The Best Electric Grill And Griddle For 2023

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Best Electric Grill And Griddle
Best Electric Grill And Griddle

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill and Griddle Plates

The Power XL Grill is a versatile grilling surface that can be used indoors or outdoors. The reversible grill plate can be used as an indoor grill, or you can use it outdoors to cook your food on the BBQ. This removable grill plate is dishwasher safe, so it's easy to clean and stores away for safe keeping. Read Review

2. Runner Up: Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle, 8-Serving

The Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle, 8-Serving is the perfect cooking appliance for any occasion. With a 180 square inch surface that can cook up to 8 servings of food you'll always have food ready. The reversible plates include a griddle on one side and grill on the other making this appliance versatile as well. Read Review

3. Best Convenient: Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles

The Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle with Removable Handles is a fully immersible griddle that offers an easy way to cook from scratch. This electric griddle has a 371 square-inch cooking area, removable handles, and a removable base so it can be stored in most standard 18-inch kitchen cabinets. As the griddle is fully immersible, it can also be used in any dishwasher. Read Review

4. Best Durable: Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle,Stainless Brown

The Zojirushi Gourmet Sizzler is a high-precision electric griddle that massages your food to create a delicious breakfast or brunch. With its durable, easy-to-clean ceramic cooking surface and titanium enhanced nonstick coating, this griddle is sure to impress your guests. Read Review

If you want to buy the best electric grill and griddle, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will cover some of the key features to look out for when buying an electric grill and griddle. Whether you plan on using it as a standalone appliance for cooking small amounts of food or want to invest in something that will last through the years, there are many things you will need to consider before purchasing one.

Before we get into anything else, let’s take a quick look at an electric grill. An electric grill is a kitchen appliance that uses electricity to cook food. It has both indoor and outdoor versions and can be used as an alternative to traditional barbecues. Several different types of electric grills are available; however, not all are suitable for every home user.

Our team, including qualified experts in this area, conducted a survey and carried it out for a significant amount of time to find the right products for the best electric grill and griddle, nearly 14 hours. And after lots of effort, we have done it well. 

As a result, we found some top trending models on the market that many customers tend to search for. In addition, we believe that the Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill and Griddle Plates with a 371 square-inch cooking area is one of the best options available to you. We have provided you with a detailed buyer's guide and many other good choices so that you can decide which one is the best for your requirements.

