The 10 Best Cooktops Electric Of 2023, Tested By CampFireHQ

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Best Cooktops Electric
Best Cooktops Electric

Our Top Picks

1. Best Of The Best: Duxtop Induction Cooktop

With no open flame or heating element, food does not burn-on this induction burner. The Duxtop Induction Cooktop is easy to clean with a damp cloth and has fewer parts than conventional cooktops. It also uses less power which means using less electricity. It is durable and safe to use on glass cooktops, as well as induction ready. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: CUSIMAX Ceramic Countertop Burner

CUSIMAX Electric Ceramic Cooktop is designed to offer the most efficient, safe, and fast cooking experience. Its superior quality ceramic-coated surface offers a faster and more even heating performance. It also provides a longer lifetime than other cooktops in the market. Read Review

3. Best Reliable: Proctor Silex Electric Single Burner Cooktop

This Proctor-Silex Electric Single Burner Cooktop is compact and portable, making it perfect for home or office use. It's easy to use and is designed with a heat control dial that lets you select the right temperature for every task from keeping food warm to boiling water for coffee or tea. Read Review

4. Best Flexible: Frigidaire Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop

Frigidaire Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktops provide a premium cooking experience with a variety of cooking features. The hot-surface indicator light, cooktop surface type smooth surface and quick boil element are included. Designed with flexible elements that expand to accommodate various sizes of cookware, this model provides the cooking space you need for your culinary creations. Read Review

The electric cooktop is an essential addition to every home. It offers convenience and versatility that no other cooking appliance can match. And electric cooktops are some of the best you can buy. These electric cookers have revolutionized the way we prepare meals and they have been on the market since the late 20th century.

They’re not just convenient; they’re also energy efficient, safe, and easy to use. You don’t need any special training or tools to operate one either. What’s more, most of them come with a variety of useful features that make cooking even easier than ever before. If that wasn’t enough, most electric cooktops cost far less to operate over time than their gas-powered equivalents.

After nearly 15 hours of research, we were able to come up with many top products from prominent brands like Duxtop, Cusimax, Proctor silex, Frigidaire, Ge, Vivohome, Iseasy, Vbgk, Ramblewood. Among them, We think the best cooktops electric is Duxtop Induction Cooktop. Alternatively, if you're simply looking for another option, you may go with CUSIMAX Ceramic Countertop Burner.

