The Best Inflatable Bed For Camping In 2024

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Best Inflatable Bed For Camping
Best Inflatable Bed For Camping

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: SoundAsleep Inflatable Bed

This SoundAsleep Inflatable Bed is the perfect solution to your sleeping needs. Featuring a patented 1-click internal pump, the mattress can be inflated quickly and easily in under 4 minutes and will stay inflated for days. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: King Koil Inflatable Airbed

Featuring a fully flocked, extra-thick waterproof comfort quilt top, this air mattress combines elegance with durability. The built-in pump ensures swift inflation, while the coil-beam construction promises a night of restful sleep. Read Review

3. Best Durable: Active Era Inflatable Bed

The Active Era Inflatable Bed is an ideal choice for a comfortable and supportive night's sleep. The air mattress is raised 17 inches from the ground and is fitted with 35 structured air coils for unbeatable head-to-toe support. Read Review

4. Best Technology: CHILLSUN Inflatable Bed

CHILLSUN's Inflatable Bed promises comfort and convenience like never before. Equipped with a built-in 110V electric air pump and dual inflation system, it allows for rapid and stable inflation. Read Review

5. Best Waterproof: iDOO Inflatable Bed

Experience ultimate comfort with the iDOO Inflatable Bed, a game-changer in portable sleeping solutions. This bed ensures swift and effortless inflation, boasts durability that stands up to the elements and provides a luxurious softness for a peaceful night's sleep. Read Review

Are you looking for the best inflatable bed for camping? Then you’ve come to the right place! Camping is a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the beauty of nature. But comfort is vital to having a great camping experience. That’s why having the right inflatable bed is essential.

Inflatable beds are lightweight, easy to set up, and allow you to sleep comfortably while camping. Many different types of inflatable beds are on the market, so knowing which one is right for you can be challenging. To help make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best inflatable beds for camping. We’ve included a variety of beds from different brands so that you can find the perfect one for your camping trip. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight, durable, comfortable, or budget-friendly option, there’s something for everyone. 

We think the highly recommended product for the best inflatable bed for camping is SoundAsleep Inflatable Bed. The ComfortCoil Technology and Grip bottom set this inflatable bed apart, ensuring stability and firmness. In case you need more alternatives and more in-depth guidance, you may explore the following.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 SoundAsleep Inflatable Bed
Our Score:
SoundAsleep Products

The SoundAsleep Inflatable Bed is the perfect choice for in-home or camping use. The exclusive ComfortCoil Technology and SureGrip bottom set this inflatable bed apart, ensuring stability and firmness. With 40 internal air coils, durability and support are non-negotiable. Your bed remains flat and firm, providing a haven for uninterrupted sleep. Its patented 1-click internal pump makes it a breeze, reaching full inflation in under 4 minutes.

With dimensions of 80” x 60” x 19”, it accommodates two people comfortably or one like royalty. The waterproof flocked top adds a luxurious touch, ensuring a comfortable sleeping surface. The multilayer, puncture-resistant, Eco-Friendly PVC enhances durability, making it a long-lasting investment. However, it may have minimal air loss during the night, but it is not a big deal. Overall, the SoundAsleep's inflatable bed is a testament to quality craftsmanship and a commitment to a good night's sleep.

TOP Choice #2 King Koil Inflatable Airbed
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King Koil

The King Koil Inflatable Airbed is your perfect solution for a luxurious and comfortable sleep experience. The fully flocked, extra-thick, waterproof comfort quilt top provides a plush surface, ensuring a good night's sleep. Its suede top offers elegance, keeping the bedding securely in place.

Moreover, the built-in pump is a game-changer, featuring separate inflate and deflate knobs for user convenience. You can always click the pump on for a few seconds to inflate or deflate to your desired comfort level! The coil-beam construction and built-in 120v/210w AC pump also make this air mattress a versatile choice for in-home use, overnight guests, or even camping trips. The only downside is that it can have odor due to the vinyl topping. While this may be a temporary concern, it dissipates with use, and the overall benefits of the King Koil Airbed overshadow this minor inconvenience.

