Top Best Lantern For Power Outages: Highly Recommended Of 2023

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LE LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM
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Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: LE LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM

Light up your camping adventure with the LE LED Camping Lantern. With this battery-powered lantern you're never in the dark again. Choose from four light modes: Daylight white, warm white, full brightness, and flash shinning. This light is IPX4 water-resistant, so you can enjoy your outdoor activities even during a rainy day. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: AYL LED Camping Lantern Rechargeable

The LED camping lantern is designed to be a versatile and reliable light source that can illuminate your surroundings and provide the right amount of light for the type of activity you are doing. This emergency lamp is manufactured with durable ABS plastic, so that it can withstand drops and other rough handling. Further, this light has four modes- daylight, warm light, both, and flash mode. Read Review

3. Best Durable: Blazin' Sun Rechargeable LED Lantern 1500 Lumen

Blazin' Sun Rechargeable LED Lantern is a powerful, versatile lantern that can be used in a variety of settings. With an output of 1500 lumens and 4 adjustable settings, this LED light is perfect for power outages. The lantern is durable and lightweight with a carry handle and hook for easy carrying. Read Review

4. Best Performance: LE LED Camping Lantern Rechargeable

If you’re looking for something that is convenient, durable and water resistant, this camping lantern is perfect for you. With its 360 degree beam angle and 1000 lumens, this camping light can be a pretty bright spot in any dark area. It is IP44 grade, making it suitable for outdoor activities. Read Review

In the event of a power outage, having access to light is essential. Luckily, there are several ways to do so in your home. From battery-operated flashlights to solar-powered lanterns, you can find something that fits your needs and your budget.

If you live in an area prone to power outages or are worried about staying secure at night, a battery-operated flashlight might benefit you. A lantern is a great option if you’re worried about running out of light during an extended outage. They don’t require any electricity and are easy to use when an emergency arises. This article will explore some of the best lanterns for power outages and how they can help you with lighting emergencies.

