The Best Fluid Evacuator Of 2024: Top Models & Buying Guide

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Best Fluid Evacuator
Best Fluid Evacuator

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Mityvac MV7300 Pneumatic Air Operated Fluid Evacuator

Mityvac MV7300 is designed to find common causes of overheating, such as leaks caused by loose clamps or leaky hoses, connectors, water pumps or radiators. This fluid's low pressure system offers an economical, accurate and simple method to isolate the leak and stop the expensive damage caused by overheating. Read Review

2. Runner Up: EWK Patented 15L Pneumatic for Automobile Fluids Vacuum Evacuation

Equipped with a dual-purpose design, the EWK oil extractor pump allows for two modes of operation. In manual mode, the pneumatic pump works on its own to create suction and is powered by air alone. In pneumatic mode, it becomes an oil changer that can be connected to a high-speed oil changer or your engine’s dipstick tube. Read Review

3. Best Powerful: FOUR UNCLES Oil Changer Vacuum Fluid Extractor Pneumatic

FOUR UNCLES Oil Changer Vacuum Fluid Extractor Pneumatic is a versatile tool that can be used to change engine oil in any car. With a 1.8L per minute extraction speed and also having a pneumatic mode, this powerful machine delivers an oil change in just 5 minutes. The unique design allows you to extract the engine oil anywhere, including outdoor places on boats, truck, or lawn mowers. Read Review

4. Best Versatile: Mityvac 7201 Manual Fluid Evacuator Plus

Mityvac 7201 is the most powerful manual fluid evacuator on the market. Featuring a large 8.8 liter (2.3 gallon) capacity bi-functional manual unit to extract and dispense a wide-range of fluid types, this versatile tool is perfect for any job. It's also simple to use and clean with a no-rust reservoir that won't corrode or rust. Read Review

It’s likely you’ve heard about the benefits of using an oil filter for your vehicle. This is especially true if you own an older model or a high-mileage car, as these vehicles often come with a standard set of old, low-tech filters that can trap dirt and grime and cause serious problems over time. If you drive a newer model or a car with low mileage, then you may never have given it a second thought.

But now, as more people are becoming aware of the importance of replacing their old filters on a regular basis (and also the cost and inconvenience associated with doing so), more people are realizing that they need to invest in an oil fluid evacuator.

Before making our recommendations, our specialists spend substantial time researching and analyzing your requirements. Then we found the Mityvac MV7300 Pneumatic Air Operated Fluid Evacuator is the greatest choice for its high-quality performance. If you're looking for another one, consider EWK Patented 15L Pneumatic for Automobile Fluids Vacuum Evacuation.