TOP Choice #3 Active Era Inflatable Bed
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Active Era

The Active Era Inflatable Bed sets a new standard in comfort and support. Raised 17 inches from the ground (20 inches with the pillow height), it features 35 structured air coils that offer head-to-toe support, eliminating common dips and bulges. The built-in 3-inch raised pillow enhances head and neck support for a bed-like comfort experience.

The integrated electric pump can inflate the mattress in less than 3 minutes and allow for quick deflation with a flick of a switch. Plus, its extra-thick, waterproof flocked top layer ensures durability and comfort. Engineered from 15-gauge puncture-resistant material, this air mattress is built to withstand accidental scrapes and scratches. The minor drawback is that it may have a slight wobbliness on the sides. However, this is a small trade-off for the overall comfort and support offered by this top-tier air mattress.

4 CHILLSUN Inflatable Bed
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With CHILLSUN air mattresses, you'll get the utmost convenience and comfort. The built-in 110V electric air pump powers the self-inflating technology, allowing for simple setup and speedy inflation. Combined with the revolutionary dual inflation technology, this bed offers speedy and reliable inflation, avoiding the risk of air leakage. When your journey is over, adding a travel storage bag makes it easier to fold down and store the air mattress. This blow-up bed is self-deflating, allowing for quick and easy packing after a weekend on the go.

The CHILLSUN bed comprises several ultra-thick layers, including a double layer of 0.4mm PVC leak-proof material and a 0.2mm waterproof flocked top layer. This design efficiently resists punctures and damages, ensuring long-term durability and dependability. Plus, it gives exceptional stability for a peaceful night's sleep, with a maximum weight limit of 650 pounds. Whether you're camping or hosting guests, our air bed provides unparalleled comfort and support. Nevertheless, it may make noise when moving.

5 iDOO Inflatable Bed
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The iDOO Inflatable Bed redefines convenience with its rapid self-inflating feature, sparing you the tedious task of manual inflation. In just 2-3 minutes, the built-in pump effortlessly transforms this airbed into a haven of comfort. Plug in, flick the switch, and it's done– the mattress is ready to cradle you in comfort. Nonetheless, it may be pretty hard to refold after use, but you can get used to it after some practice, so you don't need to worry about that.

Crafted from ultra-durable, extra-thick, and waterproof material, iDOO ensures longevity and puncture resistance. The non-slip strip on the bottom prevents annoying shifts during the night, while the 18" height and 40 internal air coils offer unparalleled support from head to toe. Besides, the top surface of the mattress adds an extra-flocked layer, providing a soft and sumptuous feel for an undisturbed night's sleep. With the included storage bag, this inflatable bed is perfect for camping trips or accommodating surprise guests.

6 EnerPlex Inflatable Bed
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The EnerPlex Inflatable Bed is a must-have for camping enthusiasts, offering a perfect solution for outdoor napping or serving as an extra guest bed. With a high-speed pump, this mattress inflates in a mere 2 minutes, saving you from the exhaustion of manual inflation and allowing you to dive straight into the camping fun.

Crafted from durable PVC material with welded seams, the EnerPlex mattress is puncture-resistant, ensuring it stands up to the rough conditions of nature. Other than that, the added carrying bag enhances its portability, making it a luxury you can take with you wherever you go. The minor issue is that the mattress may have a cold feel for some users, so you can place a blanket underneath the sheet for added insulation. While this may be a minor inconvenience, it doesn't overshadow the overall quality and convenience of the EnerPlex Inflatable Bed.

7 Ivation EZ-Bed
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The Ivation EZ-Bed has a self-deploying design featuring three comfort settings, which ensures a quick and hassle-free setup. In under 4 minutes, you can have a guest bed ready to go, thanks to its automatic inflation – no breath-holding required. The mattress top is a testament to a great night's sleep, incorporating a durable design with 48 circular coils for a soft and comfortable sleep surface. Its heavy-duty PVC construction also resists punctures and prevents air leakage, backed by a reassuring 1-year assurance. 

