer, fall, and cool weather escapades. The comfort it provides mirrors the familiarity of home, inviting campers of all ages to revel in the outdoor experience.

MalloMe is ultralight and backpacker-friendly, striking a careful balance between performance and convenience. The thoughtful design extends to double-sided zippers that glide seamlessly and a velcro securing strap, ensuring a snug fit without unwanted zipper movement. Maintenance is a breeze – wipe it clean for regular use or toss it into the machine for heavier spoilage. While the MalloMe Sleeping Bag withstands regular machine washing, a gentle touch is recommended for longevity. This slight trade-off is a minor detraction in the grand tapestry of its overall performance and design.

4 ECOOPRO Sleeping Bag
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The ECOOPRO Sleeping Bag is an ideal choice for camping and outdoor activities. The outer Nylon material ensures water resistance and longevity, while the breathable Polyester lining maintains a pleasant sleep temperature between 55 to 60℉. The professional design, featuring a smooth zip closure, enhances convenience for campers.

This product has a compact and lightweight design, allowing easy transportation for backpacking enthusiasts. Unlike bulky down sleeping bags, this envelope sleeping bag can be rolled into the carrying sack, compressing to just 11" in height and weighing a mere 1.7 lbs. It can also be used without a liner in various weather conditions. Perfect for camping trips, hiking, or even as a camping comforter, the ECOOPRO Sleeping Bag caters to a diverse range of outdoor activities. While the size accommodates most users, some find that it's not spacious enough when zipped shut. But it doesn't affect the overall quality much.

5 VENTURE 4TH Sleeping Bag
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The VENTURE 4TH Sleeping Bag promises an unparalleled summer night's sleep with its generous size, measuring 86.6in x 31.5in. Suitable for individuals up to 5ft 11", it provides a temperature rating of 40°F-70°F, ensuring comfort on warm nights. The included compression bag makes packing and carrying a breeze, adding to its appeal as a go-to travel buddy. Constructed with robust yet gentle polyester, this sleeping bag strikes the perfect balance between durability and skin-friendliness.

The water-resistant feature ensures worry-free use in any weather condition, allowing users to embrace the joy of outdoor adventures fully. Furthermore, this sleeping bag will enable you to find your perfect sleeping position. The thoroughly-tested zippers ensure a smooth experience, contributing to an overall sense of comfort. One minor issue is that it can have holes soemtimes, but this problem can be mitigated with regular checks and good treatment.

6 TETON Sports Sleeping Bag
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TETON Sports

The TETON Sports Sleeping Bag excels in both form and function, making it an ideal choice for those entering the world of backpacking. The LEEF comes in short, regular, and long sizes, accommodating different preferences for a comfortable rest. Adventures in the great outdoors are elevated to a higher level of style thanks to the cool color selections, which combine traditional and contemporary tastes. It is available in three temperature ratings in addition to three sizes. You can pick between 0 degrees, 20 degrees, and 30 degrees, depending on your camping style.

The only downside is that this sleeping bag can be susceptible to ripping if in contact with sharp objects. So you need to exercise caution to preserve its longevity. Overall, the TETON Sports Sleeping Bag is ideal for the hiker who wishes to pack small and cover some ground without the weight of bigger backpacks.

7 REDCAMP Sleeping Bag
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Indulge in the ultimate outdoor sleeping experience with the REDCAMP Lightweight Sleeping Bag. Measuring 76 x 30 inches, it offers ample space for a single adult or two snugly nestled kids. The soft and breathable polyester fabric ensures a soothing touch against your skin, making it a haven for a restful night's sleep. The heavy-duty and waterproof material adds durability and makes cleaning a breeze – just a quick wipe with a damp cloth, and it's as good as new.

Moreover, it has a compression sack and storage bag that enhances portability, allowing you to carry it effortlessly wherever your journey takes you. Thanks to the intelligently designed side zippers, you can even zip two sleeping bags together. Nevertheless, it would be best if it came in a wider array of colors. In conclusion, investing in the REDCAMP Sleeping Bag is an investment in quality outdoor comfort. 

What to Look For in a best summer backpacking sleeping bag?

Is it necessary for you to purchase best summer backpacking sleeping bag in 2024 from Amazon within the next few hours? Perhaps you've just learned about something which can benefit friends or family members but aren't sure where to turn or who to trust.

