The Best Roof Mounted Bike Rack For 2024

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Best Roof Mounted Bike Rack
Best Roof Mounted Bike Rack

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: YAKIMA Mounted Bike Rack

Designed to carry any type of bike with traditional frame geometry, it’s easy to install and load up. The TriggerFinger technology lets you fold down the arms with just a squeeze, while the SwitchBlade anti-sway cradles eliminate bike-to-bike contact, preventing interference and scratches. And thanks to its durable powder coat finish, it stands up against whatever your journey throws at you. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: Thule ProRide XT Roof Bike Rack

This innovative bike rack securely holds one bike and is designed to minimize risk of damage to your bike's frame. With a convenient quick-release dial and wheel tray, you can easily position and secure your bike in no time. The wheel holders are firmly stabilized by diagonal quick-release straps, making it easy to switch the carrier from one side of the vehicle to the other. Read Review

3. Best Capacity: YAKIMA Roof Mouted Bike Rack

This premium upright bike mount offers easy transport with no wheel removal required and minimal contact with the bike's frame. The low profile tray minimizes hatch interference, while its tool-free universal mounting hardware fits most roof racks. Quickly and easily adjust and secure your bikes with the precise ratcheting system for a safe ride. Read Review

4. Best Durable: RockyMounts Tomahawk Roof Bike Rack

This versatile rack features a ratcheting hook that securely holds your bike without touching the frame, while the easy-load wheel straps make loading your bike easier than ever. With its swingarm design, it can easily be adjusted for driver-side or passenger-side installation. Read Review

5. Best Lightweight: YAKIMA Roof Mounted Bike Racks

Easy to install and remove without any tools, this rack holds your bike securely by the front axle and rear wheel. The adjustable-length sliding wheel tray easily fits a wide range of bike lengths and can be secured with the optional SKS locks. Read Review

Bicycle racks have become increasingly popular in the past few years, as they provide a convenient and secure way to transport your bike. A roof mounted bike rack is one of the most popular options, as it allows you to safely and securely transport your bike on the roof of your car. When choosing the best roof mounted bike rack, it is important to consider factors such as design, weight capacity, ease of installation, and of course, budget.

With so many different models on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. To help make your decision easier, we have put together a list of the best roof-mounted bike racks on the market today. These racks provide a secure way to transport your bike while ensuring that you don’t damage your car’s roof. So, read on to find the best roof-mounted bike rack for your needs.

We think the best roof mounted bike rack that is available now is YAKIMA Mounted Bike Rack. It is made of high-quality material for the best durability and has an easy-to-use design to carry everywhere you want. We also provide you with Thule ProRide XT Roof Bike Rack model that you may consider if the top product is not your choice. And bellow are the helpful buyer's guide to assist you in making your decision.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 YAKIMA Mounted Bike Rack
Our Score:

Easy to install and load and designed to tilt out of the way when not in use; TriggerFinger technology lets you fold down the arms with one press of a button for a lower profile

Protect your gear by adding a DeadLock (sold separately) to lock your bikes to your hitch mount and the hitch mount to your vehicle

The SwitchBlade anti-sway cradle eliminates bike-to-bike contact, preventing interference and scratches; Durable powder coat finish stands up to adventure

Compatible with both 1-1/4" and 2" hitch receivers (class I, II, and III) right out of the box

This hanging rack allows you to carry any type of bike with traditional frame geometry; Bikes with slanted top tubes require the TubeTop adapter (sold separately)

TOP Choice #2 Thule ProRide XT Roof Bike Rack
Our Score:

Universal upright bike rack for 1 bike

Soft claw pads adapt to your bike's frame minimizing risk of damage

Wheel holders firmly stabilized by diagonal quick release straps

Quick and secure mounting dial controls the force going into the bike frame

Product weight: 11lbs

Mounts to all Thule rack systems and most factory racks

Load capacity: 44 lbs

Easily switch carrier from one side of vehicle to the other

Frame holder and wheel tray automatically position your bike as you secure it

Lock bike to carrier and carrier to vehicle (locks sold separate)

