The Best Metal Detectors For 2024

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Best Metal Detectors
Best Metal Detectors

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

This metal detector can help you find what's buried beneath the earth's surface earth. It features a 4-inch search coil for finding coins and other small items and a 6-inch search coil for detecting larger items. Read Review

2. Best For Price: DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector

This metal detector for adults is an exciting new addition for experts and enthusiasts alike in the metal-detecting community. Find precisely what you're looking for in a significantly shorter time. Read Review

3. Best Adjustable: PANCKY Metal Detectors

The PANCKY IP68 waterproof metal detector enables you to work successfully in shallow water and is designed to be submersible. It is ideal for the beach, the stream, and even a rainy day. Read Review

4. Best Convenient: OMMO Metal Detector

The new OMMO metal detector comes with a pointer screen that displays information; this makes it more convenient because you can see the detecting mode, the sensitivity level, and the battery's state. Read Review

5. Best Lightweight: PalliPartners Metal Detector

This particular metal detector has a search coil that is 10 inches in diameter. The larger the search coil is, the higher the sensitivity, which enables you to detect with incredible speed and accuracy while saving you time. Read Review

Metal detecting is a great hobby for anyone interested in history, archaeology, gardening, or treasure hunting. As with anything else, there are different levels of difficulty when learning how to metal detect. Some people have a more challenging time getting started than others.

You can do many things if you’re ready to get serious about learning the craft. Whether you’re only trying it out because someone offered you a detector as a gift or you want to know what all the buzz is about, there are plenty of affordable options. Finding gold nuggets and other tiny treasures with your metal detector doesn’t require a vast budget. 

Our staff had to concentrate on studying over 21 hours to acquire such outcomes for readers. Such research depends on both customer star ratings and interviews with customers about their experience of the product. As a result, We think the best metal detectors of 2024 is Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector. It is the ultimate metal detector that finds targets as small as a coin up to a depth of 6 inches and larger objects up to a depth of 2 feet. For your convenience, We've included an in-depth buyer's guide and other excellent alternatives to choose the final option.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector
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Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Metal Detector is the ultimate metal detector that finds targets as small as a coin up to a depth of 6 inches and larger objects up to a depth of 2 feet. The TK4 offers 8,000 search modes, including frequency sweep and discrimination modes. You can also find metals, including gold, silver, brass, aluminum, iron, and steel. This product operates in both battery-operated mode and AC power supply.

The entirely submersible 8-inch search coil can be utilized for metal-detecting tasks even in shallow water. It is the metal detector that many treasure hunters go with because of its well-known discrimination circuitry, user-friendly technology, and proven ability to find valuable items. A simple flick of the mode toggle allows for a seamless transition between the Discrimination, All-Metal, and Tone modes. The only drawback is that it does not come with a strap that the user can fasten over their arm while holding the detector to use, making it rather difficult to use.

TOP Choice #2 DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector
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This 9.8-inch Wide Search Coil has so much power that it can locate a quarter coin buried up to 10 inches deep. This metal detector is impervious to water and can identify larger objects at greater depths. The coil has a water resistance rating of IP68 and performs effectively even in shallow water. The only downside is that the battery compartment is quite difficult to open; even a pad meant explicitly for opening bottles could not gain a firm grasp on it.

The length may be adjusted from 42.7 inches to 53.5 inches, making it suited for adults of varying heights and children. You can detect the target more quickly because of the 5-level sensitivity adjustment that gives you more control over how the device responds to various interference situations. You will locate more intriguing precious metals and antique items while spending significantly less time metal detecting.

TOP Choice #3 PANCKY Metal Detectors
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The PANCKY Metal Detehasd with a height-adjustable stem ranging from 39.37 inches to 47.24 inches, making it suitable for gold detector enthusiasts of varying heights. Your time spent hunting will be more pledge out of its ergonomic design, which features an armrest that can be adjusted, and a hat is designed to prevent slipping. In addition, we will offer a backpack, making it easy to transport and stow away the metal detector.

The large LCD monitor color allows you to view the detection dynamics anytime. It is handy for you to receive the type of metal target, depth, recognition, sensitivity level, and operating mode, all of which allow you to detect more effectively while saving you more time. The upgraded DSP chip metal detector enhances both the search range and the sensitivity, making it a significant asset to the overall efficiency of the detecting process. Nevertheless, the control box is not waterproof, so you need to exercise caution when working with it.