Raising the bar further, the sturdy frame elevates the bed to a height of 24", mirroring the comfort of a standard bed. The 48 coils provide full-body support, and the bed fits standard sheets, adding a touch of familiarity to your temporary sleep haven. Plus, it fits snugly into its own wheeled duffel bag, making travel a breeze. Unfortunately, the auto-refill fan can be a bit noisy. 

More To Consider

8 OhGeni Inflatable Bed
Our Score:

This air mattress is built of high-quality materials that are designed to resist the rigors of repeated use. A built-in pump ensures that your mattress is ready in just 2-3 minutes – a blessing for those impromptu guests or camping trips. Crafted with multi-layered, puncture-resistant material, accompanied by a non-slip bottom strip, it promises a peaceful night's sleep without the worry of shifting or noise disturbance. The 18" height, supported by 40 internal air coils, provides even support from head to toe, eliminating concerns about tipping or collapsing.

Thanks to the included travel bag, easy storage and portability add to its charm. Additionally, the flocked top layer ensures a luxurious softness that rivals traditional mattresses. You can effortlessly setup in 3-4 minutes, and a personalized sleeping experience makes it a versatile option for various scenarios. However, it's worth noting that the pump, while efficient, may have occasional breakdowns.

9 TINSUN Inflatable Bed
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TINSUN presents an inflatable bed that redefines convenience and comfort. The effortless setup, featuring two inflation modes and a built-in electric pump, ensures a hassle-free experience. Whether you prefer auto-inflation or manual control, this mattress adapts to your needs. The innovative air I-beam structure, combined with a plush flocked top layer, provides ultimate comfort and optimal body support.

The mattress is durable, too, thanks to premium materials and reinforced seam stitching that resists leaks. Its waterproof top layer also adds to its longevity and ensures easy cleaning. Designed for on-the-go convenience, this air mattress folds down effortlessly for compact storage and comes with a travel carry bag. Versatile usage, whether for camping, travel, or hosting guests, makes it a practical investment. However, it's important to note that the mattress may be punctured if subjected to sharp objects, so you need to use it carefully.

10 SereneLife Inflatable Bed
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SereneLife introduces a premium inflatable bed with features that prioritize comfort and convenience. The built-in high-output pump allows for a swift inflation and deflation process, ensuring you spend more time enjoying your sleep rather than wrestling with a cumbersome air pump. This bed can automatically re-inflate when the air pressure drops below your desired firmness level. The raised 18" design of the inflatable bed makes getting in and out effortlessly easy, catering to individuals of all ages. 

Besides, the plush flocking on the sleep surface is soft to the touch and serves a functional purpose by enhancing overall comfort and ensuring sheets stay securely in place. This mattress employs enhanced coil technology, providing exceptional spine support and preventing the dreaded sinking feeling often associated with inflatable beds. It also comes with a convenient storage bag, making it an ideal companion for camping trips or a spare bed for unexpected guests. Nonetheless, it may be a bit short for some.

What to Look For in a best inflatable bed for camping?

Do you need to buy the best inflatable bed for camping in 2024 from e-commerce websites within the next few hours? Perhaps you've recently learned of something that can benefit individuals in your life but aren't sure where to turn or who to trust. So, we're here to help. Our article will show you how to acquire the best inflatable bed for camping for your needs swiftly so that it arrives on time and as planned. It's that easy!

We'll show you some pointers on how to avoid having to make another purchase. Purchasing things online should be a breeze after reading this article!



When buying a camp bed, the most important thing is its weight. It should not be too heavy so you can travel long distances with it. If it is lightweight, it may not provide enough support for you to sleep.
You won't need to transport your RV if you are car camping, or traveling with it. However, if you hike in the backcountry most cots may prove too heavy for you to haul, even folded.
If you plan to hike before you go to bed, you should look into folding camping beds that are lightweight. Although they may be more expensive, the lightweight design is well worth it.
If you are looking to reduce your weight while hiking, mattress will add weight.