To get the results you will read next thanks to the hard work of our team during hours of product research and analysis. As a direct consequence of this, we were able to identify LE LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM as the top model for this year. The performance of this product is of an excellent standard, and it offers a complete set of features that can satisfy your requirements.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 LE LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM
Our Score:
Lighting EVER
  • Hanging Hook & Removable Cover: With a hook the bottom and a metal handles on the top, it can be hung back and forth for all sorts of purposes.
  • Long Battery Life: Powered by 3pcs D alkaline batteries, it can last 12 hours even under 1000 lumen brightness setting. Not rechargeable.
TOP Choice #2 AYL LED Camping Lantern Rechargeable
Our Score:
  • FOUR MODES- This emergency light comes with 4 light modes- daylight, warm light, both, and flash mode. Additionally, these modes are also dimmable and this brightness can be adjusted by pressing down on the ON/OFF switch.
  • SLIP-PROOF HANDLE- This rechargeable LED lantern features a slip-proof handle for easy hanging and a hand-free light source. This LED flashlight can also help light up your patio or backyard during winters!
TOP Choice #3 Blazin' Sun Rechargeable LED Lantern 1500 Lumen
Our Score:
  • Durable & rugged! Water resistant professional grade materials. Non slip rubber base. Go out with the confidence that your camping lamp can get knocked around and still function flawlessly.
  • Brightest LED Rechargeable Lantern! Unmatched 1500 lumen. Four settings for maximum versatility 1500/900/500/70. Perfect lanterns for power outages and blackouts from storms. Lights up the entire room so everyone can read, play games or enjoy family time.
4 LE LED Camping Lantern Rechargeable
Our Score:
Lighting EVER
  • Long Play Time: This rechargeable lantern flashlight is rated to last up to 12 hours, perfect for power outage, earthquake, survival kit and other outdoor and indoor purposes.
  • Convenient and Portable: There is one hook on the top and one hook at the base of this camping lantern that can hang the tent light upside down to get better light when lighting up a big area.
  • Four Power Settings! 800, 600, 400 or 200 lumen. Power down for those summer evenings sitting outside chatting with friends.
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Our competitors offer limited guarantees. If you are dissatisfied with our product you get your money back. NO RISK. Order Now.
  • Brightness For Storms and Blackouts! 800 lumen. Patented COB bulbs provide 360 degrees of soft white light, eliminating the dark patches created by old model bulbs. Perfect for blackouts, it lights up the entire room so everyone can read, play games or just enjoy family time.
  • Convenient & Portable - This hanging camping light is lightweight and portable. It’s very convenient for users to carry when they go camping or participate other outdoor activities. There is a hook above the lantern so that it is easy hanging from a tree limb or tent.
  • Durability Design - The outside of the portable led camping light is made of strong plastic and rubber. Therefore, it is water and impact-resistant. And the design of rubber base can handle slippery, uneven surfaces.
  • Brightness For Storms and Blackouts! 1500 lumen. Patented COB bulbs provide 360 degrees of soft white light, eliminating the dark patches created by old model bulbs. Perfect for blackouts, it lights up the entire room so everyone can read, play games or just enjoy family time.
  • Unbelievable Runtime! Operates up to 200 hours (4 D not incl). Be confident that when you need a storm light the Blazin' Sun will always shine.
  • Four Power Settings! 1500, 900, 500 or 200 lumen. Power down for those summer evenings sitting outside chatting with friends.
8 Tough Light USB Rechargeable LED Lantern
Our Score:
Tough Light
  • Four Power Settings! 1500, 750, 380 or 150 lumen. Power down for those summer evenings sitting outside chatting with friends.
  • Power bank Feature! When the power goes out, you'll still have a place to charge your phone in the case of an emergency. Brightness For Storms and Blackouts! 1500 lumen. Patented COB bulbs provide 360 degrees of soft white light. Perfect for blackouts, it lights up the entire room so everyone can read, play games or just enjoy family time.
  • Unbelievable Runtime! The 12000 mAh batteries operate up to 85 hours on a single charge (at 150 lm setting). Be confident that when you need a storm light the Blazin' Sun will always shine.
  • ☀【Rechargeable & Power Bank】Yonktoo lanterns have excellent features. The Yonktoo lantern comes with a 10400mAh large-capacity lithium battery, which can fully charge an iPhone 13 3~4 times. The lantern is power-efficient, it can provide 10~300 hours of continuous lighting (brightest mode and power-saving mode), and when the light is turned to the brightest, it can provide enough brightness for large tents over 100 square feet (13ft x 8ft ).
  • ☀【Ultra Bright & 5 Lighting dimmable Modes】warm white (5000k)/cool white (3000k)/natural white (4000k)/red/red light SOS. The lantern has a memory function, which keeps the last brightness and color temperature when turned on. The lantern has reached the IPX5 waterproof standard, and you can use it on most thunderstorm days. The lantern has red light mode and SOS flash alarm mode, which can be used for search and rescue and alerting others. The lantern has hooks for easy portability and hanging.

What to Look For in a best lantern for power outages?

The best lantern for power outages is assessed based on many factors. best lantern for power outages research varies depending on the type, feature, and quality of this product. It is not too complex to cover, yet we will give you some buying guide and solutions to these problems.

Please take a closer look at best lantern for power outages characteristics below would be beneficial for you. Let’s look through and keep in mind:

Battery Life

You should consider the battery life of an electric lantern if you plan to use it for longer periods. Most lanterns can last between five and ten hours at high settings, while the lowest setting will provide a longer time.
If your lantern is made of disposable batteries, it pays to bring extra batteries with you. To charge your lanterns, you can bring along either a solar charger or a portable rechargeable battery.

Ease Of Use

Electric lanterns are the easiest to use for the majority of the time. The electric lanterns can be turned on and off with a push of a button. They also have an easy brightness adjustment. The application of the fuel canister to light the wick and the lighting is a little more labor-intensive for gas lanterns.


The lanterns should be bright enough that it lights up the area but not too striking to temporarily blind you. The average lantern's lumen output is between 200-500 lumens. It is enough light to illuminate most campsites.
You can get a pleasant glow with 60-100 lumens. For use in a tent, electric lamps below 60 lumens are ideal.


You need to know how to operate your lantern from the buttons and easily accessible handles. One control that has too many settings can be confusing. A lack of settings could result in a brighter or dimmer environment. You will find it beneficial to pick something that is easy to use and can be turned on or off quickly.

