The 10 Best Rear View Camera For Car Of 2024, Researched By Us

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Best Rear View Camera For Car
Best Rear View Camera For Car

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: AUTO-VOX Solar 1 Rearview Camera

The AUTO-VOX Solar 1 Rearview Camera is the ideal backup for medium-sized vehicles. With its solar-powered battery and real-time wireless signal, this camera is designed to provide a stable and accurate view of the road condition, even at high speeds. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: BOSCAM Rear View Camera

The BOSCAM Rear View Camera is a wireless backup camera system that delivers hassle-free signal coverage and a simple yet functional display. With a range of up to 33ft and easy installation, it's an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their driving safety. Read Review

3. Best Waterproof: DoHonest Rear View Camera

The DoHonest Rear View Camera is a wireless backup system that delivers easy installation and vivid HD 1080P images. Its waterproof design and low-light capabilities make it the ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality rear-view camera. Read Review

4. Best Resolution: WOLFBOX G840H Rear View Camera

Get unparalleled front and rear visual experience day or night with the WOLFBOX G840H Rear View Camera. The camera's high-performance processor provides an ultra-high transparent optical glass mirror, ensuring excellent image effects even in low light. Read Review

5. Best Technology: WOLFBOX G850 Rear View Camera

With a large screen and real 4K capabilities, the WOLFBOX G850 Camera is designed to capture every detail on the road. Featuring a supercapacitor and Type-C interface, this dash cam mirror combines WOLFBOX's advanced technology and high-cost performance. Read Review

When driving safely, having a reliable rearview camera for your car is essential. With the right rear view camera, you can ensure you have the best view of what's behind you and avoid any potential hazards. With the latest technology available, you can find a rearview camera that fits your car perfectly and can provide you with the best visibility possible.

Whether you're looking for a primary camera to help you back out of your driveway or a more advanced camera that gives you a full 360-degree view of the area around your car, plenty of options are available. With the right rearview camera, you can drive confidently and ensure you and your passengers are always safe.

After nearly hours of research, We think the best rear view camera for car is AUTO-VOX Solar 1 Rearview Camera. Powered by the sun's rays, this camera uses a built-in solar panel to keep its battery charged so that you can enjoy the reliable performance even in the rainiest of seasons. Or you can check the BOSCAM Rear View Camera as the other great option, even if the first option didn't meet your requirements.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 AUTO-VOX Solar 1 Rearview Camera
Our Score:

The AUTO-VOX Solar 1 Rearview Camera is a good product for anyone who wants to add a backup camera to their vehicle without the hag with wires or external power sources. Powered by the sun's rays, this camera uses a built-in solar panel to keep its battery charged so that you can enjoy the reliable performance even in the rainiest of seasons. With just an hour of sunlight exposure daily, the rear camera must only be charged once a year.

Unlike traditional wireless signals, which can be prone to interference and flickering, the Solar 1 uses 2.4G digital technology to ensure a highly reliable signal transmission. This means you can enjoy worry-free backup camera performance even when driving at high speeds of up to 100km/h on the highway. It's important to note that it can't fully replace the need for USB charging. You may still need to occasionally charge the camera with a USB plug to ensure reliable performance.

The ultra HD 5" monitor delivers a more colorful and delicate image during the daytime and night, displaying the ideal conditions without the annoying blurry and discolored screen. And with a universal rearview camera design, you can easily mount the camera on your license plate to monitor as a trailer backup camera. The signal can reach up to 100ft in an open area, making it ideal for medium-sized vehicles like pickup trucks, cargo vans, and small RVs.

TOP Choice #2 BOSCAM Rear View Camera
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The BOSCAM Rear View Camera is a wireless backup camera system that delivers high-quality video and hassle-free signal coverage. Unlike traditional wireless signals, it utilizes frequency-hopping technology that ensures you're always connected without interference or flickers from up to 33ft away. You can add a free extended antenna for even more excellent coverage.

The system's 5-inch monitor is simple and functional, without any logos or extra buttons that could be distracting. It's a perfect size, not too intrusive, but big enough to quickly see everything behind your vehicle. Whether backing up, hitching, or towing a trailer, the BOSCAM system makes it easy.

