The Best Dive Compass: Buying Guide 2024

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Best dive compass
Best dive compass

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: AOFAR Dive Compass AF-Q60 Waterproof, Durable, Compact

Aofar Dive Compass AF-Q60 is a compact dive compass, which is convenient and practical for diving. It can avoid the needle card of a traditional compass due to its unique design, which enables it to read accurately underwater. The Fluorescent dial is easy to see under water and it passed the 50 meter deep water test. Read Review

2. Runner Up: Scuba Choice Diving Dive Compass with Retractor

With a convenient compass on your bcd, you don't have to worry about losing out on the excitement of diving. No tools are required for this easy-to-use dive compass. The Retractor is designed to attach easily to your bcd or other gear and stays close until you need it. Compact and durable, the Scuba Choice Diving Compass with Retractor is a great choice for any diver. Read Review

3. Best Easy To Use: DGX Tech Compass (Northern Hemisphere)

The DGX Tech Compass is easy to read and provides accurate readings on the northern hemisphere. This compass comes with a built-in lumen sensor and light calibrations for the Northern Hemisphere, meaning it's ideal for outdoorsy people who need dependable direction when navigating their way around the great outdoors. Read Review

4. Best Convenient: Cressi Compass w/Strap and Hose Mount

Cressi Compass w/Strap and Hose Mount is a simple, yet effective tool to navigate the waters. It has a Gun-Sight Accurate special window that enables you to track your heading more easily. This compass is equipped with a red lubber line for proper orientation. A rotating ratchet bezel with double pointer makes marking your heading and reciprocal heading quick and easy. Read Review

What's the best dive compass? That depends on what you want and need. When you're just starting out or getting a new set of gear, you may not know what you need. But keep reading and explore other options to find what works for you. A good compass will help you navigate safely to your target, local landmarks, and back to the surface.

If your dive doesn’t go smoothly and you need to come up quickly, it’ll save you time by pointing in the right direction for decompression rather than having to do another circle to get back on track. It can be a challenge to find the perfect compass that meets all these needs at an affordable price, but we’re here with some recommendations so read on!.

Our team had to focus on researching and sifting through 17 hours to get such results for readers. These studies are based on customer star reviews and interviews about their feelings when using the product. When it comes to finding the best dive compass, we believe AOFAR Dive Compass AF-Q60 Waterproof, Durable, Compact is a worthy product to buy. If you're looking for additional options and more in-depth advice, you may check out the following.

Our Top Picks

  • Side Reading Window: Read the data from the side and navigate easily underwater
  • Unique Design:It can successfully avoid the pointer card needle and error. The error will not exceed ±1°
  • Durable and Compact:It measured2.6*2.6*1.6 in, 4.0oz. It is a professional diving compass
  • Fluorescent Dial:It can also be read clearly underwater.It passed the 50 meter deep water test
TOP Choice #2 Scuba Choice Diving Dive Compass with Retractor
Our Score:
Scuba Choice
  • Compass diameter 2.5", Glow in the dark
  • Convenient compass can clip to your bcd or other gear, stays close until you need it
  • Total Length: 7" (retracted), 31.5" (unretracted)
  • Retractor attached on the compass side
TOP Choice #3 DGX Tech Compass (Northern Hemisphere)
Our Score:
  • Top and Side Reading option
  • Northern Hemisphere Calibrated
  • Easy-To-Read Luminescent Face
  • Low Profile Bungee Mount
4 Cressi Compass w/Strap and Hose Mount
Our Score:
  • The Cressi Compass with Strap and Hose Mount is a modern instrument that enables easy reading in all conditions.
  • A wide anatomical band, allows the compass to be attached to the wrist. Compass measures 2.36" (6 cm) in diameter, is 1.14" (2.9 cm) high and weighs 3.25 oz (92 g).
  • Reading can take place by looking at the instrument from above or, more easily, through a Gun-Sight Accurate special window that enables more precise tracking of your heading.
  • Compass is equipped with a red lubber line for proper orientation. A rotating ratchet bezel with a double pointer for direction makes marking your heading and reciprocal heading quick and easy.
  • The magnetic compass card moves extensively in all directions, so that reading is accurate even if the instrument is not held perfectly level. The face is luminous and divided into 10° intervals.
  • The product is designed by Cressi and made in Taiwan. Cressi has been an Italian brand pioneer in scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming equipment since 1946.
  • Ratcheting 360° Bezel with Direction and Reciprocal Index Points, Headings in 30° Numbered Increments.
  • Anatomical Wrist Band, Side Window for Quick Reference & Gun-Sight Accuracy, Reliable Underwater Navigation.
  • Highly Accurate Oil Filled Compass Module, Scratch Resistance Polycarbonate Case, Top and Side Reading Design.
  • Twin Heading Indicators for Alignment of Compass Course, Indicator Marks for Every 10°
  • Easy-to-Read Bearing Indicators, Luminescent Display, High Visibility Lubber Line, Great in Limited Visibility and Low Light Conditions.
6 Scuba Choice Scuba Diving Compass Module
Our Score:
Scuba Choice
  • Glows in the dark
  • Maximum working tilt: 25 degree
  • Compass diameter: 2-1/3"
  • Max depth: 80 meters.
  • Working Temperature: -5C 55C
  • Authentic Heritage: Founded in 1936, Suunto brings over 80 years of high quality heritage craftsmanship, relentless accuracy, and pioneering innovation to our watches, compasses, and dive products
  • Bungee Cord: This SK-8 model is designed for wearing on wrist with bungee cord
  • Reliable & Precise: The SK-8 provides a high tilt compensation with easy-to-read numerals on its phosphorescent compass card; Firm-grip bezel with a ratchet at every fifth degree
  • High Quality Dive Compass: The world's most popular dive compass, the SK-8 delivers top notch underwater performance with fast stabilization and enhanced readability; Balanced for northern hemisphere
  • Pioneering Exploration: Combining advanced engineering and thoughtful design with ultra durable materials, our Suunto Dive compasses are fast, stable, and simple to use; No batteries required
  • Adjustable ratcheting bezel for setting heading and easy navigation
  • Retractor cable made with coated high strength nylon cable. Extremely Durable!
  • Two mounting connectors included: Clip and Key Ring
  • Full Tilt Compass with automatic spring loaded retractor
  • Northern Hemisphere Compass Design
  • Installed on XS Scuba CL16 retractor
  • Uses rubber boot hose with mount nut
  • Built-in quick-release buckle
  • Extension: 25” coated stainless steel cord. Pull force: 9 ounce
  • Attach to diver with split ring or snap hook
10 Aqua Lung Wrist Compass
Our Score:
Aqua Lung
  • Strap is designed to fit a variety of wrist sizes and wet/dry suit diameters
  • Luminescent gauge face for easy reading in low light
  • Large, secure 360° ratcheting bezel
  • Large side view window allows for easy and accurate navigation
  • Large easy to read numbers