TOP Choice #3 YAKIMA Roof Mouted Bike Rack
Our Score:

Want more peace of mind? Add 2 SKS (Same Key System) locks (sold separately) to the included TailWhip cable to lock your bike and mount to your base rack (not included)

Quickly and easily adjust and secure your bikes with the precise, integrated TorqueRight tightening knob

A premium upright bike mount for easy transport; Carries almost any road or mountain bike with wheelbases up to 48”, 26” to 29” wheels and tires from 23mm to 4”

The low profile tray minimizes hatch interference; No wheel removal required and no contact with the bike frame (an ideal option for carbon fiber bikes and custom paint jobs)

Requires a roof rack with a crossbar spread between 18" and 35"; Tool-free, universal mounting hardware fits most roof racks; T-Slot compatible with SmarT-Slot conversion kit (sold separately)

4 RockyMounts Tomahawk Roof Bike Rack
Our Score:

Mounts to all styles of crossbars - round, square, factory, aero

Fat bike ready (up to 5" tires) out of the box. Includes two wheel strap extensions

No bike frame contact - simply ratchet the hook over the front wheel and secure the front/rear wheelstraps

Swingarm easily adjusts for driver side and passenger side installation

Holds all styles of bikes, 20 - 29" wheels (except those with front fenders)

New Easy-Load wheel straps make loading bikes easier than ever

5 YAKIMA Roof Mounted Bike Racks
Our Score:

NO FRAME CONTACT: ForkLift holds the bike by the front axle and the rear wheel; No frame contact means your bike's paint doesn't get scratched

ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: Sliding wheel tray is easy to adjust and allows for a wide range of bike lengths; Carries 1 bike up to 35 lbs.

PROTECT YOUR GEAR: Add SKS (Same Key System) locks (sold separately) to secure your bike to the rack and the rack to the vehicle

ROOF RACK REQUIRED: Crossbar spread minimum of 16" and maximum of 42"; Fits Yakima round, square, factory and aerodynamic bars; Simple tool-free installation and removal

FITS MOST DISC BRAKES: Fits bikes that use standard 100 mm x 9 mm quick release front hubs; other hubs (such as thru-axles) require adapters

6 Genuine Subaru SOA567B020 Roof BIke Rack
Our Score:
Genuine Subaru

Fit type: Universal Fit

Genuine OEM

High quality


7 YAKIMA Roof Mounted Bike Racks
Our Score:

Streamlined protection: Low profile tray minimizes hatch interference; Tool-free, universal mounting hardware fits most roof racks

Roof rack required: Crossbar spread must be between 18" and 37"; Fits Yakima round, square, factory, or aerodynamic bars; T-Slot compatible with SmarT-Slot conversion kit (sold separately)

Easy to use: New integrated TorqueRight tightening knob is quick and easy to adjust and secures your bike with precision

Protect your gear: SKS (Same Key System) locks (sold separately) can be added to the included TailWhip cable lock your bike to the mount and the mount to the base rack

Carry any bike: Fit almost any road or mountain bikes and up to 5" fat-tire bikes; Carries both quick release (9 mm) and thru-axle bikes (12 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm)

8 Thule OutRide Roof Bike Rack
Our Score:

Fits thru-axle bikes with adapter (adapters sold separately)

Fits bikes with up to a 3" wide tire

Fits all Thule rack systems and most factory racks

Load Capacity: 37.5 lbs

Product weight: 5.5 lbs

Quick release wheel strap firmly secures the rear wheel to bike tray

Fits 9mm Quick Release axles and most disc brakes

Fork-mount bike rack for one bike

Lock bike to rack and rack to vehicle (locks sold separately)