Our article today focuses mainly on giving you guidelines and tips to be able to buy the right product that best suits your needs. Explore with us right here.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Duxtop Induction Cooktop
Our Score:
  • With no open flame or heating element, food does not burn-on the glass cooktop so this induction burner is easy to clean—just wipe with a damp towel. Durable 7-blade fan rapidly dissipates heat to ensure a longer product life.
  • Duxtop Induction Cooktop uses 120V 15 amp electrical outlet - standard in all North American homes; lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage.
  • Note: In order to use this and any other induction stove, you need to use cookware with a magnetic bottom, whose diameter is at least 5 inches. 2-year manufacturer's warranty, as well as customer service.
  • The auto-pan detection will shut the unit automatically after 60 seconds if no cookware is detected; equipped with diagnostic error message system, low and high voltage warning system; ETL approved.
  • Digital control panel. Built-in count-down digital timer with 1 minute increments up to 170 minutes; 10 temperature range from 140 °F to 460 °F; 10 power levels from 200 to 1800 Watts.
TOP Choice #2 CUSIMAX Ceramic Countertop Burner
Our Score:
  • [Customer Service]--CUSIMAX offer a outstanding 30-day hassle-free return policy. All CUSIMAX products are covered by Product Liability Insurance of United States. For details, please refer to the instruction manual. (Note: It is normal the machine will get hot because it has higher calorific value when it works.The heating light may cycle on and off during operation.) We provide free replacement service for 18 months and the best customer service.
  • [Safety, Easy to Clean, Durable]--Automatic safety shutoff function,temperature is regulated by a thermostat. Easy to clean durable ceramic cooktop. Stainless steel body built to withstand frequent use.
  • [2 Burners and Convenient]--Convenient Cooking in Smaller Spaces, cook food including warm sauces, decoct steak, grilled cheese, boil water, make soup, cook pasta and vegetables and do so much more.
  • [All Types of Cookware]--CUSIMAX Ceramic Double Hot Plate is suitable for All Type of cooker. Pots and pans ranging to 7.1’’+7.1’’, including glass and aluminum and heats cookware efficiently with minimal heat loss.
  • [Convenient]--Great for every day use or as an extra cooking appliance in a busy kitchen. No stovetop required. Whether it's your home kitchen, apartment, RV, office or back garden, it can meet your different needs.
TOP Choice #3 Proctor Silex Electric Single Burner Cooktop
Our Score:
Proctor Silex
  • VERSATILE COOKING — HEAT ADJUSTS FROM WARM TO HIGH The heat dial on this adjustable temperature portable electric stove lets you select the right temperature for every task from keeping food warm to boiling water for coffee or tea
  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT FOR EASY TRAVEL AND STORAGE Add extra cooking space where and when you need it most from over the holidays and during home renovations to hot-pot style dining and camping It fits anywhere is easy to move around and is compact for easy storage
  • SINGLE BURNER WORKS WITH ALL TYPES OF COOKWARE This adjustable temperature electric burner (single) is compatible with every kind of cookware including aluminum (which will not work on an induction cooker)
  • FAST HEATING WITH 1200 WATTS Quickly boil water first thing in the morning for pour-over coffee or hot tea prepare a family meal or keep a side dish warm This electric stove (single) heats up quickly so beverages and meals are ready when you are
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN PLATE AND HINGED 5 5 INCH DIAMETER COIL For easy cleaning lift up the heating coil after it cools completely to access the plate beneath then simply wipe away any spills or messy drips
  • 30 Inch Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop with 4 Elements, Hot Surface Indicator, Installs Over Oven, Ready-Select Controls in Black
  • JP3030DJBB
  • Quick Boil Element: Get meals on the table faster with our powerful 3,000W Quick Boil element. Keep Warm Zone: Keep food warm until everything - and everyone - is ready. SpaceWise: Expandable Element. Flexible element expand to your cooking needs.
  • Ceramic Glass Cooktop: For a more-beautiful cooktop that's easy to clean. Ready-Select Controls: Easily control your cooking temperature with our easy-to-use controls. Hot Surface Indicator: Alerts you when your cooktop may be too warm to touch.
  • Size: Exterior Width 36" Cutout Width 36.125" Cutout Height 5" Cutout Depth 20.5" Depth 21.375" Width 36.75" Height 2.625"
  • Warranty: Limited 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Burner Elements: Front Left Output: 2500. Back Left Output: 1200. Back Right Output: 1200. Front Right Output: 3000. Middle Back Right Output: 100
