The 10 Best Obd2 Scanner With Live Data For 2024

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Best Obd2 Scanner With Live Data
Best Obd2 Scanner With Live Data

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: ANCEL AD310 Universal OBD II Scanner

The ANCEL AD310 Universal OBD II Scanner is the perfect tool for helping you diagnose vehicle issues quickly and accurately. It features an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to quickly read and clear diagnostic fault codes and read live data. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner

The FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner is perfect for DIY mechanics and car owners. With this reader, you can quickly and easily read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and view the status of your vehicle's emissions preparedness. Read Review

3. Best Performance: MOTOPOWER MP69033 Car OBD2 Scanner

The MOTOPOWER OBD2 Scanner is a reliable and easy-to-use diagnostic tool designed to diagnose and fix vehicle issues quickly. This OBD2 scanner features six buttons for easy navigation, allowing you to scroll up/down quickly. Read Review

4. Best Precise: INNOVA 6030P OBD2 Scanner

The INNOVA OBD2 Scanner is the perfect tool for diagnosing and repairing vehicles. It has Code Severity Levels that allow you to quickly identify if your vehicle needs an immediate fix or if it can wait until you get home to fix it yourself. Read Review

5. Best Reliable: Autel MaxiDiag MD806 OBD2 Scanner

The Autel MaxiDiag MD806 OBD2 Scanner is the perfect tool for mechanics and DIYers. This advanced car diagnostic scanner helps mechanics and DIYers quickly and easily pinpoint causes of misfires, malfunctioning injectors, and more. Read Review

Are you looking for the best OBD2 scanner with live data to ensure your car runs smoothly and efficiently? If so, you've come to the right place! OBD2 scanners are a vital tool for any car owner, as they allow for the diagnosis and monitoring of a vehicle's engine performance. An OBD2 scanner with live data provides real-time information on a car's performance, so you can quickly identify and troubleshoot engine problems. With so many OBD2 scanners on the market, finding the right one for your needs can be difficult.

We have compiled this comprehensive guide to the best OBD2 scanners with live data to save you time and effort. We've researched for you and narrowed the choices to the five most reliable and cost-effective models. Each of these top-rated OBD2 scanners has something special to offer and will help you keep your car running in top condition. 

After nearly hours of research, We think the best obd2 scanner with live data is ANCEL AD310 Universal OBD II Scanner, which allows you to examine the error code and show its definition, saving you the cost of driving the vehicle to a mechanic shop. Or you can check the FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner because this scanner can read live data from the engine system, display live data from the vehicle's sensors in text and graph form, and give you the ability to zero in on any data parameters that appear to be suspicious or symptom-specific. 

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 ANCEL AD310 Universal OBD II Scanner
Our Score:

This scanner will help you quickly read and clear diagnostic fault codes, read live data and complex memory data, view freeze frames, verify the readiness of the I/M monitor, and collect information about the vehicle. It can also quickly establish why the "check engine" light came on. In addition, you can use it to examine the error code and show its definition, saving you the cost of driving the vehicle to a mechanic shop. Although you may find it a bit hard to use initially, you don't need to be concerned because you will get used to it after several times. 

This device can assist you in determining whether your vehicle is in good condition. It delivers remarkably accurate and quick results, and it can read and delete engine error codes in a matter of seconds. Moreover, this product will immediately tell you the source of the check engine light and allow you to remedy the problem without having any prior understanding of cars. It is also compatible with a wide range of automobiles, including those manufactured in 1996 in the United States, in 2000 in the European Union and Asia, and more recent OBD2 and CAN automobiles manufactured in the United States and elsewhere.

TOP Choice #2 FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner
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This OBD2 scanner helps you quickly read DTCs, view the status of your vehicle's emissions preparedness, switch off the CEL (check engine light) or MIL, reset the monitor, read live data, and obtain your vehicle's VIN. The Read/Erase and I/M readiness hotkeys simplify using the car computer reader. The only drawback of this product is that the instructions are a bit complicated; hence you should watch instructional videos on Youtube to learn how to use it.

The Foxwell car diagnostic scan tool can read live data from the engine system, display live data from the vehicle's sensors in text and graph form, and give you the ability to zero in on any data parameters that appear to be suspicious or symptom-specific. In addition, this vehicle code reader will help you save a lot of money on maintaining your car. It can also scan freeze frame data, displaying various engine conditions such as fuel trim, fuel pressure, engine coolant temperature, etc. Then it captures the PIDs to be used later to assist you in diagnosing intermittent driving performance issues, which are difficult to ascertain using any other approach.

