The Best Innova Obd2 Scanner For 2023

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Best Innova Obd2 Scanner
Best Innova Obd2 Scanner

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: INNOVA 5210 OBD2 Scanner

The Innova 5210 OBD2 Scanner is the perfect tool for automotive enthusiasts and service technicians. With its professional-level functions, this car diagnostic tool allows you to read and clear OBD engine codes and display all vehicle information. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: INNOVA 6030P OBD2 Scanner

The Innova 6030P OBD2 Scanner is the perfect tool for any DIY mechanic or professional auto technician looking to diagnose and repair vehicle problems quickly. It offers a complete diagnosis of the vehicle's engine system. Read Review

3. Best Portable: INNOVA 6100P OBD2 Scanner

The INNOVA 6100P OBD2 Scanner is the perfect tool for resetting your vehicle's oil change indicator. It provides step-by-step reset procedures for most 1996 and newer OBD2 vehicles after an oil change. Read Review

4. Best Easy To Use: INNOVA 3020RS OBD2 Scanner

This OBD2 Scanner is the perfect tool for any home mechanic, automotive enthusiast, and service & repair technician. It reads and clears OBD engine codes and displays the coded severity, so you know if your car needs an immediate fix. Read Review

5. Best Screen: INNOVA 5610 OBD2 Bidirectional Scan Tool

The INNOVA 5610 OBD2 Bidirectional Scan Tool is perfect for any automotive professional. This scan tool is designed to quickly and accurately diagnose problems with foreign or domestic 1996 and newer OBD2 vehicles. Read Review

The modern vehicle is an incredible feat of engineering, but regular maintenance is essential to keep it running well. To diagnose complex engine issues and maintain your vehicle running smoothly, you need a reliable OBD2 scanner. An OBD2 scanner is a specialized diagnostic tool to interpret the data stored in your vehicle’s computer.

This data can be used to detect and troubleshoot engine problems quickly and accurately. But with so many OBD2 scanners, finding the right one cannot be easy. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best OBD2 INNOVA scanners on the market today. From entry-level scanners to professional-grade tools, we’ve got you covered. The Innova OBD2 scanner is popular with DIY mechanics and professional technicians. It’s a powerful tool that can perform various diagnostic functions, from reading and clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) to resetting check engine lights. With a large backlit display, intuitive menus, and a robust library of diagnostic trouble codes, the Innova OBD2 scanner is an excellent choice for a reliable and easy-to-use diagnostic tool. 

We think the best innova obd2 scanner available now is INNOVA 5210 OBD2 Scanner, which allows you to view critical information about your car in real time. We also provide you with INNOVA 6030P OBD2 Scanner model that you may consider if the top product is not your choice because, thanks to the Code Severity Levels function of this scanner, you will be able to swiftly determine whether or not your vehicle requires an immediate repair or whether or not it can wait until you reach home to be repaired by you. And bellow is the helpful buyer’s guide to assist you in making your decision.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 INNOVA 5210 OBD2 Scanner
Our Score:

This OBD2 Scanner makes it simple for you to diagnose and resolve any issues with your vehicle. RepairSolutions2 mobile application can be downloaded easily from the Apple App Store or Google Play to obtain real-time remedies and fixes to any automotive problems you may be experiencing. In addition, with the Innova OBD2 scanner live data, you can view critical information about your car in real-time, such as the RPM, speed, and oil temperature, which will assist you in identifying and resolving issues. 

You can also examine and test your battery and your alternator to determine whether or not it is necessary to take your vehicle to a mechanic. The reader for the check engine light in your vehicle can tell you whether or not you will pass the state's smog test for vehicles. In addition, this OBD2 scan tool may supply you with the necessary trip cycle methods to finish your smog check. It features anti-lock braking systems (ABS) functionality, ensuring that you always drive safely. Unfortunately, this scanner's cord is a bit short, but you don't need to worry because it doesn't affect any function.

TOP Choice #2 INNOVA 6030P OBD2 Scanner
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With the Code Severity Levels function of this scanner, you will be able to swiftly determine whether or not your vehicle requires an immediate repair or whether or not it can wait until you reach home to be repaired by you. In addition, you can also read codes to diagnose the issue with your vehicle directly and view essential information about your vehicle in real-time (such as its RPM and oil temperature) to assist in the diagnostic process.

