The 10 Best Natural Gas Generators, Tested And Researched

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Best Natural Gas Generators
Best Natural Gas Generators

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Westinghouse Outdoor Power Generator

The Westinghouse Outdoor Power Generator provides reliable power during any outdoor activity. This generator has a powerful 4-stroke OHV engine with a long-lasting cast iron sleeve and is designed to keep running for hours. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: A-iPower Portable Inverter Generator

The A-iPower Portable Inverter Generator is the perfect solution for portable power needs. It is powered by a powerful 322cc OHV 4-cycle engine that is fuel-efficient, reliable, and powerful for long-lasting use. Read Review

3. Best Durable: DuroMax XP13000HXT Portable Generator

The DuroMax XP13000HXT Portable Generator is the perfect solution for providing reliable power. It is equipped with a powerful 457cc DuroMax OHV engine that delivers up to 13000 watts of starting power and 10500 watts of running power. Read Review

4. Best Design: Generac GP8000E Gas-Powered Generator

The Generac GP8000E Gas-Powered Generator is an ideal solution for your power needs. This generator offers a reliable 10,000 starting and 8,000 running wattage, providing ample power for essential appliances, tools, or recreational activities. Read Review

5. Best Convenient: Champion Power Equipment Natural Gas Generator

The Champion Power Equipment Natural Gas Generator is the perfect solution for providing reliable power for your home, job site, or outdoor adventure. This generator features a 459cc Champion engine, which a handy rocker switch can power. Read Review

At a time when the world is increasingly turning towards renewable energy sources, natural gas generators are still considered the best option for providing reliable power. Natural gas generators offer a reliable, affordable, and environmentally friendly way to generate electricity. They are also easy to maintain and don't require any complicated installation.

Natural gas generators are an excellent choice for those who need reliable power but don't want to deal with the hassle of installing and maintaining alternative energy sources. Natural gas generators are an excellent choice for those who need power in remote areas, as they don't require any connection to the grid and are easy to transport. They are also great for emergency power during power outages, as they provide reliable power and require minimal maintenance. When choosing a natural gas generator, it's essential to consider various factors, such as the size, power output, fuel type, and fuel efficiency.

It's also important to consider the environmental impact of the generator, as some models are more efficient and produce fewer emissions than others. This article will discuss the best natural gas generators on the market, considering these factors and more. We'll also discuss what to look for when choosing a generator and provide tips for maintaining your generator. Finally, we'll discuss the environmental impact of natural gas generators and how to reduce it.

Our team spent about 18 hours researching, sifting, and selecting many high-quality models. As an outcome, We think the best natural gas generators is Westinghouse Outdoor Power Generator. It has an air-cooled overhead valve design that offers cooler, more fuel-efficient running. In addition to the other suggestions on this list, which equally deserve your consideration, we have compiled a helpful buyer's guide to assist you in making your decision.  

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Westinghouse Outdoor Power Generator
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Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment

This generator's easy-starting four-stroke 457cc engine delivers durability and reliability when operating. It has an air-cooled overhead valve design that offers cooler, more fuel-efficient running. Additionally, when low oil is detected, the engine is automatically turned down to prevent damage. With a remote start key fob, you can turn on and turn off your generator from a distance of up to 260 feet away. 

When the power is cut off, an L14-30R 120/240V 30A outlet gives you the ability to quickly and easily connect the generator to the electrical circuits in your home that are the most important to you by utilizing an extension cord to connect to a transfer switch that was already built. Even while the generator operates, switching between different fuel sources is simple, thanks to an intuitive dial on the control panel. Although this generator is a bit noisy, it works effectively.

TOP Choice #2 A-iPower Portable Inverter Generator
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This portable inverter generator features an effective fuel consumption engine, dependable, and powerful, and offers a long life while delivering excellent heat dissipation. It uses inverter technology to supply a clean and consistent power source for sensitive electronics, including computers, TVs, phone chargers, and power tools. The only downside of this generator is that initially, it is a bit hard to start, but you will get used to it after several times.