TOP Choice #3 MOTOPOWER MP69033 Car OBD2 Scanner
Our Score:

The OBD2 code reader has a built-in OBD2 DTC lookup library, which allows you to determine why the engine light is on, read codes, erase codes, view freeze frames, and check for I/M readiness. Moreover, this product can obtain information about the vehicle, data flow, and real-time curves, get information about the vehicle's speed, calculate load value, determine the temperature of the engine coolant, and obtain the engine's speed. It supports nine protocols compatible with most cars based in the United States in 1996, in the European Union in 2000, and in Asia, as well as newer OBD II and CAN domestic or import vehicles.

The OBDII Data Link Connector is the conduit through which the code reader draws its power straight from the vehicle. The OBD2 Scanner has six buttons, including ones to scroll up and down, enter and quit, and buttons that quickly query the VIN car number and the DTC error code. It is possible to read and check engine information that is part of the OBDII system, but it is not compatible with non-OBDII systems, such as ABS, Airbags, Oil Service lights, etc.

4 INNOVA 6030P OBD2 Scanner
Our Score:

Using the Code Severity Levels function of the 6030P ABS scanner, you will be able to swiftly determine whether or not your vehicle requires an immediate repair or whether or not it can wait until you reach home to be repaired by you. You can read codes to diagnose the issue with your vehicle directly and view essential information about your vehicle in real-time (such as its RPM and oil temperature) to assist in the diagnostic process. 

Battery and alternator tests are included in the improved scan tool with the Innova 6030P, which helps you determine how well a vehicle's charging system functions. Moreover, this test significantly helps determine where to look when troubleshooting a no-start or hard-start problem, saving much time. When you turn the ignition on and off, the ABS computer self-tests its power-on functionality. If it determines that it is missing data or that a hydraulic pump or valve is not functioning, it will turn on the ABS warning light on the dashboard. Even though this product's cable is a bit short, it is still an excellent choice for every vehicle.

5 Autel MaxiDiag MD806 OBD2 Scanner
Our Score:

The Autel vehicle scan tool can read and clear fault codes, display live data streams from numerous sensors, and perform scans of the ABS, SRS (airbag), Engine Control Module (ECM), and Transmission Control Module (TCM/Trans) systems. This car diagnostic scanner can assist mechanics or do-it-yourselfers in locating the source of misfires, and faulty injectors, checking the transmission fluid's temperature, and determining whether the light, ABS warning light, and airbag warning light are on.

This OBD2 scanner can perform all ten modes of OBD2 tests, including reading clear codes, viewing live data, doing a smog check, viewing freeze frame data, testing the O2 monitor, testing the on-board monitor, testing components, testing modules, and viewing vehicle information. This device allows you to print the diagnostic report, allowing further study and investigation. In addition, this product's read and clear functionality of the ABS is made more accessible. Nevertheless, this product is a bit difficult to control at night.

6 TT TOPDON OBD2 Scanner
Our Score:

This TOPDON AD800BT OBD2 scanner is one of the essential scan tools for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. It can perform OE-level analysis on various onboard systems, including ECM, ABS, airbag, SAS, DPF, EVAP, TPMS, BMS, and EPB. You can pull and clear their codes; turn off associated warning lights; verify frozen frame data; watch the live stream in detailed text and merged graph; and do all these things for most car makes and models worldwide. 

Thanks to the Blue-tooth 4.0 VCI dongle, you can experience wireless diagnostics with no strings attached and a long working range of up to 10 meters (33 feet). This scan tool will automatically identify the car's make, model, and year and swiftly match the appropriate software with just one touch. Additionally, it will provide a comprehensive, transparent, and accurate report, which can then be used for further study. AutoVIN is not compatible with ALL vehicles. Nonetheless, it would be best if this product had a massive memory to be convenient for loading many car apps.

7 INNOVA 3040RS OBD2 Scanner
Our Score:

The Innova 3040RS OBD2 Scanner is a user-friendly and beginner-friendly tool, making it easy for you to locate the problem with your vehicle and fix the problem with vehicle. It is also a check engine and an abs code reader, enabling you to diagnose, read, and erase codes from your engine and brakes and reset the check engine light. Using this scan tool, you will be able to know the results of your smog check before the state does. It is a pity this product may not allow you to print its report to help you quickly see the current vehicle's condition.

This live data obd2 scanner displays critical information about the car in real-time, such as the RPM, speed, and oil temperature, and it also enables you to reset the oil warning light. It goes beyond simple repairs and includes fixes confirmed by an ASE master specialist. Moreover, this device can examine the repairs and components professionally advised to be used on your car and the projected amount the shop will charge, examine maintenance schedules, receive technical bulletins and recalls, and more. 