This bed is designed to provide reliable support throughout the night and keep you from falling asleep on the hard, cold floor. It won't be safe for you to rest on if the mattress is too heavy.


Camping beds can be longer or wider than other types. You should consider buying a longer bed if your height is an issue. If you are taller, a wider mattress will provide more support and comfort.
Adults of any size will find a larger bed provides a better sleeping environment. You don't matter how big or small you may be, the best foldable bed will support your whole body, from your shoulders down to your bottom. Before you purchase, make sure you carefully examine the dimensions of the sleeping surface.
Camping beds for kids are often shorter than those of adults. These smaller sizes may be good for children younger than 10, but they will soon outgrow them.


Camp beds should be considered both the fabric and the frame materials. Nylon, polycotton, and polyester are the best materials for camp beds. Every material is different, but each has its advantages outdoors.
Although nylon is lightweight and thin, it's extremely durable, which makes it an ideal outdoor fabric. It is ideal for backpacking and other outdoor activities. It is ideal for outdoor activities such as backpacking, because it has been properly seamed. Its high-strength seams make it ideal for folding out camp beds or sleeping mats.
Polycotton, in comparison to polyester is more breathable. Polycotton is stronger than cotton and lighter than other fabrics, making it an ideal choice for camping beds. This material is however a bit more costly. The frame is available in two major metal choices, which are steel and aluminum. Aluminium is heavier and thicker than steel. Steel is more susceptible to corrosion from water exposure.
Powder-coated steel frames are a safer and better option. Aluminum is lighter and has a high tensile force. You should also pay attention to the profile of the metal. The frames with thicker legs will last longer and be more sturdy. However, they also tend to be heavier. Cross-legged frames can be stronger than those with straight legs.


The primary reason for investing in a campbed is its portability. Your needs will determine the level of portability. You may have different weight requirements when driving to the campsite than for cross-country backpacking, multi-day hiking trips or other types of travel.
Because while you need to be able to transport your gear if driving, it is much easier than backpacking and hiking. However, your camp bed should be portable enough for easy transport.
A camp bed of up to 10kgs is fine for driving as long as the bag can be easily packed down. If you're walking or carrying your backpack with you, it is best to keep the camp bed under 3kgs. It is possible to travel lighter than that.


Although camping beds can be simple, some offer useful additional features. Some beds have pull out side tables while others offer hanging pockets that can store your books, phone, glasses and other essentials.



How durable are inflatable beds for camping?

Inflatable beds for camping are generally very durable and can be used for many years with proper care and maintenance. Most of these beds are made of heavy-duty materials such as PVC or vinyl, making them resistant to wear and tear. If properly inflated and stored, an inflatable bed for camping should last for many years.

What are the benefits of an inflatable bed for camping?

An inflatable bed for camping is much more comfortable and supportive than traditional camping mattresses. It’s also much more compact and lightweight, making it easier to transport and store. Additionally, many inflatable beds come with built-in pillows, giving you extra comfort while camping.

How do I set up an inflatable bed for camping?

Setting up an inflatable bed for camping is fairly simple. First, you’ll need to locate a flat and level surface to lay the bed on. Next, you’ll need to inflate the bed using a pump or air compressor. Once the bed is inflated, you can add bedding and pillows to make it more comfortable.

How do I store an inflatable bed for camping?

To store an inflatable bed for camping, make sure to deflate the bed completely and store it in a dry place. If possible, you should also store the bed in the original packaging to keep it protected from damage.


So, what's the easiest approach to get the best inflatable bed for camping you need quickly? You may use what we know about cognitive neuroscience concepts in your marketing approach. 

When choosing the ideal product, you must have a clear idea of what you want in terms of price, quality, and function. If you don’t like any model in this list, then the SereneLife Inflatable Bed will be your new buddy.

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