4 OMMO Metal Detector
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There is no need to be concerned about the length of the stem because both gold and silver metal detectors have adjustable branches ranging from 30 inches to 43 inches in length, making them appropriate for people of varying heights. This metal detector is fantastic for older and younger children because of the straightforward pointer display design. The armrest design allows you to expend less effort while also making the experience more comfortable and reducing the stress you feel.

The wider the search coil, the better the level of sensitivity; the metal detector kit can detect coin-size targets up to 8 inches deep and larger targets up to 4 feet. The waterproof search coil enables you to operate the detector underwater, making it ideal for usage in outdoor environments like the beach, the stream, and the yard. When you use the OMMO metal detector in the dark, you will discover that it will provide you with a lot of added convenience, which you will find quite appealing. However, keep in mind that the illumination will hasten the process of the battery running out of juice.

5 PalliPartners Metal Detector
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This adjustable stem metal detector measures between 41.3 and 47.6 inches, making it appropriate for children and adults. The design of the arm rest saves you more effort, and it also makes you more comfortable and less stressed out. When conducting detection work in the field, you should remember that the composition of the soil in your area, as well as the design, size, shape, and oxidation of subsurface metals, can affect the detection results.

The fact that you can view the detecting mode, sensitivity level, battery state, and volume level is beneficial in terms of accuracy and convenience, even in the middle of the night or in a gloomy region. The LCD screen intuitively provides information and can identify metals up to a depth of 8.7 inches. A waterproof search coil allows you to operate your detector underwater, making it ideal for usage in outdoor environments such as beaches, streams, and backyards. Let's get your treasure hunting off to a good start with this beautiful PalliPartners metal detector.

6 Sailnovo Metal Detectors
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You can quickly obtain the metal target type, recognition degree, sensitivity level, and battery indication thanks to the large LCD that the professional metal detector has. This display also makes it possible for you to understand the dynamics of the detection process at any time. Because it has a backlight capability, it may be utilized both during the day and at night when it is dark. The one minor drawback is that following the instructions may take some time at first, but after a few practices runs, you will become accustomed to them.

The metal detector utilizes an ergonomic layout, which will keep you comfortable and reduce your stress level. The extendable rod has a range of lengths from 40.55 inches to 47.24 inches, making it appropriate for metal detector fans of any age. It would be a wonderful present for children and adults to open on Thanksgiving and Christmas morning. To encourage a spirit of adventure and a sense of wonder in children, it works wonderfully as a component of outdoor treasure-hunting activities.

You need only move this metal detector perpendicular to the ground as you go side to side. You can start digging with your buddies to find treasures as soon as any metal is detected, and the LCD will flash a corresponding metal type in response. The Sailnovo metal detector is perfect for you if you have any level of experience with the hobby of metal detecting, from novice to expert. 

7 Huntermax Metal Detector
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This metal detector has an IP68 waterproof metal detector that allows you to work effectively underwater, making it ideal for use in environments such as the beach, the river, the rain, and other similar settings. This enables you to locate riches that are hidden from the view of the majority of people.

Compared to other metal detectors, this one is outfitted with an upgraded DSP chip manufactured in the United States and features more robust anti-interference capabilities, greater accuracy, higher sensitivity, and a more comprehensive search range. As a result, its detection efficiency is significantly improved. This metal detector can locate an American Quarter buried up to 10 inches deep. The deeper the detecting depth, the higher the sensitivity, which enables you to detect with more speed and accuracy, saving you both time and effort.

Displaying content alone on a backlit screen lets you immediately understand the detection dynamics. It is convenient for you to acquire the type of metal target, the depth, the sensitivity level, the operating mode, and the battery indication, which enables you to detect more effectively and saves you time. Unfortunately, if you use the shovel included in this package too hard, it can be bent, but you can buy other extra tools to make greater use of them.

More To Consider

9 Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector
Our Score:

What To Know About The best metal detectors Before Purchasing It

There are numerous factors to consider buying a product. In the section below, we will give you some key points to pay attention to prior to buying a best metal detectors. Of course, It’s indispensable for buyers to do some research before making a purchase so that they won’t end up with something that can’t meet their expectations.

In this post, with our useful and available tips for shopping, we will make it easier for you to select and make the best decisions when tending to own the best metal detectors. Here is your area! Give it your attention and make it your assistant.