Our Top Picks

  • Removable Grill Plate The Cerami-Tech Grill Plate is dishwasher safe and lifts out easily for effortless cleaning & easy storage. Just pop it in the dishwasher and you’re all set. You’ll never get stuck cleaning for hours in the kitchen after dinner.
  • Turbo Extraction Fan Enjoy smokeless grilling indoors! Virtually all smoke is captured so you can transform your kitchen countertop or indoor cooking space into an open grill station. No more firing up your barbecue grill or scraping and scrubbing after. Grill indoors & enjoy your favorite porterhouse for dinner any day of the year.
  • Non-Stick Ceramic Grill Surface: Super Non-Stick Cerami-Tech Coating means you don’t have to add any extra fat or oil. Even delicate fish never sticks to the surface – there’s never any residue to scrape off after. The Oil Drip Tray sits below, catching fat and grease from cooking. You get mouthwatering grilled meals for your entire family all in one portable, easy-to-clean unit.
  • Outdoor BBQ Grilled Taste XL (13.75” x 8”) Indoor Grilling Surface is big enough for your BBQ party; grill three entire racks of ribs, eight large burgers, or grill your protein and vegetables together for an entire meal all at one time – in any weather! You can even grill an entire chicken “spatchcock” style.
  • LED Smart Temperature Control Up to 450° custom heat control; get the correct temperature you need for the perfect amount of doneness you want. Rapid, even heating from edge to edge keeps foods tender without overcooking. Char-grill steaks on high to lock-in the juices or slow grill pizza crust, veggies, or grilled cheese to a golden-crisp. You can even grill straight from frozen.
  • Easy to Clean: The Pfoa-Free Nonstick Plates and Drip Tray Are Removable for Easy, Dishwasher Safe Cleaning
  • 3-in-1 Cooking Versatility: Full griddle, full grill, half grill/half griddle. Reversible plates include a griddle on 1 side and grill on the other.
  • Fabric Type: Metal
  • Cook for One or a Family: Large 180 Square Inch Surface Cooks up to 8 Servings for a Family Meal.
  • Double Cooking Zones: 2 Cooking Areas With Independent, Adjustable Heat and a Center Grease Channel With Drip Tray Underneath.
  • Great for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: From Pancakes, Eggs and Bacon for Breakfast, to Grilled Cheese and Hot Sandwiches for Lunch to Grilled Steaks, Hamburgers, Chicken, Fish, Pizza, Vegetables and More, It Can Be Used for Any Meal.
  • Included Components: Dishwasher Safe Grease Tray
  • Simply open latch clips to detach handles from griddle base. No tools needed.
  • Griddle is fully immersible with the heat control removed.
  • With handles removed, base stores in most standard 18-inch kitchen cabinets.Cooking area: 231 square inch
  • Control Master heat control maintains the desired cooking temperature automatically. Heavy cast aluminum base is virtually warp-proof.
  • Premium nonstick surface provides stick-free cooking and easy cleaning. Slide-out drip tray removes and cleans easily.
  • Durable and easy-to-clean ceramic cooking surface with titanium enhanced nonstick coating
  • Variable heat settings from Keep Warm (176 ) to 425. Easy-to-use temperature control plug clicks when inserted correctly
  • Convenient lid for speedy cooking
  • Electric griddle with large cooking surface (19" x 12.5")
  • Fully immersible body guard and cooking plate
  • For Various Food: The electric flat top grill can be used in family or commercial places, such as restaurants, shops, roadside stalls, and snack bars; It is very suitable for processing pancakes, crispy bacon, roast cheese, rich breakfast, fried dishes, omelets, pizza, steak, and hamburgers.
  • Intimated Design: The oil leakage hole is used to take the waste off, the oil storage box is used to collect the waste oil and food, which is easy to dump, the rubber bottom corner makes the electric grill more stable, the raised oil baffle keeps oil splash, and the heat dissipation hole speeds up the heat dissipation.
  • Excellent Large Griddle: Our commercial griddle is high-quality stainless steel with a non-stick surface and cast iron cooking surface. The cooking surface is 17.8 inches x 11.8 inches, providing enough cooking space for once; It is 0.3 inches (8 mm) thick, not easy to deform, and durable.
  • Easy to Clean & Use: The surface of our teppanyaki grill is easy to clean, and the waste oil and food can also be quickly cleaned through the oil storage box. In addition, we give you brushes and shovels to help you cook better. So you can enjoy your cooking process.
  • Precise Heating Control: The internal heating tube can be controlled by two constant temperature buttons to adjust the temperature to meet different foods. Up to 572℉ with a wide temperature control range. For the first time, the electric grill may have a small amount of smoke; the smoke will disappear after heating for a few minutes.
  • [♨ Heats Up Quickly & Precise Control] - This korean bbq indoor smokeless grills with a LED accurate digital temperature control, allow you getting the cooking temperature correct from 220° F to 450° F. Your food will be grilled to perfection under the high temperature, have an authentic char-grilled texture and BBQ grill marks.
  • [♨ Larger Size Non-Stick Griddle Plate] - 1500w powerful electric indoor grill smokeless nonstick can evenly grilled food without heavy charcoal or propane tank, Large Nonstick Cooking Plate(15''X 9'') make your barbecue easier, collects & drains any excess grease into a removable drip tray, keeps the flavor and healthier with delicious cooking.
  • [♨ Indoor-Outdoor Smokeless BBQ Grill] - Enjoy Your Party!2021 LITBOOS smokeless grill indoor adopted advanced turbo smoke extractor technology, hidden fan, virtually all hot smoke is reduced,allowing you to grill indoors without the smell of smoke polluting your entire apartment or home, grilled steak, Bacon, Fish, Sausages, Chicken,Vegetables and more! Effortlessly!
  • [♨ More Safe & Easy Cleaning] - Food easily slides off the electric griddle nonstick plate,clean up your kbbq grill in less than 1 minute! Grill plate and drip tray can be removed and washed in the dishwasher or wash it by hands, makes clean-up a breeze! Cleaning a grill is so easier and safer!
  • [♨ Overheat Protection Technology] - Portable LITBOOS countertop electric smokeless grill is built-in overheat protection, automatically shutting off if the internal temperature gets too high. We offer 90-day free return policy - Hurry up and enjoy the fun of having a BBQ while chatting!
  • The grill will exceed temperatures of 550° F
  • 1300W Element in direct contact with cooking surface for efficient grilling
  • 【Independent Dual Temperature Control】The hot pot electric with grill has separate control of temperature in hotpot and bbq, saving effort and time. You can choose the heat settings separately, one knob for the hot pot and the other for the bbq grill.
  • 【Easy to Use & Clean】The pot and grill get hot enough to cook the meat and stay hot to cook more. What’s more, it’s very easy to clean as the pots and bbq grill are detachable.
  • 【2 IN 1 Hotpot Pot Electric with Grill】include: 1*hotpot and 1*electric griddle, you can experience eating hotpot and barbecue at the same time at home! And the operation was simple! The electric hot pot with grill size is 71mm*32mm*20mm, suitable for family gatherings and parties of 2-8 people.
  • 【Have a Wonderful Dinner Time】This hot pot with grill has a large space and big enough for family gathering. You can make soup or hot pot on one side, and grill meat and veggies on the other side. This hot pot with grill will give you a good cooking and eating experience that it’s more so like a family activity to prepare and eat off of this.
  • 【Indoor Hotpot & Bbq Experience】 The shabu shabu pot is made of thick aluminum material, durable, you can throw a hotpot and BBQ party with your friends and family indoor. Non-Stick pan. Enjoy all the fun for teppanyaki grill same as outdoor in your cozy house. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us in time, we will reply and solve it for you.
  • Universal Stainless Steel Grill-top Griddle: measuring L17" x W12" x H2.6", about 200-square-inch of cooking surface, Large enough to cook kinds of foods together; for Charcoal/Gas grills, Camping, Tailgating… Please kindly check your cooking area whether this ifts before ordering.
  • Bottom welded cross bracing for stability & even heat; Rated to 600 degrees Fahrenheit; Side vents for even airflow.
  • Heightened Sidewall: The raised edge around is for easy dishes flipping and turning and protects food from spilling. Two handles on both sides allow you to easily move it from place to place.
  • Front Grease Groove: catchint the grease/oil, preventing flare-ups, making foods more healthy.
  • Food Graded SUS304 Surface (Durable18 gauges): Non-stick; Easy for Cleaning; Ideal for using over electric griddles, gas stoves, charcoal grills... You can cook pancakes, bacon, eggs, vegetables, shrimps, salmon, and so on with it.
  • Non-stick grill wipes down clean and the removable drip tray is dishwasher safe
  • 2in1 Indoor Grill and Griddle lets you cook steaks to pancakes indoors
  • Open grill allows grease and fat to drip away for healthier eating
  • 1200w indoor grill has adjustable temperature for slow cooking to searing
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