This portable inverter generator can run on either gasoline or propane, and it has a total operating time of up to 21.2 hours while only running at a quarter of its capacity. In addition, because it has a CO sensor with auto-shutoff technology, you can use it without worrying about its safety for an extended period. This product has a powerful 322cc overhead valve (OHV) four-cycle engine that generates significant electricity.

TOP Choice #3 DuroMax XP13000HXT Portable Generator
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You have the freedom and flexibility to choose the fuel when operating this generator since it may run on gasoline, propane, and natural gas in addition to natural gas. This product has a power output of 13,000 watts, making it easy to continue using your home's lights, appliances, and air conditioning system when the power is out. It comes pre-wired with a 50-amp socket that may be directly connected to your house through a transfer switch.

This sturdy DuroMax engine of this generator is specifically built to provide you with the maximum power possible. With the CO Alert technology, which shuts off the generator immediately if a dangerous level of carbon monoxide is detected, this unit provides the most secure generators available today. This generator features a range of outlets to cater to your specific requirements. It is a pity that this product is a bit heavy, but it doesn't affect its overall quality.

This generator can provide electricity in need and for recreational purposes because it has many useful features. Power Rush's cutting-edge technology offers over thirty percent greater starting capacity than its predecessor, and its electric start makes it a breeze to operate. Because the plug-in battery jack maintains a charged battery and ensures that it is ready for any power outages that may occur unexpectedly, you will never be caught unprepared. 

The long-lasting OHV engine and the high-capacity steel fuel tank with the fuel gauge increase durability and help it operate up to 11 hours of runtime at 50% load. It is easy to carry everywhere because of its heavy-duty wheels and fold-down handle that will never go flat. In addition, the strengthened 1.25-inch Steel-tube cradle boosts the generator's strength and durability. At the same time, the low-oil feature will immediately shut down the generator to prevent any harm when operating. This product has no idle-down feature, but it is an excellent choice for every family.

5 Champion Power Equipment Natural Gas Generator
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Champion Power Equipment

The Champion Power Equipment Generator with CO Shield provides a steady power supply while giving you the required maneuverability. It is equipped with Tri-Fuel technology, enabling it to work on natural gas, gasoline, or propane as its fuel source. The electric start comes with a battery, and Cold Start Technology assures it will start even in the coldest conditions. 

When the generator is operating, the CO Shield technology monitors the harmful gas carbon monoxide (CO) the engine exhaust creates. If CO Shield detects unsafely elevated quantities of CO gas, it will immediately turn off the engine. In addition, this product has convenient wheels, which help you easily transport it everywhere. Nonetheless, this product's negative battery cable may wear out after a long time, but you don't need to worry because you only need to replace it, and everything will be okay.

6 MaXpeedingrods 3500 Watt Inverter Generator
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This generator has a peak power output of 3500 watts and a running power output of 3000 watts, making it capable of powering a small house, RV, food truck, and even more effortlessly. Because of its small size and low weight (47 pounds), it is ideal for traveling and living in the great outdoors. As a result of its having 1 x 120V 30 amp RV outlet, 2 x 120V 20 amp outlets, and 2 x 5V DC USB outlets, it is suitable for use with any form of standard electrical appliance.

This generator uses the Eco mode to increase the time it runs for up to 8.3 hours at 25% (750w load) or 4.5 hours at a load of 50% (1500w load). Its inverter technology generates clean, pure sine wave power, which offers a safe and high-quality current for sensitive equipment without causing any damage to electronic components. In addition, because this unit is slightly louder than a typical conversation or a running dishwasher, it is suitable for use in any environment without being disruptive to those around you. Nevertheless, it would be best if this unit had an oil filler tube to help you easily refill it when needed.

The portable inverter generator offered by Ulsar is an excellent option for those looking for clean electricity and maximum portability. Its one-cylinder, four-stroke, overhead valve (OHV) engine develops 2,300 peak horsepower and 1,800 operating horsepower while producing just 59 decibels of sound, making it almost silent from 10 feet away. 