Ground Balance

A metal detector can be set off by trace amounts of earth metals. This is a problem that many people have to deal with. To avoid false readings, metal detectors equipped with ground balance features ignore natural metals. Metal detectors can perform ground balance in many ways. The automatic ground balance features don't need user intervention. Manual ground balancing requires user input. Entry-level metal detectors typically offer automatic ground balance for maximum ease of use.

Operating Frequency

The frequency of the metal detector's signal to the receiver is a key factor. It is easier to locate objects deep beneath the earth if the frequency is lower. For smaller objects closer to the surface, high frequency metal detectors can be used. The majority of beginner metal detectors can be used for any purpose and have a low-to-medium frequency. Higher frequencies can be used to search for gold.


Many metal detectors spend hours in the field or on the beaches. A lightweight model is a good choice as it allows you to move around the equipment more easily. A lightweight model is especially appreciated by children and people with shoulder or back problems. Metal detectors with higher end features tend to be heavier than those that are lower-end. Entry-level models, however, can be carried easily and weigh less. A metal detector less than five pounds will provide the best searching experience. You might also consider models that allow for height adjustment. This makes it easier to use by both tall and short users.

Discrimination Features And Search Modes

Target identification is a key component of metal detectors that are more sophisticated. Advanced metal detectors not only notify the user when a metallic object is found, but they also identify what kind of object it was. Some models let you set search settings to find coins, relics and jewelry. You may be able to see or hear the device indicate what type of object was found. An auditory system is used by some people. It makes louder and more high-pitched sounds when valuable objects are found, while making a lower-pitched, quieter sound for low-value objects. Advanced models display an image that indicates the type of object detected. You can also choose from different search modes depending on the terrain. This allows you to determine whether you're in a field or a park.


Metal detectors can be outdoors so it is important to have weatherproofing. Many models can be used at the beach or in rainy conditions without worrying about damage. However, some models can even be submerged. Some models can even be used to explore the depths of the ocean while scuba diving. The majority of waterproof models are simple waterproof coils that allow users to look in shallow waters. To avoid any damage to the metal detector, make sure you verify all manufacturer specifications.

Depth Detection

You might be surprised at the exciting discoveries made by detectors that dig deeper than normal. However, detectors that can detect deeper depths often have higher prices. Remember that depth detection is affected by variables such as soil composition and the size of an object buried.


Are Cheap Metal Detectors Any Good?

Metal detector prices vary greatly. While higher-end models offer greater performance, lower-end models are great for those who are just starting out in the hobby.

Which Metal Detector Can I Use In The Water?

Before you place any metal detector in water, it is important that the manufacturer has checked its waterproof rating. While some metal detectors can be completely submerged in water, others are not waterproof.

How Do I Look For Gold With A Metal Detector?

Finding gold can sometimes be difficult. It's worth looking for gold where it isn't known has been before, especially if you are just beginning. You can pick your location and then search in a systematic manner. If you locate a grain or gold in an area you are interested in, you can expand your search by traveling in a grid to cover that entire area. If there is more gold in an area, it will be naturally found.

How Does Metal Detecting Differ When Searching On A Beach Compared To Searching In Dirt?

One thing is that the environment at the beach can make electronics very sensitive. You need to choose a detector that's designed specifically for this type of environment. You will need a strainer or scoop to dig in the sand. Be aware of the tides, as there is different terrain to explore at low tide. Check the regulations regarding metal detection if you are going to be at a public beach. You might not be allowed to dig up any metal you find.

Can Anyone Use A Metal Detector?

The majority of entry-level metal detectors can be used quickly and easily. To learn the best from the detector, it is a good idea to reach out to local clubs and organizations to help you get started.

How Deep Do Metal Detectors Go?

Metal detector depths can be very different. Metal detectors that are less expensive can only detect metal that is a few inches below the soil. The most powerful detectors are capable of finding metal and gold as deep as 2 feet below the ground. It is easier to locate larger nuggets at greater depth.


Hopefully, our sharing above will take you much closer with your best metal detectors. The model we suggested for you is equipped with all things you may need. Nevertheless, suppose you have a fancy for another one, we highly recommend Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector. To conclude, we wish you a pleasant shopping time. And if there is any problem related to this article that you wonder about, please contact us soon for timely answers. It's our pleasure to serve you!

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