Our Top Picks

  • Pinpoints external leaks caused by loose clamps or leaky hoses, connectors, water pumps or radiators
  • Economical, accurate and simple method to find common causes of overheating
  • Diagnoses internal leaks caused by a blown head gasket or damaged block or head
  • Tests radiator and coolant bottle caps to ensure they are maintaining the correct pressure
  • Contains adapters to test the cooling system and caps of most U. S. and Asian cars and light trucks, as well as many European vehicles
  • 【 Wide Application 】Perfectly extracts most fluid types: engine oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, coolant, and power steering fluid. Applicable for car, motorcycle, lawn mower, boat, jet ski and etc. *Note: Gasoline and fluids with high volatility, high corrosion, high alkalinity and high temperature are FORBIDDEN to be used on the extractor.
  • 【 No Oil Left 】 The vacuum oil changer comes with 2 sizes of upgraded extra-long tubes with different diameter. Slide it as far as possible to reach the very bottom of your reservoir and suck up every drop of oil.
  • 【 Excellent WorKing Experience】Durable products with 12+6 months warranty, reply within 24 hours, ship out within 24 hours to achieve fast delivery. Contact us if you need further assistance.
  • 【 Dual-Purpose 】Equipped with pneumatic and manual mode depend on the environment and your own equipment. The manual mode requires no other equipment to use, while the pneumatic mode turns the pump into a high-speed oil changer. (Suction speed: 1.8L/min.)
  • 【 Humanized Design 】 With EWK oil extractor pump, the engine oil or transmission fluid can be easily and cleanly extracted directly through the dipstick tube, and the sealing cap is attached to prevent the liquid from spillage during transport.
TOP Choice #3 FOUR UNCLES Oil Changer Vacuum Fluid Extractor Pneumatic
Our Score:
  • 【2 WAY USAGE】Pneumatic and manual mode to fit any condition. The pneumatic mode provides higher speed while manual mode requires no other equipment to work with.
  • 【SPEEDY EXTRACTION】Fast extraction speed of 1.8L /min. The oil change pump extracts engine oil in a 4 cylinder car within 5 minutes at pneumatic mode.
  • 【Easy to Use】With FOUR UNCLES oil extractor, you don’t have to get under the car anymore to do fluid changing and there is no mess to clean afterward. Just simply open the hook and insert tube to change engine oil.
  • 【NO OIL LEFT】 Vacuum Fluid Extractor comes with 5 kinds of tubes with different diameter go into the bottom of oil pan. The fluid extractor can be used to remove fluids from engine oil to brake fluids. It has a 6.5L reservoir, 3.28 feet flex hose and 3 extra dipstick hoses to reach the very bottom of the reservoir and suck up every drop of oil.
  • 【WORK FREELY】Not limited to places, change oil anytime, anywhere. Perfect for working on a car in the garage, also suitable for using outdoors on boats, truck, or lawn mowers.
  • Reservoir is constructed of durable polyethylene and will not rust or corrode
  • Features a large 8.8 liter (2.3 gallon) capacity bi-functional manual unit to extract and dispense a wide-range of fluid types
  • Features 0.23" OD x 5' long (5.7 mm OD x 1.5 m long) dipstick tube, 0.26" OD x 5' long (6.6 mm OD x 1.5 m long) dipstick tube, 0.41" OD x 5' long (10 mm OD x 1.5 m long) main evacuation tube
  • Clean and simple way to evacuate and dispense fluids
  • Automatic flow control valve prevents the unit from overfilling during use and automatically shuts off at 8 liters
  • Usage: It can be used to replace automotive fluids in cars, trucks, RVs, etc, and can easily remove brake fluids, antifreeze, gear oils and other liquids.
  • Capacity: 200ML/0.21QT/7OZ.
  • Easy to Use: An extended syringe hose helps draw or inject liquid easily, and this hose is detachable, easy to clean and maintain.
  • 100% Satisfied Service: Enjoy a smooth & worry-free return service within a month. Any questions feel free to contact us.