This scanner has battery and alternator tests, which are used to determine how well a vehicle's charging system is functioning. It does this by determining whether or not the voltage output of the car's batteries and alternators meets the specifications set forth for that vehicle. This test significantly helps determine where to look when troubleshooting a no-start or hard-start problem, saving much time. The only downside of this product is that its instructions are a bit short, but it generally works well.

TOP Choice #3 INNOVA 6100P OBD2 Scanner
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This OBD2 scanner displays fault codes and their corresponding DTC Severity ratings and instantly pinpoints why the "Check Engine" warning light is illuminated. This device shows live data with a large amount of information regarding the car, such as the engine's coolant temperature, the fuel injector pulse width (fuel trim), the RPM, and the spark timing, among other things. Additionally, with the Code Severity Levels function, you can rapidly determine whether or not your vehicle requires an emergency repair or whether or not it can wait until you reach home to be repaired by you.

 When the traction warning light is always on, the scanner does an excellent job of reading and erasing codes for the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the transmission in common US car makes, such as Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GM, and others. You may ensure that all safety measures are in place before placing yourself in harm's way if you can determine the problem regarding brakes and airbags. Although the buttons are a bit hard to press, this scanner is still an excellent choice for every vehicle.

4 INNOVA 3020RS OBD2 Scanner
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This OBD2 scanner can show over twenty pieces of data; hence you can use specialized hotkeys to access the scanner's many features. Moreover, with this product, you will spend less time browsing through menus and will be able to locate the issue more quickly. Smog Check LED Indicators will provide instant information regarding the likelihood of your car passing an emissions test.

This scanner can read and clear OBD engine codes effectively in seconds. It can diagnose the braking systems of most domestic and Asian vehicles manufactured in 2006 and after. In addition, this product's Code Severity Levels allow you to quickly determine whether or not your car requires an emergency repair or whether or not it can wait until you reach home to be repaired. It is a pity that this product's symbols are a bit difficult to understand; therefore, you should look it up on Google to use its correct function.

With the INNOVA 5610 bi-directional scan tool, you will have no trouble locating or fixing the issue with your vehicle. You can get real-time solutions to your car problems and access live data from OBD2 and the original equipment manufacturer. In addition, thanks to the Enhanced Data Stream feature, you view real-time data for sophisticated systems such as the engine, gearbox, ABS, and SRS. This product's Special Reset Function allows dealership-level re-learning for SAS and DPF Regen repairs quickly.

The INNOVA 5610 bidirectional scan tool may send commands to your vehicle to test operations such as turning the fuel pump on or off, turning the air conditioning clutch on or off, or retracting the electronic parking brake. The Auto Re-Link feature assists you in determining while driving if the problems that caused the DTC codes have been resolved successfully. Unfortunately, this scanner may not display live data on late 90s vehicles.

6 Innova 6200P OBD2 Scanner
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This Innova 6200P OBD2 scan tool can evaluate the battery charge condition, monitor the closed-circuit current, register the battery replacement, and more. This device can also reset your oil maintenance light and examine critical maintenance information necessary for repairing your vehicle. In addition, it reads frozen frame data, does an EVAP test, and lets you view essential information about your car in a graph format in real time. Nonetheless, it would be best if this scanner's larger screen could help you see the vehicle's information quickly.

This scanner can check to see if your battery and alternator are in good condition or need replacement. It is designed to work on all OBD2-compliant vehicles, such as cars, light trucks, and SUVs. In addition, thanks to the Code Severity Levels function of this product, you will be able to rapidly determine whether or not your vehicle requires an emergency repair or whether or not it can wait until you reach home to be repaired by you.

This bidirectional scan tool allows you to issue commands to your vehicle, locate the problem with your vehicle and rectify it. You can send commands to your vehicle using its bidirectional control system to test actuators and operation, such as turning the fuel pump on and off, the air conditioning clutch on and off, retracting the electronic parking brake, and bleeding the ABS brakes. Besides, special reset features enable you to apply dealership-level re-learning techniques (such as Steering Angle Reset and DPF Regen, amongst others) to complete repairs or maintenance.