So, we're here to help. Our new article will show you how to purchase the best item for your necessities quickly so that it arrives on time and as expected. It's that easy!

Warmth Rating

When it comes to choosing the best sleeping bag, warmth ratings are a guideline and not an absolute. These ratings are issued by the manufacturers so you should take them as such. They indicate how warm someone can sleep inside the bag at a given temperature. It's a good idea to bring extra layers for cold weather camping.


The mummy-style bag has a topper that looks like a hood and taper towards the feet. This is for warmth. Mummy-shaped sleeping bags are best for extreme cold weather. However, a rectangle-shaped bag will work well if the purpose of the bag is to be used for occasional camping trips in the backyard.


The amount you use your sleeping bag and how much money you spent on it should be correlated. Spending a bit more on a sleeping bag is a good idea if you want it to be warm and comfortable while you are out hiking. Budgeting wisely is a smart move if you are a novice or occasional camper.


Comfortability is dependent upon the material and size of your bag. Because it is lighter, and therefore weighs less on the body than goose down insulation, higher-end bags are often considered to be more comfortable. Comfort can be affected by the material used for lining. The flannel felt cozier to our testers than other linings used in camping sleeping bags for budget cars.
Many people find it difficult to transition from a blanket or a sleeping bag. They will prefer sleeping bags with larger dimensions. A hooded Mummy bag with a short hood can cause neck pain. The lengths of sleeping bags for men are generally classified as: Short is 5'6", regular 6'-0", long 6'-6".

Weight And Packed Size

For any human-powered overnight trip, it is important to consider the weight and size of the sleeping bag. Although it may not seem much, an extra pound can make a significant difference on a long backcountry trip. An increased pack size is also a problem. This increases the volume of the backpack, and the distance that the weight of the bag travels from the center of gravity. These are the realities to keep in mind as you search for the perfect sleeping bag.

It is common for weight and pack size to be closely related so you don't have to think about them apart. Warmer bags are more bulky and heavier than those with a lower temperature. It is important to compare the weights and sizes of bags that offer similar warmth. If you are planning to travel deep into the backcountry, don't hesitate to pay a bit more to get a lightweight or compressible bag. Your knees and back are worth more than any sleeping bag.

Insulation Type

Your body heat is kept from the outside by sleeping bags, which provide warmth. Two types of insulation are used to achieve the warmth: synthetic fibers and down feathers. Many birds use down feathers to keep warm. They are great at trapping heat in the tiny gaps between filaments to form a temperature barrier. This insulation technique is best emulated by synthetic fibers. To fill a sleeping bag with insulation and provide a layer of padding, they contain a mix of petroleum-based fibers like nylon or polyester.

Synthetic fibers may beer than down but they are not able to provide the same level of warmth with the same weight. However, synthetic sleeping bags have one advantage: they are more able to insulate when it is wet. When down feathers are wet they can clump and lose almost all their loft and insulation power. Synthetic fibers on the other hand don't clump and can provide significant insulation even when they are wet.


What is the best type of sleeping bag for a summer backpacking trip?

The best type of sleeping bag for a summer backpacking trip is a lightweight, 3-season sleeping bag. This type of sleeping bag is designed to keep you warm in milder temperatures while providing good ventilation. It is also important to consider the weight and size of the sleeping bag, as well as the type of insulation used.

What other items should I bring along with a sleeping bag for a summer backpacking trip?

It is important to also bring along a sleeping pad or mat to provide insulation from the cold ground. A waterproof sleeping bag cover is also recommended to keep the sleeping bag dry in case of rain. Additionally, a lightweight pillow and an extra blanket can make for a more comfortable sleep.

What is the best temperature rating for a summer backpacking sleeping bag?

The best temperature rating for a summer backpacking sleeping bag is between 30 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This range provides adequate warmth in milder temperatures while allowing for good ventilation. It is also important to consider the climate and weather conditions of your destination when selecting a sleeping bag.


Its features, not its name, are what define best summer backpacking sleeping bag in 2024. This may seem self-evident, but it's easy to become fixated on a specific company or brand due to its reputation. We strongly advise you to consider your needs and determine which products will assist you in meeting them. With our options above, if you can't choose any suitable one, let's check REDCAMP Sleeping Bag. Wish you a nice shopping day!

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