  • Design: Transparent bottle body allow you to check the liquid at any time and control the flow rate.
  • Fit for most fluid extraction applications.
  • Simply pump operation for easily remove the liquid.
  • Can be used to extract engine oil from,brake fluid and lubricant oil from machine and car,water from fish tank and more.
  • Specification: Item Size: 68*24*22cm,Tank Capacity:7L,Working Pressure: 70-170PSI
  • Transparent hose allows visual inspection of fluid extraction. Extra hose placement for easy to storage. Durable metal pedal to fix the tank when operating.
  • DOUBLE-SEALED SECURITY: This manual fluid extractor features a dual rubber ring design that forms an airtight seal, the precision threading at the end preventing any leakage
  • MANUAL FLUID EXTRACTOR: This 6.7 fl. oz. fluid extractor by Orion Motor Tech easily extracts, stores, and injects almost any vehicular fluid, allowing you to get the job done fast and easy
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: Look to OMT for the finest craftsmanship and the most reliable products, rigorously tested to provide the highest-grade tools on the market; we back this hand vacuum pump with a strong 1-year warranty and friendly 24/7 customer service to ensure you'll enjoy its use for years to come!
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Our fluid extractor comes with 1/4" and 3/8" extension tubes each 9 inches long to get at even hard-to-reach locations for extracting and changing transmission fluid, power steering fluid, gear oil, and brake fluid on ATVs, boats, cars, trucks, and other vehicles
  • RUGGED DURABILITY: Our fluid evacuator is manufactured from high-quality polyethylene, keeping it highly resistant to heat and chemical corrosion to easily handle any engine fluid
  • SAFETY - A built-in regulator reduces shop air pressure down to a safe level for evacuation and a backup safety valve prevents over-pressurization of the tank
  • ACCESSORIES - Accessories for the 3637 include a convenient tool tray and tank-mounted clip for securing the discharge hose
  • STABLE DESIGN - The 3637 includes two fixed-axel wheels and two ball-bearing swivel casters for stability yet flexibility when maneuvering
  • DISCHARGE HOSE - 7 ft. nylon-reinforced discharge hose with steel J-hook that attaches easily to the tank when not in use. The tethered drip plug stays conveniently with the tank at all times
  • FITS MOST VEHICLE BRANDS - The evacuator includes four flexible and two rigid dipstick tubes that fit most types of vehicles. Also included are dipstick tube adapters for BMW and Volkswagen brand vehicles
  • Suitable for ATV's, boats, farm equipment. Great for industrial gear boxes, motor vehicles, motor bikes, RV's, etc.
  • Usage: Ideal for extracting or changing engine oils or lubricants in cars, trucks, RVs, etc, and can easily remove brake fluids, antifreeze, gear oils and other liquids
  • Premium Design: Transparent bottle body made of high quality material, solid, durable and high strength, long service life
  • Capacity: 200ML/0.21QT/7OZ. Designed for quick and easy extracting & filling. Leak-free Guarantee.
  • Easy to Use: Comes with 2 flexible syringe tubes, helps draw or inject liquid easily, also detachable, easy to clean and maintain
  • This set is lightweight and portable and includes a 2.4-gallon reservoir. The reservoir is constructed of durable polyethylene and will not rust or corrode
  • The fluid evacuator is widely used to extract the engine oil, brake fluid, ATF fluid, and other non-corrosive and non-thick fluid of motorcycles cars, marine engines, stationary engines, and industrial machinery
  • Large 9 liter (2.4 gallons) capacity manual fluid evacuator used to extract and dispense a wide range of fluid types
  • Four Fluid Extractor Hoses: Hose diameter: 4mm / 6mm / 8mm / 10m (0.157"/0.236"/0.315"/0.393")
  • Specification: Main Material: ABS with Aluminium inflator; Suction Probes Diameter: Ø4, Ø6, Ø8, Ø10, and 1pc of Ø4 brass probe) probe length 1M; Fluid temperature range: 35°F- 200°F/1°- 95°C