More To Consider

8 KINGBOLEN YA100 OBD2 Scanner
Our Score:
9 MUCAR CDE900 OBD2 Scanner
Our Score:
10 AUTOGEN OBD2 Scanner
Our Score:

To Choose The best obd2 scanner with live data, What Criteria Do You Need To Study Before?

Almost all buyers are anxious about getting best obd2 scanner with live data. Whenever creating multiple purchases, various issues need to be resolved. Our market expertise will give you help to make the best shopping selection.

Please consider the following factors before selecting best obd2 scanner with live data:

Code Reading

To get the check engine light code on an OBD2 scanner, the primary purpose is to provide you with the numbers. You can find the engine light code on a simple scanner, but some of them may also provide you with additional information about what the code means. If you have a small screen and can’t read the definitions clearly on your scanner, you might want to get a model with a larger screen.

Types Of OBD2 Scanners

A OBD-II scanner plugged into the OBD port is a quick and simple engine monitoring setup. However, it doesn't enable you to move around the vehicle while working on the engine bay. Battery-powered machines are also non-operational. The advantage of wired scanners is that they offer a link to a computer to translate codes. Because vehicles can be driven without wire, this option is more popular. Wireless scanner linkages are more difficult to establish at first, but the mobility advantage makes it hard to resist when working on an engine.


All of the car manufacturers have their own unique codes. Because the OBD2 system is standardized, the codes are not. To select the best scan tool, you must know whether your vehicle is included. These devices will have most of the major domestic businesses, including Toyota, Ford, and Honda. If you have a foreign or special vehicle, you must look for a scanner that is compatible with it.


An OBD-II scanner's most important capability is not the actual scanning process but rather the data transmission abilities. Because the scanner itself doesn't monitor the vehicle, this phrase is somewhat misleading. Instead, the scanner communicates with the onboard computer through various sensors to assess problems. This, however, doesn't mean that the data the scanner receives is the same from vehicle to vehicle. Some scanners can read only basic trouble codes, whereas others can gather a wider array of information.


The majority of OBD-II scanners can be connected directly to an OBD-II port on the car with a cable. These scanners do not require batteries to function. They draw power directly from your battery. Wireless scanners with separate display units/app and a plug allow for easy mobility.

Information Processing

Commonly, an OBD-II scanner provides plain English with a nice resolution, rather than the underlying trouble codes. Even high-grade scanners that provide almost exactly the same data as those at the low end are rare. Whenever you look up the code or use a scanner that translates it, you will comprehend the code. Higher-end scanners that offer repair solutions are the best investment.

Live Data Scanning

With the advancement of onboard computers, modern vehicles can now monitor a large number of their subsystems simultaneously. You can check on the performance of your vehicle using live scanning. The technology has significantly advanced since 1996, so you can monitor your vehicle's operations in real time. You can, for instance, find out why your vehicle is losing gas mileage.


What is an OBD2 Scanner with Live Data?

An OBD2 Scanner with Live Data is a diagnostic tool used to monitor the performance of a vehicle's engine and other systems. It provides real-time information about the vehicle's engine, such as fuel efficiency, temperatures, and emissions levels. The scanner reads and displays data from the vehicle's Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) system, allowing mechanics to diagnose and fix problems quickly and efficiently.

What are the Benefits of an OBD2 Scanner with Live Data?

An OBD2 Scanner with Live Data provides mechanics with up-to-date information about a vehicle's performance. This information can be used to diagnose and repair problems quickly and accurately, reducing downtime and minimizing repair costs. Additionally, the scanner can be used to detect potential problems before they become serious, helping to prevent more expensive repairs in the future.

How Does an OBD2 Scanner with Live Data Work?

An OBD2 Scanner with Live Data is connected to the vehicle's OBD system via a cable or wireless connection. The scanner reads and displays the data from the vehicle's OBD system in real-time, allowing mechanics to monitor and diagnose vehicle performance quickly and accurately.

Is an OBD2 Scanner with Live Data Easy to Use?

Yes, an OBD2 Scanner with Live Data is easy to use. The scanner is typically operated with a simple user interface and can be used with minimal training. Additionally, most scanners come with detailed instructions, making them easy to setup and use.

Since merchandising consultant pros have a wide variety of expertise, the information above is presumed to be accurate. The data of best obd2 scanner with live data is also updated on a regular basis. You may feel confident that the data is current and accurate.

Please report any problems with best obd2 scanner with live data so that we can improve your experience. We'll work even harder to improve our quality as a consequence of your favorable comments!

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