Installation is a breeze, as the camera and monitor transmit wirelessly, and no wiring is required between them. This eliminates the most troublesome part of installing a rear camera and frees up your time to focus on more important things. This Rear View Camera is highly compatible with a wide range of vehicles, as long as you have a 12V power supply and a cigarette socket. You can install this reverse camera on vehicles like pickups, trucks, cargo vans, trailers, and small classes of RVs. Nevertheless, the wireless backup system only refers to the transmission between the camera and monitor; you must still connect the camera to a power supply.

TOP Choice #3 DoHonest Rear View Camera
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The DoHonest Rear View Camera is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a wireless backup camera system that is easy to install and provides a stable and vivid image. This camera system uses a wireless transmitter to connect the backup camera to the monitor, so you don't have to deal with complicated long video cables. All you need to do is connect the monitor to the lighter charger and the rearview camera to your running or reversing light.

The image quality of the DoHonest Rear View Camera is top-notch, with digital wireless transmission delivering a stable image without any interference from other signals, such as Bluetooth. Equipped with an excellent sensor, the backup camera provides a vivid picture that directly restores what you see behind your car. The camera's waterproof standard is IP69, the highest and lowest temperature resistance is -4°F~149°F, and the lumen rating is 0.1 at low light night, making it suitable for all weather conditions.

This backup camera is also an ideal choice for parking safely and effortlessly, as you can easily park your car even in the tiniest parking spots without risking damaging it and ruining your day or night! Plus, there is no battery in the vehicle backup camera, making it safer to use. The only downside to the DoHonest Rear View Camera is that the video can sometimes be a little choppy, but it's still clear enough for function.

4 WOLFBOX G840H Rear View Camera
Our Score:

The camera's high-performance processor provides a 2.5K FULL HD resolution, which allows you to see even the smallest details of your surroundings. The front and rear lens adopt F/1.55 & F/1.8 large aperture, supports multi-level 3D denoising, removes motion smearing and color noise, and supports light solid suppression and back light compensation.

Additionally, the WDR backup camera has a 1080P rear cam that adopts WDR technology, recording explicit videos behind the car, even on rainy and foggy days. With IP68 waterproof level, you don't need to worry about rain or dust in the open air. The G840H is also equipped with intelligent functions. It has a 12-inch large high-definition display and a brand new and unique user-friendly GUI interactive design. 

The only disadvantage of this product is that you must determine whether your cigar power port is ACC. If the cigarette lighter remains charged after the car is turned off, use the hardwire kit or unplug the charger; otherwise, it may exhaust your car's power supply. This can happen in some Ford/Audi cars and electric cars.

5 WOLFBOX G850 Rear View Camera
Our Score:

 If you're looking for a high-performance rearview camera, the WOLFBOX G850 is worth considering. Equipped with a 12-inch 4K front camera and WDR rear camera, this camera delivers super clear and smooth video, helping you read key details like road signs and vehicle number plates. The large screen ensures that you won't miss a thing, while the advanced WDR/HDR technology captures clear and lifelike images in even the most demanding lighting conditions. The rearview mirror backup camera gives more realistic images on rainy and snowy nights.

The G850 also features loop recording, G-sensor, and parking monitor functions, ensuring you capture every critical moment on the road. The loop recording function automatically overwrites old files when the SD card is full, while the G-sensor detects sudden collisions and locks the collision footage to prevent overwriting. Additionally, the parking monitor function acts as a surveillance camera system while the vehicle is off.

Another great feature of the WOLFBOX G850 is the reverse assistance, which allows the reverse line to appear when you turn the gear to "R." The streaming media enlarges the scene behind the car by 1.5 times, providing a wider field of view, and the rear cam flip and mirror function makes this dash cam perfectly compatible with RVs, pickups, trucks, etc. Unfortunately, it may be a bit hard to adjust, but you can get used to it after some use.

6 Xroose Rear View Camera
Our Score:

When you are reversing or parking, having a high-performance wired backup camera like the Xroose Rear View Camera can tremendously help you with a visual aid. This camera, which features a high-resolution monitor that is 5 inches in size, offers crisp and clear video that makes it simple to see what is happening behind you. Additionally, the camera has a large viewing angle, which makes it simple to take in everything that is going on around you.