What to Look For in a best electric grill and griddle?

A valuable product is determined by many factors (included below). The process of researching the best electric grill and griddle is pretty significant because of these features related to the products. However, rest assured that we are here to support your challenges.

Having a closer look at the following factors would benefit you a lot. These are the most important things among various ones you need to consider:


The factors that matter most will determine your choice.
It is crucial to consider your existing space and the amount of storage you have available before choosing an electric grill model.


Nonstick grill tops make cleaning up easy on some electric grills. You can also get fat drainage systems. It's best to clean the grill while it is still warm. This will make it easy to remove any protein residues or sticky oils. A grill with removable parts that can be washed easily is a great option.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor

While most people associate outdoor grilling with cooking outdoors, electric grills are also great for indoor grilling. You should choose an electric grill that is portable and can be used indoors.


While some electric grills can be used for one person or two, others can cook meals for the entire family. There are no better or worse electric grills. It all depends on what you intend to use the appliance for. You should also consider the size of your grill, as you will likely keep it indoors.

Wattage And Temperature

High-heat cooking will be important for you. Look out for grills capable of providing that heat consistently. A grill that can adjust heat according to what you prefer, such as cooking with lower heat or indirect heat methods, is a good choice.

Ease Of Use

Electric grills are popular for their ease-of-use and convenience.
Preheating and starting are easy. Simply flip the switch, and you'll have your electric grill ready to go in no time.


How Can You Get The Smoke Flavor On An Electric Grill?

Electric grills don't impart any smoky flavors to your food because there is no burning of fuel. A smoker box is a great option if you're looking to cook more delicious food. You place the containers on top of your food and they will hold charcoal or wood chips. You will get a better flavor from the smoke and fuel as you cook your food.

How Do You Clean An Electric Grill?

Unplug your electric grill and let it cool off. You can also take off nonstick grates from your electric grill and clean them with soapy water in the sink. There are some electric grills that have dishwasher-safe grates. However, too much grease could clog your dishwasher. Cast iron grates can be cleaned with a wire brush. After that, wash the grill with soapy water and dry thoroughly.
You'll need to wipe the outside of your grill and clean it every time you use it.

Are Electric Grills Safe?

Electric grills, panini presses, and charcoal grills can be used safely by adults, but not children. Some have contactless infrared heating technology that protects food from direct heat, while others feature a cool-touch design to keep the grill's non-cooking surfaces at a comfortable temperature. Many electric grills (and panini presses) don't heat up to temperatures capable of producing higher than 1st degree burns. However, caution should be taken. They are not manufactured with chemicals which have been linked to cancer in the past. BPA-free certification is usually listed in the product description. However, it may be stated even though it's not mentioned. It is a good idea to do your research on particular products if you are concerned.

Can You Use Metal Utensils On An Electric Griddle?

You should not use any metal utensils on electric griddles. They can damage the nonstick cooking surface. If your griddle is made from seasoned cast iron, such as our favourite stovetop griddle, you can use metal utensils.

What Can You Cook On An Electric Grill?

An electric grill can be used to cook all the same food as a charcoal or gas grill. Grills can be used to make hamburgers, hot dogs and steaks. However, depending on what grill you use, liquids may not drain as well. So, don't forget about marinades or dressings.

Are Electric Grills Smokeless?

Electric grills and sandwich presses are virtually or completely smoke-free, regardless of whether they're open, closed, contactless, direct-contact heated or designed for outdoor or camping. This is a significant advantage for indoor cooking, as electric grills offer greater control and more sophisticated heating elements. Some electric grills produce smoke depending on the type of food being prepared. However, most are safe to use indoors for many types of cooking, particularly lower-temperature ones. Searing meat, especially on low-performance grills, can create smoke.

As a normal, we keep researching and updating new information when possible to best electric grill and griddle. So, you should verify our website more regularly or subscribe to our newsletter to catch up with the updates and modifications. 

Besides the list of best electric grill and griddle of 2023, we can also assist you out. Whenever you require solving product-related issues, contact us!

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