What to Look For in a best dive compass?

Some consumers are concerned about ordering best dive compass. Various aspects should always be explored before making big product choices. Our expertise on best dive compass will help determine the best possible decision.

Please keep in mind the following points before selecting best dive compass:


For newly-certified divers, models with fewer buttons can be a great option.
It's easier to use large buttons between tasks. Keep in mind that you will likely be wearing thick gloves.

Compatible Technology

Logging and planning dives is easier when you have a compatible computer with your Mac or smartphone.
The USB port will be included on the basic model, but advanced models have Bluetooth.

Display Type

A dive computer that has a large, colorful display and is well-lit should be considered.
Displays of dots-matrix work as long as the data can be viewed.
The latest models in the top-of-the-range range come equipped with Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, (OLED), which provide clarity and vivid colors.

Battery Type

You don't need to replace batteries when you travel with a rechargeable battery.
It is important that your battery can be changed easily without the need for expert servicing.

Multiple Operating Modes

Modern dive computers use two modes: gauge and air.
The basic units are capable of handling at most one gas and nitrox mixture.
To be able to dive with technical gas mixtures, you need a computer that can handle multiple functions.
Rebreather is a mode to be considered. It calculates the rebreather limits.
The feature should be available to freediving fans.

Operating Modes

The three most common modes of a dive computer on the market are Air, Nitrox, and Gauge. Additional operating modes can be added depending on divers' experience and gear preference, such as watch, freediving or Trimix.


Are Dive Computers Suitable For Beginners?

Diver computers make it easy for novice divers to use. Dive computers will make safe diving much more enjoyable and alert you when there are any issues with decompression.

How Long Does A Dive Computer Last?

Battery life is dependent on how often you dive and the hours spent diving. One dive computer is capable of supporting 50 dives per year on average.
If you are able to use the device for at least an hour each day, your dive computer can last as long as 300 days before needing to be replaced.

Do I Really Need A Dive Computer?

Divers can see how long they've been submerged and the time remaining. It can also calculate your Nitrogen level, which helps to decrease the chance of getting decompression sick.

Do You Need A Dive Computer For Freediving?

Freedivers should have a dive computer. This computer not only helps you to stay safe while freediving, but it also boosts your performance.

Can You Use A Dive Computer As A Watch?

Dive computers are designed to cater for diving activities. Some of these computers are too bulky to be worn every day as wristwatches.
However, modern technology has made some of these dive computers more fashionable and compact for daily use. They can also be worn as digital watches with an optional bracelet or watch mode.

Can Dive Computers Replace Compression Tables?

The benefit is that dive computers are much more user-friendly than decompression tables. After you input your main dive data, the computer automatically calculates the pressure of any inert gas in your body. Divers will be notified if there are any missed ascent rates or decompression stops by the computer.

Our developers make it reliable for the info by their rich experience. best dive compass data is also kept up to date on any occasion. You might relax knowing that the information is updated and accurate.

Try reporting any best dive compass problems or inconsistencies so that we can make your life better. Thanks to your feedback, we'll push for even greater quality levels!

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