The camera can be easily attached to your license plate, and the monitor can be fastened to the dashboard of your vehicle. The installation process is quick and uncomplicated. Because it is watertight and rugged, the camera can be utilized in any environment, regardless of the climate. On the other hand, the guidelines aren't very good, and they might be missing some vital information. As a result, you need to view more information on YouTube or the website to understand how to use it better.

7 AUTO-VOX V5PRO Rear View Camera
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The AUTO-VOX V5PRO Rear View Camera is necessary for all car owners who prioritize safety and convenience while driving. It boasts a full laminated screen that ensures crystal-clear images without glare, even under intense sunlight. The IMX307 sensor used in the camera helps restrain high-beam lights, preventing dazzling situations. This feature makes it stand out from other backup cameras available.

The V5PRO camera also uses stream media technology, which transmits full 1080P footage without any delay. It records the license plate and all crashes clearly, providing high-quality footage. Additionally, the 9.35-inch full screen of the camera improves the field of vision by almost four times compared to a traditional rearview mirror. This enhances your driving experience and helps you stay safe on the road. The minor issue is that it's possible that vehicles with large plastic base housings won't be able to use the V5PRO backup camera with a monitor because the bracket for the original mirror will be hidden.

This device has an OEM look that can replace your original mirror entirely without causing any damage. This brings a clean and tidy environment to your car and saves you the trouble of complicated wiring. The rear and front camera record automatically when they detect any collision, and the dashcam turns off after locking 30-second footage to avoid draining the car battery. This ensures that you have evidence to protect your interests.

More To Consider

8 BOSCAM Rear View Camera
Our Score:
9 LeeKooLuu Rear View Camera
Our Score:
10 ECOCONUT Rear/Front View Camera
Our Score:

What to Look For in a best rear view camera for car?

Please follow the bellow points before selecting the best rear view camera for car:

High Dynamic Range & Night Vision

Although it sounds like something that would be useful on a premium digital camera, HDR can still prove to be a benefit in extremely bright and high-contrast situations. In addition, night vision dash cameras can provide security and protection at night.


High resolution 4K photography is something to be proud of. It allows for sharper images and greater detail. But, you will also need more space as the files get larger.

Protection While Parked

One advantage to having a wired, in-car dashcam is the ability for it to continue running even when your car is not in use. It can also record unusual activity like theft attempts and parking bumps.

Battery Powered Dash Cams

Some dash cameras have batteries, they can be easily installed with no wires. However, the battery life is usually only about 30 minutes. Although the cables might look messy, but this dash cameras can be plugged into either a USB socket (or 12V) and continue to run indefinitely.

Angle Of View

Wide-angle lenses are a common feature of dashcams. Wider angles allow for more information to be gathered at junctions and on side roads. However, objects further ahead are likely to be missed.

Front And Rear Dash Cams

A rear-facing dash camera can prove very helpful in situations where the danger is coming from behind. A separate guide is available to help you choose the right front or rear dash camera. Some dashcams with front-facing cameras can be upgraded to include a rear camera.


What are the benefits of a rear view camera for a car?

A rear view camera can provide improved visibility and safety when driving, as it helps to eliminate blind spots and minimize the risk of backing up into obstacles. It can also help drivers to park more easily and accurately.

What features should I look for when selecting a rear view camera?

When purchasing a rear view camera, you should look for features such as wide-angle viewing, night vision, and adjustable camera angles. Some also come with features such as parking lines and guidelines to help you park more accurately.

How do I install a rear view camera?

Installing a rear view camera typically requires connecting the camera to the car’s power source, mounting the camera to the rear of the car, and connecting the camera to a display screen. You should always follow the instructions in the manual that came with the camera for correct installation.

How do I know if my car is compatible with a rear view camera?

Many modern cars come with pre-installed rear view cameras, but for those that do not, you will need to make sure that your car is compatible with the camera you purchase. This will depend on the type of car and the specific features of the camera. It is best to consult your car’s manual or an expert if you are unsure.

In general, it's difficult to say who creates the best rear view camera for car since each firm has unique qualities, features, and pricing points that set them apart from the competition. We only suggest products from the most outstanding manufacturers on our site, so you can rest assured about their quality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance with your problems. Wish you a happy shopping!

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