The 10 Best Programmable Slow Cooker, Tested And Researched

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Best Programmable Slow Cooker
Best Programmable Slow Cooker

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Crock-Pot Programmable Slow Cooker

Make meal prep easier and faster with the Crock Programmable Slow Cooker. With its easy-to-use locking lid and lid gasket, this slow cooker provides an extra seal for less mess. Read Review

2. Runner Up: Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker

With the Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker, you can enjoy delicious home-cooked meals with minimal effort and hassle. Featuring a patented temperature probe, the control panel will display the food’s exact temperature as it cooks. Read Review

3. Best Technology: Cuisinart PSC-350 Programmable Slow Cooker

Get the perfect slow cooking results every time with the Cuisinart PSC-350 Programmable Slow Cooker. With its oval-shaped design and touchpad control panel, this slow cooker will have you creating delicious meals quickly. Read Review

4. Best Reliable: Elite Gourmet MST-900D Digital Programmable Slow Cooker

This Elite Gourmet MST-900D Digital Programmable Slow Cooker is the perfect tool for a busy lifestyle. It has a brushed stainless steel housing and a 6-quart non-stick ceramic cooking pot, making preparing delicious meals easy and convenient. Read Review

5. Best Portable: GreenLife Programmable 6 Quart Slow Cooker

The GreenLife Programmable 6 Quart Slow Cooker is the perfect tool for creating delicious meals with minimal effort. It features a 6-quart capacity that can accommodate large family-sized meals, and its lightweight design makes it easy to transport. Read Review

Slow Cookers are great for making hearty and delicious one-pot meals. They’re also a great way to save time and simplify your cooking routine. You can set it to cook from the slow cooker and walk away until your meal is ready.

But, if you plan on using your slow cooker for more than just a standby item in your weekly meal rotation, it might be time to upgrade from an ordinary model to a programmable one. A programmable slow cooker is one of the most useful kitchen appliances you can own. It gives you total control over when your meals are ready, and tons of programmable slow cooker reviews online will help you narrow down your options.

We think the best programmable slow cooker available now is Crock-Pot Programmable Slow Cooker. This slower cooker allows you to design the cooking time to be between 30 minutes and 20 hours, irrespective of whether the temperature is high or low. You can check the Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker as an alternative if you want another option. Because it is equipped with power interrupt protection, the slow cooker will continue to cook even if there is a short disruption in the power supply lasting no more than five seconds.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Crock-Pot Programmable Slow Cooker
Our Score:

This Crock-Pot Slow Cooker helps your cooking process easier and consumes less time. Its lid features an easy-to-lock gasket that seals tightly, keeping the food's flavor and nutrients. Its capacity of 6 quarts and programmable time options allow it to meet various cooking demands on your schedule, making it ideal for all of your favorite recipes that call for a slow cooker. However, it would be best if this product's cable was longer to help you quickly plug it everywhere.

This slower cooker allows you to design the cooking time to be between 30 minutes and 20 hours, irrespective of whether the temperature is high or low. After the allotted cooking time has passed, the controller will automatically switch to the warm setting. This will ensure your dish maintains the ideal temperature until you are ready to eat it. Moreover, this cooker is easy to clean with a cloth after use.

TOP Choice #2 Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker
Our Score:
Hamilton Beach

With this slow cooker's cutting-edge technology, you may set a recipe to cook for a predetermined amount of time or at a particular temperature, and the appliance will automatically switch to the warm setting when the dish is done. If you want to cook large chunks of meat to a specific temperature, you can insert the temperature probe into the flesh, and the control panel will show you the exact temperature of the meal as it cooks.

Because it is equipped with power interrupt protection, the slow cooker will continue to cook even if there is a short disruption in the power supply lasting no more than five seconds. The lid clamps in place securely, making it ideal for transporting the slow cooker to an event such as a party, potluck, or tailgate. Besides, the secure lid also helps to minimize messy spills along the way. With this product, you no longer worry about cleaning because it has a removable dishwasher-safe crock and glass lid. The only drawback of this slow cooker is that it is a bit noisy when turned on or off.

TOP Choice #3 Cuisinart PSC-350 Programmable Slow Cooker
Our Score:

Because it is oval-shaped and programmable, this slow cooker even allows you to prepare wholesome meals at home. This product is easy to use; you only need to put the contents in the ceramic pot with the appliance, place the pot inside the cooker, and start the countdown timer on the 24-hour LCD. Its capacity of three and a half quarts makes it ideal for dishes such as soups, casseroles, pot roasts, and curries, among other things. It is also an excellent choice for single-person meals with leftovers or meals for small families.

The slow cooker's control panel features a touchpad for easy operation, and it comes with four different cooking modes: high, low, simmer, and warm. The appliance will automatically switch to the "warm" setting once the cooking time has elapsed, ensuring the meal will remain hot and ready to be served without overcooking. Other notable features include a non-slip rubber base, stay-cool side handles, and a glass lid that allows you to see the cooking process. However, the handle may be loose after a long time, so you must tighten it to easily hold.

Because it is the ideal size for a large turkey breast or beef roast, you can be sure there will be enough food for drop-in visitors and enough leftovers for lunch the following day. A tempered glass cover suitable for the dishwasher and with a cool touch knob keeps the contents moist and tender. To keep the radiant heating element in brushed stainless steel looking as good as new, simply use a moist towel to wipe it down whenever it gets dirty. 