9 Thule FastRide Roof Mounted Bike Rack
Our Score:

Adjustable protective wheel strap holds rear wheel securely in place

Accommodates bikes equipped with disc brakes

Lock the bike to the bike rack and the bike rack to the vehicle (locks sold separately)

Fits thru-axle bikes: 9mm captive, 12x100mm, 12x110mm, 15x100mm, 15x110mm (adapter accessory sold separately)

Easy to convert between left and right side of car

Fits 20x110mm Thru-axle bikes with adapter accessory (adapter accessory sold separately)

Fits 9mm standard quick-release bikes

Mounts to all Thule rack systems, round bars and most factory racks

Thule AcuTight torque limiter knob clicks when optimal torque is reached for safe mounting of bikes

10 Rhino Rack Roof Bike Rack
Our Score:
Rhino Rack

INLCUDES - Includes a 45" aluminum tray that can handle bikes weighing up to 35 lbs. (15 kg), Allen key, 2 built-in locks, and comes fully assembled. MasterKey compatible. Also works on bikes with disc brakes.

DUAL LOCKING SYSTEM - For double the security and protection, the MountainTrail features a dual locking system that secures both the bike and the bike carrier. Includes a screw-on, locking fastener for the bike's front fork.

EVERY JOURNEY - Every Journey starts somewhere. Whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast, or veteran explorer – hitting the road for work or play – we strive to build products which help make adventure inclusive for everybody.

5 YEAR WARRANTY - Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year warranty. Designed, engineered, and tested in Australia for maximum durability and longevity for wherever your adventure leads.

ALL BIKE TYPES - Fits most bike types: road bikes, mountain bikes, ladies bikes, kids bikes, even fat tire bikes. For the rare bike that doesn't fit, Rhino-Rack offers special thru axle inserts to accommodate your bike (sold separately).

UNIVERSAL MOUNT - Includes a universal mounting strap that fits most roof rack cross bars on the market. With two mounting straps: the front secures and locks the bike carrier to the front cross bar, while the rear features a quick dial strap for ease.

ADVENTURE - At Rhino-Rack, we believe there’s an adventurer in all of us. It’s what drives us to create world-ready outdoor gear, born and proven in Australia. We believe life is better when we Make Space for Adventure.

ENVIRONMENT - The best thing we can do for the environment is make our stuff last longer. We care deeply about preserving the landscapes we love, and work hard to minimize our environmental impact across the board - from design to manufacturing & beyond.

REAR WHEEL STRAP - While the front of the carrier accepts the bike fork via a locking, adjust able skewer, the rear includes a strong, quick release rubber strap that easily secures down bikes of all wheel dimensions.

MOUNTAIN TRAIL BIKE CARRIER - Easily mount and secure your bike to your roof rack with Rhino-Rack's convenient rooftop bike carrier. Universal mounting to all cross bars. Fits bike types: road, mountain, kids & fat tire bikes with the front wheel removed.

What to Look For in a best roof mounted bike rack?

Bike Capacity

Generally speaking, platform racks are capable of holding anywhere between one and four bikes (if an extension is purchased), while hanging racks hold up to five bikes. The 1UP Recon Rack 6 can hold six bikes vertically and is a notable exception. Most riders prefer the 2-bike model, however families and those who plan to take their bikes on group rides may want to consider a hanging model with a larger capacity or one of these platform add-ons.

Tilting Feature

A tilt-feature hitch rack is a good choice if you are like many cyclists and plan on keeping your rack attached to your car for extended time periods or want access to your rear cargo space. With the exception of a few very inexpensive options, almost all bike racks with a hitch mount have this feature. Tilting racks are able to be tilted over using a lever. This allows you to lift the rear hatch of the vehicle or open its tailgate. Tilting is possible on platform and hanging racks. However, platform racks can be tilted with bikes loaded. Hanging racks must first unload bikes. It's another reason why we like the platform rack design.