What Should You Know Before Selecting best fluid evacuator?

Our website is an online source that provides clients with a diverse selection of best fluid evacuator. Many items on the site perfectly suit the demands of clients and serve their intended function.

So, how can you determine which of the best fluid evacuator is the best fit for your needs? Don't be concerned! This article will walk you through all you need to know about the best fluid evacuator before you buy it.



They aren't something that should be broken or replaced frequently. These are tools that will last a lifetime. High-quality materials will ensure that your extractor lasts for a long time.
You should look for an oil extractor made from thick, high-quality plastic that will not swell no matter how often you rub it with alcohol or wash it.
Metal extractors are also an option. They have a lower chance of product spillage and a longer life span, but they can be a little heavier than those made from plastic.


Top-quality oil extractors include fail-safe safety features like a flow control valve and automatic shutoff response. This feature cuts off oil flow instantly to stop the extractor from spilling. The extractor stops pumping oil from the reservoir once it is full. Look for an extractor that has a suction tube to move the oil from your engine to the unit. Others require that you pour the oil out, which may be more messy and lead to spills.


Your oil extractor's pumping speed does not impact its efficiency. Oil extraction at home can take a lot of time away from your daily life. If you are able to find an oil extractor with a faster speed, the job can be completed quicker.
Larger tubes can absorb large amounts of oil faster than tools with smaller tubes. Sometimes, the nozzle may not fit. You can narrow down your search by looking at the dimensions.

Ease Of Use

It shouldn't be difficult to extract oil. It should not be difficult to operate the unit, especially if this is your first attempt at extracting oil. You may also want an extractor with a small footprint and that takes up little storage space. You want it to be portable so consider its weight and size. If you plan to bring the unit to another place, this is an important consideration.


An oil extractor compact in size allows you to take it with you wherever you go. The extractor can be stored in your trunk and pulled out when you are ready to use it. Before you decide on an oil extractor, make sure to consider how heavy the unit is and the size of the structure.
Although small oil extractors are great for traveling, some may not work well for large quantities of oil. You should choose a small-sized extractor with a large reservoir that will work well and fit into your space.


Oil extractors can start sucking oil in as soon as the oil is poured into the dipstick. Some require a pump to allow the oil to enter. Make sure you choose the easiest to maintain and use.
Look for oil extractors with a reservoir or container attached to the tube. The oil will flow to the container or reservoir automatically. This means that you don't have to empty the oil out of the container. These are ideal if you're looking for a simpler and less messy extraction.

Reservoir Size

Pick an extractor that allows you to pour all your car's oil directly into the tank. It can become messy, and a nuisance.



Does An Oil Extractor Get All The Oil Out?

Yes. Yes. If the oil extractor is properly used, the majority of old oil and any sediment must be removed. This will allow the oil to remain clean and free from contamination. Most cars have a little residual oil which cannot be completely removed or drained during an oil change. It is perfectly normal.

Is A Fluid Extractor The Best Way To Change Your Oil?

Regular oil changes are what's really good for the engine of your car. A fluid extractor makes it much easier to change your oil.
Perhaps manual draining can get those few more milliliters. It might not. It doesn't matter what it does. It is important that your oil be changed regularly.
A fluid extractor, regardless of how efficient it is compared to manual draining and its claimed efficiency, is what we recommend for DIY oil changes.
Oil changes will not be as stressful, you'll enjoy them more, your car will appreciate it, and it will feel less dreadful.

How Do You Empty An Oil Extractor?

Near the bottom of most oil extractors is a drain plug. Many oil extractors come with tubing and funnels that can be connected to containers. Once the oil has been transferred to that container, it is sent on its way to a recycling facility.

Do You Have To Drain The Oil Before Changing The Oil?

A cleaner oil will provide better protection to an engine. It is always better to remove the oil and put in the new oil. An oil filter change is a must for the best oil.

Are Oil Extractors Good?

The oil extractor makes it easier to change your oil or other fluids. They also make the process much less messy.

Will An Oil Extractor Damage My Vehicle Engine?

It won't. A fluid extractor, when used properly, is exactly the same as sucking oil from a reservoir using a drinking straw. We are pretty certain that you won't cause any damage to anything by using a drinking straw.

How Long Does It Take To Extract Motor Oil With A Fluid Extractor?

It all depends on how large the vehicle's oil reservoir is and what type of extractor you have, but for most cars and extractors it takes between 10 and 15 minutes.
This will mean that you won't have any idle time. The extractor will start to pull the fluid out after a few more pumps. The extractor will work on its own.
After giving it some time, you can leave the vehicle and return after 10 minutes. You don't have to get under your vehicle, or manage spillages.


In short, you have just been shown all the things related to best fluid evacuator, including the top models, buyer’s guides, and the comparison between products as well. At this moment, it’s obvious that you acquire the mentioned information and are ready to pick one among the list of best fluid evacuator above. In case there is no model that suits your needs, then BTSHUB 9 Liter Fluid Evacuator Manual Oil Changer Vacuum Hand will be the best to pay attention to. Hopefully, our sharing today will help you choose the best item for your requirement. 

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