This product protects your hand from burn thanks to cool-touch handles and interface, making it possible to carry the slow cooker without risk. After cooking, the meal can be kept warm by a programmable digital timer with a 20-hour memory. Thanks to the programmable digital control touchpad that features an LED display, you can effortlessly regulate the correct temperature for each food. It is a pity the control knob is a bit hard to see, but it doesn't affect its overall quality.

This easy-to-use nonstick pot can be popped out for rapid searing and sautéing, then returned to the base to maintain low and slow cooking. This healthy ceramic nonstick coating is applied to the inside of the extra deep 6-quart pot, making cleanup a breeze and enhancing the pot's overall performance. Because the pot is lightweight and removable, you may use it on the stovetop or in the oven. This lets you achieve a good sear on your ingredients before the slow cooking process begins.  

This slow cooker has plenty of space to cook something for the whole family. Its control panel is simple, so you can dial in the perfect setting to make the most of the food. Because the cover is made of durable glass, monitoring how your meal cooks is simple. The only downside of this slow cooker is that its paint outside may come off after a long time, but you don't need to be concerned because it still works effectively.

6 All-Clad SD700450 Programmable Slow Cooker
Our Score:

This slow cooker can allow you to enjoy delicious food as a restaurant at home. You just need to set a programmable LCD screen digital timer for up to 20 hours, and then your food will cook slowly on its own, bringing out all those great tastes. In addition, the automatic keep-warm mode will keep your meal warm for up to six hours if you stay out longer than planned. This ensures that it is ready to serve whenever you are, regardless of when that may be.

Three different cooking modes (High, Low, and Hi/Lo) can be selected according to the requirements of your recipe. The ideal texture may be preserved because the ceramic insert keeps in heat and moisture and the tempered glass cover. Thanks to the included riveted handles, it can move from the countertop to the tabletop and uses as its serving dish. With a capacity of 6.5 quarts, it is large enough to allow you to prepare snacks for every guest at your upcoming viewing party. Even though this product is a bit heavy, it is an ideal option for every kitchen.

7 KOOC Programmable Slow Cooker
Our Score:

This KOOC slow cooker makes it a healthier cooking method by reducing the nutrients lost in the meal. In addition, both the pot and the extra liners are composed of safe materials for consumption. Therefore, you can feel assured of creating healthier food for your family. This product has ample cooking space, which helps you prepare food for your whole family quickly.

Thanks to the digital display, you can quickly gauge when your meal is ready to serve, making monitoring both the heating level and the remaining time simple. The digital countdown timer allows you to program cook times ranging from 30 minutes to 20 hours. Once the cooking time has elapsed, the setting will automatically switch to warm mode. Hence, you can enjoy delicious food immediately when it is done. Though it has no snap locks on the lid by the handles, it is still a recommended product for every family. 

More To Consider

8 Calphalon Programmable Slow Cooker
Our Score:
9 Chefman 5 Qt. Slow Cooker
Our Score:

What to Look For in a best programmable slow cooker?

Sometimes, purchasing a product can draw some difficulties for shoppers, and that's why you shouldn't waste your time on unreliable sources of information. A variety of variables impact the best programmable slow cooker, along with all of the ones listed below. The formative assessment varies depending on the types and functions of the product. 

We will give you some purchase guides to help you with your selection proc in the following sectors. Continue reading to learn about what you should look for when looking for the best programmable slow cooker: 


The built-in clock is very handy but they can usually be found only on high-end models with digital controls. You can use them if your slow cooker is going to be left unattended longer than stated in the recipe. When the set timer is up, the slow cooker can either turn off or switch to a "keep warm" setting. This allows you to still eat your food as soon as it is done.

Keep Warm

It does precisely what its name implies: it keeps your food warm even after the cooking process is complete. This setting can be selected manually for most slow cookers. However, some higher-end models offer the option of switching to the Keep Warm setting automatically.


You need to look at bells and whistles. Does your slow cooker make it possible to cook right in the pan? Is the appliance only for slow cooking? Can it also be used to saute and cook rice, air fry or pressure cook? Models that have a temperature probe allow you to see the inside temperature of your food, without needing to open the lid. A "Keep Warm" option is recommended that cookware be kept at 165°F. It will not overcook food and it's above food safety temperature.

Indicator Light

This may sound obvious but you will be able to see the indicator light on your slow cooker immediately it is turned on. The indicator lights are not always included on all slow cookers, even the most basic.


Most slow cookers come in an oval design, which is great for cooking whole poultry or roasts. It is important to remember that your cooker's shape will not matter if you are only using it for stews and soups.


You will need to know how much chili you are going to prepare. Slow cookers are best when half the volume is used. Large cookers work well if your main purpose is to cook large amounts of food and then freeze them.


What types of food can I cook in a programmable slow cooker?

You can cook a wide variety of foods in a programmable slow cooker, including stews, roasts, soups, casseroles, chili, and even desserts.

How long will a programmable slow cooker keep food warm?

Most programmable slow cookers will keep food warm for up to 8 hours after the cooking cycle has ended.

What are the benefits of using a programmable slow cooker?

Programmable slow cookers are great for busy households as they allow you to set the cooking time and temperature in advance, so you don't have to monitor your food while it's cooking. They also use less energy than conventional ovens, making them a great energy-saving option.

Can I adjust the cooking time and temperature of a programmable slow cooker?

Yes, most programmable slow cookers allow you to set the cooking time and temperature in advance, so you can adjust the settings as needed.

Generally, new information is continuously included into of best programmable slow cooker. Visit our sites for revisions and improvements regularly.

You now have a far better knowledge of how to purchase the best programmable slow cooker on the market. Hopefully, we've supplied you with enough information to help you make an informed decision. We'll see you in the following article.

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