7 VIVOHOME Electric Radiant Cooktop
Our Score:
  • MODERN KITCHEN APPLIANCE - The smooth top with black ceramic glass resists high temperature and is durable for use; Built-in design could save space and fit perfectly with any kitchen counter; Knob control with LED display is convenient for accurate temperature change and intelligent cooking
  • COMPATIBLE AND CONVENIENT - VIVOHOME 29 Inch Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop is compatible with almost all types of cookware including wok, glass cookware, stainless steel pot, aluminum pot and so on; TIPS: The cut out size should be smaller than 29"L*19.6"W and larger than 26.8"L*19.3"W
  • HIGH POWER OUTPUT - VIVOHOME 29 inch electric cooktop is equipped with 4 burners, 2 of which have expandable heating elements that ensure rapid heating-up, giving you an efficient cooking experience; 5 cooking power levels from 1100W to 7400W; Easy temperature control meets various cooking requirements, including boil, fry, stew, etc
  • DIGITAL TIMING DESIGN - 3-90 minutes digital timer control with 11 level adjustment ensures precise control of heating time, and avoids food from overcooking or burning; The heating of burner would turn off automatically when the timer goes off, making you enjoy a leisure cooking time
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE - This electric cooktop has multiple protection functions for reliable use; Residual heat indicator works when the temperature of any heater exceeds 140℉ (60℃) and prevents people from scald efficiently; Child safety lock could lock the cooktop and prevent accidental switching, ensuring the security of your whole family
  • 🍲【Widely Used】The 30" ceramic cooktop works with any kind of cookwares, which makes it a perfect cooking companion for you.Simultaneous 4 burners cooking save more time and makes it easy to handle multi-person parties.
  • 🍲【Make Cooking Time & Energy Saving】This electric cooktop ceramic stove 4 burners offers 1-99min Timer and Continue/Pause function which makes cooking easy and enjoyable. It is freely adjustable to suit your cooking needs. 1200W&1600W&2000W&2400W. High-power induction cooker saves you cooking time.
  • 🍲【Touch Sensor Control】Modern sleek black smoothtop cooktop with built-in design. 30 inch electric stovetop with digital sensor touch controls help to easy control the electric cooker heating accurately.Set power& timer and then enjoy leisure cooking time.
  • 🍲【Safe Protection】Each burner of this 220v electric cooktop applied with multiple safety devices, such as Over-heating Protection, Hot Surface Indicator, Child Lock and Auto-Shutoff.
  • 🍲【Applicable to all Pots】The Built-in 30 inch cooktop is a electric ceramic cooktop, can meet the needs of various pots, such as iron, aluminum, ceramics, stainless steel, copper, heat-resistant glass ... as long as it is a pan, it can be heated on it. This gives you more freedom to choose the pot.Please confirm if it is suitable before purchasing:220-240V,50/60Hz, product size:30.3x20.4x2inch, cut out size:( WxD ): 29.1*19.3inch.
  • 【Wide Range of Application】 The electric radiant cooktop is used with iron, stainless steel, casserole, aluminum, copper, glass, bbq tray, ceramics and other induction cookers. The simple design makes it very suitable for home and outdoor cooking. Low and high-pressure alarm system.
  • 【Safety Double Burner Electric Cooktop】 VBGK 2 burner electric cooktop is equipped with a child safety lock, timer and overheat protection device, and the round edges without sharp corners. Set the timer from 1 minute to 120 minutes. Just set the power setting and timer, then let the electric stove top do the rest, and you can enjoy the leisure time and its excellent cooking performance.
  • 【Built-in Ceramic Cooktop Head】This portable electric stove burner can be built-in or placed independently. Easy to install. The smooth surface and built-in design save valuable countertop space, effortless cleaning and durable use for long time.
  • 【9 Power Levels & 20 Temperature Settings】VBGK sensor touch control electric cooktop has 9 power levels to meet your different choice to cook a variety of different foods, perfect for braise, fry, simmer, steaming, boil, stir-frying, roast. The electric burner has 20 temperature settings, ranging from 80°C to 650°C. Suitable for 110-120V, (Plug included).
  • 【Dual Powerful Cooking Zone】This 12'' electric stovetop is equipped with two independent heating zones, allowing you to set each heating zone separately using the LCD display. Independent power 1200W+800W, which can quickly cook 2 dishes of delicious dishes at the same time, saving a lot of time.
  • SpaceWise expandable elements: flexible elements expand your cooking needs
  • 30-inch electric cooktop
  • Five burner elements
  • Express-Select controls, easily go from warm to boil