Water-Resistance Vs. Water-Proof

When camping outdoors, there are always risks of rain and splashes. Waterproof and water-resistant are two different terms. A waterproof lantern is a good choice if you live where there are unpredictable weather conditions. It will last longer, and you won't have to worry about it getting wet.

Weight And Packed Size

Think about how you'll be using the lantern. Car camping is not about weight or size. You will need something lightweight if you intend to take your lantern with you into the woods. For backpacking trips, you might want a smaller or collapsible lantern.
Lightweight backpacking lanterns can be found in many sizes. These are just a few of the many options.

Electric Vs. Gas-Powered Lanterns

It all comes down to your preference for features when choosing between an electric or gas-powered lantern. An electric lantern is quiet and lightweight. It can also be used inside a tent. Alkaline batteries can lose half of their power when it is below freezing. Rechargeable batteries might not be able to last for long trips, so make sure you have a spare.
The gas-powered lanterns are bright and long-lasting. They also work in temperatures below freezing. However, the runtime of alkaline batteries is shorter. They are very hot and should be ventilated as they burn with a flame. These flames are more delicate than an electric one.

Extra Features

Some lanterns have additional functions, like the ability to double as a flashlight and charge up your electronic devices. While these are nice perks, they aren't essential features when selecting a lantern.
We believe that the most essential features are those that improve the main function of the lantern. You should look for lanterns with integrated solar chargers, multiple dimming options, water and dust resistance, as well as waterproof and dustproof.


In lumens, the brightness of a light source is expressed in lumens. Higher numbers indicate a brighter light. Most lanterns use LED lights bulbs that are extremely bright and do not overheat. The size of the campsite and distance required to see will determine the brightness needed. For the interior of your tent, a lower lumen count will be sufficient. However, to light up your entire campsite, you'll require a few hundred or more lumens.

Light Modes

There are several light settings available for different lanterns. These can be used to adjust the light's brightness. For extremely dark conditions, you can set the light at a lower setting during daylight or dusk. A bright, powerful light is not the best choice for your daily needs. It's also not something you want to use when trekking in darkness. Switching between different light modes can help you save batteries for long camping trips. Lower brightness can make the lantern last longer. A few lanterns have an SOS button that can be used to alert you if something happens.


How Many Lumens Do I Need For A Camping Lantern?

Most campers will need 100 lumens to brighten many spaces. You can also use 50 to 75 lumens for a gentler glow. In-tent lighting is possible with electric lanterns below 50 lumens.

How Long Do Lantern Mantles Last?

The lantern mantle can be kept in good condition for many years if you are careful. The lantern's life expectancy can be extended by not dropping it or shaking it too much.

What Is A Lantern Mantle?

Lantern mantles, made of ceramic mesh and used to protect the flame from gas-powered lanterns, are ceramic mesh bags that can be used as lantern mantles. These keep the flame contained within the lamp.

How Many Lumens Does A Camping Lantern Require?

Campers find 100 lumens to be sufficient for most areas. For a soft glow inside your tent, you can use 50 to 75 lumens. Tents can be lit with electric lights that are less than 50 lumens.

Which Lantern Is The Best For Power Outages?

For occasional usage, a brighter lantern equipped with replaceable batteries is sufficient. Replaceable batteries can be used if an external charger is not available. In the event of power cuts, it is likely that you will need to charge other things. A lantern with a double function would work well as a battery bank. Candle lanterns are another alternative that can work because they don't need any additional fuel and are easy to use.

What Is The Best Lantern For Power Outages?

A brighter, more portable lantern that has replaceable batteries is ideal for occasional usage. For situations where an external charger is not available, replaceable batteries can be a great option. Because they do not require fuel, candle lanterns can also be used.

What Is The Best Camping Lantern?

You should choose the best camping lantern for your needs. You want a lantern bright enough for your campsite and easy to use at the end of a hard day's hiking.
A lightweight lantern is the best choice for backpackers. It doesn't need to take up much space in your bag. An electric lantern must be capable of providing light for several nights without needing to recharge.

Our best lantern for power outages of 2023 will be occasionally updated with new and available information. Please pay more attention to the data on our website or subscribe to our newsletter so that any updates or changes will come to your mind in time.

Keep in mind that any things related to best lantern for power outages are in our hands. Thus, you can contact and ask for help whenever you need it. Thank you!

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