Mounting Systems

Two ways can you lock your bike on a mounting system are available. First and foremost is the strap system. The strap system is usually composed of an elastic or ratcheting strap that covers a portion of your bicycle. It's usually the frame in hanging racks, but it can also be used for platform racks to hold the wheels.
This is most commonly used in platform racks. It is an arm that extends from the platform to ratchet down on your bike's tires. They secure the bike to the platform. They are often reinforced with straps that run around the wheel's bottom to increase security.
The strap system is used in every hanging rack that we have seen. It's strong and reliable, but it can be damaged or broken by users. Many straps secure bikes with at least two straps at every attachment point. Your bike could fall off if the shepherd's hook is broken (which happens very rarely).

Ease Of Use

You've likely had to lift a mountain bike with full suspension onto a hanger rack. Or, if you have tried to Tetris on four bikes from a rack that was poorly made, then you understand the importance of ease-of-use.
Hanging racks are a great option for a common bicycle, the diamond-frame. You can lift the bike and slide it on the rack. Once it is secured, you can bungee it to the front wheel. It also gives you the opportunity to do some bicep curls before going on your ride.
A platform rack is a better choice for bikes with heavier frames or unique designs. It is easier to transport the bike because it has a lower frame. Once you get it on you won't need to move it around to make adjustments. It can be difficult to hang a bike on a rack.
The ramp is often the most cost-effective option, but it's also the most convenient. You can simply place your bike on the platform rack using this feature. This feature is great for riders with heavy bikes such as e-bikes and cruisers.

Bike Weight

Maximum bike capacity
Maximum weight capacity for a bike
If you plan on transporting heavy downhill mountain bikes or e-bikes, fat, and/or cruiser bikes, make sure to check the rack's weight limit. Each design listing will indicate the bike's maximum weight. This amount may vary greatly. For comparison, standard road and mountain bikes weigh less than 35 pounds. E-bikes, however, can be up to 50 pounds. We recommend that you upgrade to a more robust model if your weight is close to or above the max. It's worth it to avoid breaking the rack or invalidating your warranty.


Two main vulnerabilities of bike racks are theft. The bikes can be taken off the rack and the rack can be taken down. It doesn't matter if the bikes are there; racks can also be valuable items to potential thieves.
It only takes seconds for someone to steal your bicycle from the rack, whether you are going to a shop or just to get you home at night.
Your entire rack can be taken if someone is equipped with the right tools. If you don’t own a garage, this can pose a problem.


What types of roof-mounted bike racks are available?

There are several types of roof-mounted bike racks available, including fork-mount racks, wheel-tray racks, and frame-mounted racks. Fork-mount racks attach to your vehicle's roof rack and secure the bike by the forks, while wheel-tray racks secure the bike by the wheels. Frame-mounted racks attach to the frame of the bike and provide a secure fit to the roof of your vehicle.

How do I install a roof-mounted bike rack?

Installing a roof-mounted bike rack is relatively simple, but it is important to read the instructions carefully and follow them closely. The first step is to attach the rack to your roof rack using the appropriate hardware. Once the rack is securely attached, you can then secure the bike to the rack using the straps or clamps provided.

What are the benefits of a roof-mounted bike rack?

Roof-mounted bike racks provide a secure and convenient way to transport your bike. They also keep your bike off the ground and out of the way of other vehicles, which can help to reduce the risk of damage from road debris. Additionally, roof-mounted bike racks can be used to transport multiple bikes at once, making them ideal for family trips or group rides.


Choosing the best roof mounted bike rack for your purposes might be a difficult challenge. It is critical to remember what you want to achieve with the purchase as well as any factors that may influence your selection. 
Whether it's as basic as reading reviews before purchasing or inspecting images of best roof mounted bike rack on the market from numerous perspectives. When you wish to locate another one, you may also look at the Thule TopRide Roof Mounted Bike Rack. Now, let’s pick one for you!

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