What to Look For in a best cooktops electric?

The best cooktops electric is assessed based on many factors. best cooktops electric research varies depending on the type, feature, and quality of this product. It is not too complex to cover, yet we will give you some buying guide and solutions to these problems.

Please take a closer look at best cooktops electric characteristics below would be beneficial for you. Let’s look through and keep in mind:


It is important that countertop burners with electric are user-friendly when purchasing them. This product will be used for many years so you need to be able to understand and use it easily. You should not have to go through too many steps to use the electric countertop burners or it is too difficult to comprehend how they work.

Burner Type

The tops of portable electric burners may be flat or coiled. If the flat top is used, it can be either cast iron or glass. The heating element underneath may also work. Whileer, coil burners tend to be heavier and more difficult to clean. Although flat burners may be less stable and more sturdy than coil ones, their price is often higher. Induction burners require compatible cookware.

Burner Size

If the burner diameter is within the cooking vessel's bottom, you will get maximum efficiency and uniformity. For smaller skillets and saucepans, the range is usually between 7 to 9 inches. Woks as well as coffee pots and other small cookware may have a smaller base. Be sure that you have enough burner space if you intend to use larger saute pans or stockpots with a portable burner.


Consider the following features before purchasing countertop stoves. Although many of the products available today offer many features, they may not be needed or beneficial for all customers. You need to be clear about what countertop burners you require before purchasing one. You should find the features easy to use, reliable and long-lasting. It's important to choose a product with many features if you want to add value to your life. Higher prices will mean more features. It's best to purchase only those features that you really need, and at aer price.

Load Capacity And Wattage

Many portable burners do not have the bulk of full-size stovetops and are therefore less powerful than standard multiburner cooking ranges. It is important to check that the burner you choose fits your needs. You will get better results heating larger pots and boiling them at high temperatures if you increase the wattage. The burner's capacity to hold more than 50 pounds will make it suitable for both daily cooking and specialized tasks like beer brewing or canning.


In deciding whether you buy countertop burners, consider also the material. High-quality countertop burners are made of stronger materials.

Consider the potential environmental impacts of your material. You are likely to find a product that's made using recycled materials more eco-friendly.

It is also important to consider whether the material is safe. Countertop burners with electric are not recommended for anyone who is concerned about their health. Many products contain harmful chemicals such as mercury or lead. Look for "lead free" labels to ensure you are safe.


How Do You Get Melted Plastic Off An Electric Burner?

Melted plastic can cause a stench, so you might consider setting your burner up outside. If you have a cast iron coil burner or an aluminum skillet, reduce the heat until the plastic is softened. After that, scrape off any excess with a silicon or wood spatula. When you are done, increase the heat and allow the remaining plastic to cook. To remove any plastic remaining on the glass-top burner, scrape it the same as before.

Will A Portable Electric Burner Boil Water?

A portable electric stove can boil water. However, the real question is what amount of water you need to boil. How long does it take. Many factors affect the results, such as water temperature and altitude. You can have a significant impact on the surface area and heat source of your burner. The burner's power, efficiency, and size will affect the speed at which water boils.

How Does An Electric Burner Work?

A majority of electric burners depend on coils. Coils can be either placed under or above a glass or cast-iron surface. This allows electricity to circulate through the coils and heats the pot. Cast iron burners perform in the same fashion as coil-burners, except they are made out of solid metal. An electric burner with a glass top heats up and transfers to the glass. Once the desired temperature is reached, it turns on and off. Differently, an induction stove works by creating magnet energy, which is transferred through the pane to warm the pot.

Can I Use A Countertop Burner To Boil Water?

Some countertop burners can not hold up to full-size stoves and others may be less durable than others, however, they should boil water well.

Is There Anything You Shouldn't Use On An Electric Burner?

Standard electric burners are portable and built-in, so they can take all sorts of metal cookware. Cast iron, which heats faster, retains heat more effectively than aluminum, while cast iron cools quicker, but heats less quickly. Glass-top stoves are more susceptible to scratching so cookware made of ceramic, cast iron, and heavy saucepans must be handled with care. For other purposes, save glass and plastic pots.

Are Countertop Burners Safe?

They're usually just as safe as your household stove. You might argue that they are safer because an electric range needs twice the power (a 240V outlet), whereas countertop options require a 120V outlet.

Their use is what can make them less safe. It's a bad idea to "expand" your stove and add a countertop cooktop burner, but place it next to the sink. You're putting your electrical components at risk. It's asking for an accident or a simple fire.

These can also cause burns if placed on hot stoves in the kitchen. Avoid using these items on high breakfast bars or slim counters.

Last, safety is important: If your countertop burner uses butane gas as its fuel, make sure you have enough ventilation. These burners are less safe during winter because people won't open their windows to let the cold in.

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Keep in mind that any things related to best cooktops electric are in our hands. Thus, you can contact and ask for help whenever you need it. Thank you!

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