This scanner allows you to turn off the oil maintenance light and read essential maintenance information, such as the current oil level and the remaining life of the oil. Both of these functions are crucial for doing vehicle maintenance. Moreover, you may check the transmission temperature to determine in real-time whether or not the transmission fluid is within the appropriate operating range. This can be helpful for diagnosis and when it comes time to change the transmission fluid. Nevertheless, this screen may be scratched easily; hence you should use it carefully.

More To Consider

8 Innova 1000 OBD2 Scanner
Our Score:
9 INNOVA Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
Our Score:
10 INNOVA 3130RS OBD2 Scanner
Our Score:

What to Look For in a best innova obd2 scanner?

You may think purchasing seems simple, and it sometimes does the opposite! Studying the outcome of best innova obd2 scanner will take a considerable amount of time. Also, there are multiple sides of best innova obd2 scanner you need to check. That’s the reason why we’re all ready to assist you with best innova obd2 scanner issue.

You should pay more attention to the following criteria of best innova obd2 scanner in 2023:

Types Of OBD2 Scanners

A OBD-II scanner plugged into the OBD port is a quick and simple engine monitoring setup. However, it doesn't enable you to move around the vehicle while working on the engine bay. Battery-powered machines are also non-operational. The advantage of wired scanners is that they offer a link to a computer to translate codes. Because vehicles can be driven without wire, this option is more popular. Wireless scanner linkages are more difficult to establish at first, but the mobility advantage makes it hard to resist when working on an engine.


An OBD-II scanner's most important capability is not the actual scanning process but rather the data transmission abilities. Because the scanner itself doesn't monitor the vehicle, this phrase is somewhat misleading. Instead, the scanner communicates with the onboard computer through various sensors to assess problems. This, however, doesn't mean that the data the scanner receives is the same from vehicle to vehicle. Some scanners can read only basic trouble codes, whereas others can gather a wider array of information.


All of the car manufacturers have their own unique codes. Because the OBD2 system is standardized, the codes are not. To select the best scan tool, you must know whether your vehicle is included. These devices will have most of the major domestic businesses, including Toyota, Ford, and Honda. If you have a foreign or special vehicle, you must look for a scanner that is compatible with it.

Live Data Scanning

With the advancement of onboard computers, modern vehicles can now monitor a large number of their subsystems simultaneously. You can check on the performance of your vehicle using live scanning. The technology has significantly advanced since 1996, so you can monitor your vehicle's operations in real time. You can, for instance, find out why your vehicle is losing gas mileage.

Code Reading

To get the check engine light code on an OBD2 scanner, the primary purpose is to provide you with the numbers. You can find the engine light code on a simple scanner, but some of them may also provide you with additional information about what the code means. If you have a small screen and can’t read the definitions clearly on your scanner, you might want to get a model with a larger screen.


The majority of OBD-II scanners can be connected directly to an OBD-II port on the car with a cable. These scanners do not require batteries to function. They draw power directly from your battery. Wireless scanners with separate display units/app and a plug allow for easy mobility.

Information Processing

Commonly, an OBD-II scanner provides plain English with a nice resolution, rather than the underlying trouble codes. Even high-grade scanners that provide almost exactly the same data as those at the low end are rare. Whenever you look up the code or use a scanner that translates it, you will comprehend the code. Higher-end scanners that offer repair solutions are the best investment.


What is an Innova OBD2 Scanner?

An Innova OBD2 Scanner is a device that is used to scan and analyze the data from a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic (OBD) system. It can read and clear codes, test emissions systems, and provide real-time engine performance data.

What types of vehicles can an Innova OBD2 Scanner be used on?

Innova OBD2 Scanners are compatible with most domestic and foreign vehicles manufactured after 1996 that are OBD-II compliant.

How do I use an Innova OBD2 Scanner?

To use the Innova OBD2 Scanner, simply plug it into your vehicle’s OBD port, which is usually located underneath the dashboard. You can then use the device to scan and analyze the data from your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system.

What kind of information can an Innova OBD2 Scanner provide?

An Innova OBD2 Scanner can provide real-time engine performance data, such as engine RPM, fuel trim, fuel pressure, engine temperature, and more. It can also read and clear codes, and test emissions systems.

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