This generator is an excellent choice for every family when the power is out. It produces clean and pure electricity, making it compatible with various sensitive electronic appliances. In addition, the convenient ' suitcase' design is durable and small, weighing only 47 lbs. Thanks to its portability, this allows you to take the generator anywhere easily. It is a bit that this unit's instructions are not very good, but you don't need to be concerned too much because you can watch detailed instructional videos on YouTube to learn how to use it. 

More To Consider

What Tips Are Recommended To Recognize Which Of best natural gas generators Will Satisfy You Most?

Some people are apprehensive about purchasing best natural gas generators. Numerous factors must be addressed while making a significant purchase. Our market expertise will help you make the best decision as soon as possible.

The thing has been added to the list of products that have been subjected to technical testing and evaluation. Please keep the following points in mind:



Installing home generators requires space. So make sure that you consider the dimensions of all models. You can find generators in a variety of sizes, from smaller units measuring less than 3ft to more large units measuring 5ft or more. A general rule of thumb is that the generator with the highest power rating will be larger.
Be aware that the clearance between your home and generator may be determined by local codes or model specifications. A small generator may require only 18 inches of clearance.

Automatic Start

Whole home generators can automatically start when power goes out. This allows the generator to automatically start supplying power when there is no electricity from the utility. This feature is usually only available on standby generators, and not portables. These systems can provide peace of mind and may be more expensive than the security that your generator will automatically turn on without interrupting vital systems like heating and cooling.


You need to decide which generator type is best for you: a portable or standby generator. This will help you decide if you just want the lights to stay on or if you need to power other electrical components such as the refrigerator, window, central air conditioner, and the fridge.


A generator's wattage is the measure of its ability to provide power for whatever it plugs into. This information is crucial to understand about any generator that you are considering.
However, this number does not represent the entire picture. Wattage is made up of three parts: power needed to turn on an appliance and power required to maintain it running. It also includes power necessary to sustain a power surge, which is when regular juice returns to normal and all appliances start to work again. Many appliances use more power for startup than their run energy consumption. You could overload your generator when you turn on appliances and other devices. If the generator can't provide enough power, it could overload. You need to know how many watts your generator can generate, depending on whether it is powering just one item or the whole house.
An increase in generator costs is generally associated with a higher wattage. Most people agree that it's better to have enough power than not to be able to run your fridge or keep cool by a fan.


A warranty is usually included with the purchase of a generator. The warranty covers both labor and parts for most residential inverter and portable generators. For standby generators which can be larger investments, you will usually get a 3- to 52024 warranty period.
Certain warranties may also include travel expenses for technicians to visit the generator and fix it. However, this depends on which manufacturer you are using.

Fuel Source

Generators are generally powered by either gasoline, natural gas or propane.
The majority of portable generators run on gasoline and can generally keep fridges and lights running for several hours. These generators can't be relied upon for long-term power backups, such as when there is no electricity for several days.
Propane and natural gas are used more often for large home-standby generators. These fuels can be used for larger home standby generators as they are cleaner-burning and offer on-demand power.
Solar or battery-powered power sources are an alternative to traditional fuel-powered generators. These machines have different capabilities, and their run time can vary widely. However, they might be the best match for you if your power requirements are less than minimal. They are typically used for camping only, not home.



What is a natural gas generator?

A natural gas generator is a type of generator that is powered by natural gas. Natural gas generators use the energy stored in natural gas to generate electricity, which can then be used for various purposes. Natural gas generators are commonly used to provide backup power in the event of a power outage, or to provide power to remote areas that are not connected to the electrical grid.

What are the advantages of a natural gas generator?

Natural gas generators are generally more reliable and cost-effective than other types of generators. They are also more efficient, as natural gas is a clean-burning fuel that produces fewer emissions than other fuels. Additionally, natural gas is widely available and can be stored for long periods of time.

What types of natural gas generators are available?

Natural gas generators come in a variety of sizes and configurations, ranging from small portable units to large stationary units. The type of generator you choose will depend on your power needs and budget.

How do I maintain a natural gas generator?

It is important to regularly maintain your natural gas generator in order to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. This includes regularly checking the fuel level, oil level, and other components, as well as performing routine maintenance such as changing the oil, spark plugs, and filters. Additionally, it is important to periodically inspect the generator for leaks and other signs of damage.




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