The Best Compact Blender Of 2024: Top Picks

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Best Compact Blender
Best Compact Blender

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender

You will like this product cause Nutri Ninja cups with takeaway lids will give you easy access to delicious, nutritious juices on the go. All parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Read Review

2. Best For Price: Ninja QB3001SS Fit Compact Personal Blender

You will like this product cause you can crush ice cubes and frozen ingredients to make resort-style frozen drinks, smoothies, frozen snacks, and more. Read Review

3. Best Easy To Clean: Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Perfect for family meals or entertaining! With the Professional Series 750, you can easily feed a crowd in a 64-ounce container that fits most kitchen cabinets. Read Review

4. Best Quality: nutribullet Personal Blender

NutriBullet is the quickest and easiest solution for making nutrient-dense smoothies. Load it up with your favorite whole foods like nuts, berries, and spinach, then swipe, twist, and blend for a healthier lifestyle. Read Review

If you're short on space in the kitchen, live in a dorm or small apartment, don't need big appliances, or prefer significant devices that fill your countertop, a small personal blender may be better than a giant machine.

Personal blenders are designed to blend single-serving smoothies and shakes and can be taken anywhere in the same container you agree. Like standard blenders, they are powerful enough to mix small batches of dips, sauces, and batters. A personal blender is an essential kitchen for making delicious smoothies on the go - perfect for a busy lifestyle, kids, or even when traveling.

Our team had to focus on researching and sifting through 16 hours to get such results for readers. These studies are based on customer star reviews and interviews about their feelings when using the product. When finding the Best Compact Blender, we believe the Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender is an excellent product. If you're looking for additional options and more in-depth advice, you may check out the following.

Our Top Picks

The Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups is a professional, powerful kitchen tool with 1100 watts of power. Its 72 oz* XL blender jar features a Total Crushing blade that cuts through ice and frozen fruit in seconds for perfect ice breaking, blending, and controlled processing.

Moreover, the XL capacity is perfect for making the whole family's creams, frozen drinks, and smoothies!


TOP Choice #2 Ninja QB3001SS Fit Compact Personal Blender
Our Score:

This product has a powerful 700-watt propelling hybrid motor base that powers everything in the tank, giving you the best ninja blend possible. It unlocks hidden nutrients from whole fruits and vegetables. Beverages containing vitamins and nutrients derived from fruits and vegetables. 
In addition, it is compact enough to install on any countertop, with intuitive, easy-to-use controls.


TOP Choice #3 Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender
Our Score:

This product has five program settings that automatically handle smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, purees, and self-cleaning so you can spend more time with your loved ones.
Moreover, with variable speed control and pulse function, you can manually fine-tune the texture of each recipe. It is also perfect for family meals and entertaining while easily fitting under most kitchen cabinets. 


4 nutribullet Personal Blender
Our Score:

A powerful 600-watt motor and precision nutrient-extracting blades blend whole foods into liquid fuel for your body to use - in seconds. The powerful stainless steel extraction blade uses a cyclone action to chop up harsh ingredients. High-performance, BPA-free plastic cups are built to last.
In addition, it is easy to clean - just unscrew the blade, rinse with soap and water, and place the cup on the top rack of the dishwasher.


Nutri Ninja Pro gives you a powerful nutrient and vitamin extractive power to extract hidden nutrients from whole fruits and vegetables. 900W professional power chops fruits and vegetables to make nutritious juices anytime, anywhere.

Besides, the Ninja Pro Extractor blade crushes ice, seeds, skins, and stalks for a smooth, even consistency. Unscrew the Sip & Seal cap and take your drink with you. All parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. 


6 Magic Bullet Blender, Small
Our Score:
Magic Bullet

This product can get any job done in 10 seconds or less! Includes a 10-second recipe book, just like your personal food processor and blender assistant. Convenient, versatile, and easy to use, Magic Bullet blenders and food processors take up minimal counter space while displaying maximum speed and versatility.

Furthermore, with its unique design and compact size, the Magic Bullet blender and food processor can cut, blend, blend, blend, whip, grind, and more in less time than assembling standard kitchen appliances.



7 Ninja NC301 CREAMi Ice Cream Maker
Our Score:

Ninja CREAMi lets you turn everyday ingredients into ice cream, smoothie bowls, shakes, and more. You can easily enjoy a variety of frozen treats like decadent ice cream, light ice cream, dairy-free, gluten-free, and more. Ninja CREAMi creates delicious dishes that fit your lifestyle.
Moreover, you can customize your flavors and textures by mixing your favorite chocolates, nuts, candies, fruits, and more to personalize every CREAMi treat.

More To Consider

9 Goodful bu Cuisinart CB300GF 300-Watt
Our Score:
Goodful by Cuisinart

How Can You Choose The best compact blender Among Numerous Products From Different Brands?

It can take you much time to research the outcome of best compact blender. It doesn't mean you can’t get the best one for yourself. We are the experts specializing in studying market and products. We will help you with your best compact blender issues, no matter what time it is!

Please have a closer look at the things below to evaluate and then choose the right best compact blender for your need:


While single people may not need multiple cups to keep them safe, having one cup for everyone is a good idea if you make morning smoothies with the whole family. Although you may be able to buy extra cups for blenders, you will find it convenient to have everything you need in one place.


Even though the majority of blenders do not offer the full range of options that a larger blender has, they still have their place. Be sure to look out for features such as pulse settings, one-touch options and portability like travel lids or easy pour spouts.


Do not use your bottle brush as a blender if you have limited time or don't want to wash it.


When it comes to personal blenders, portability is important. However, you will only be carrying the cup. You should look for a heavier blender system (or suction cups), to make sure your blender remains on the counter. Otherwise, you might have to keep it still while you blend.


Wattage, while it may not give you a complete indication of how powerful a blender is, it will tell you. A blender's power is generally determined by its wattage.
People who blend only soft foods such as bananas or yogurt will require less power to do the same job as those who plan on making dense, frozen vegetables and ice. If you blend in the morning, while your family is asleep, a blender might need more power.

Blender Cup Capacity

Is your morning smoothie too big? Does it appeal to you that the smoothie can be blended once and then divided into multiple cups or does your family prefer different flavours? Make sure you choose the right kit size.


Can A Personal Blender Crush Ice?

Personal blenders can crush ice. This is an important feature for those who like to make icy drinks such as slushies and frozen margaritas.
Ice should not be handled by motors that are more powerful than they are (wattage).

Can You Put Frozen Fruit In A Personal Blender?

Although you can use frozen fruits in your personal blender to make a smooth mixture, it is important to add the correct amount of liquid to the frozen ingredients. For more information, consult the manual.

Blend frozen fruits in your blender until you get a consistent result. If the mixture is still not blended, let it sit at room temperature for five to ten minutes. Then blend to partially thaw.

How Powerful Are Personal Blenders?

Because they have smaller motors than standard blenders, personal blenders tend to be less powerful. But, these blenders still pack enough power to create delicious shakes, smoothies, and sauces. The blender's exact power is dependent on the wattage. Higher wattages mean that the blender will have more power. For a comparison of the power and performance of various personal blenders, ensure you read through the specifications.

How Does A Personal Blender Differ From A Mini Blender?

The average personal blender will be slightly larger than the mini blender. They can accommodate more food and are generally more powerful in terms of wattage. Personal blenders are also a little taller that mini-blenders. You might consider smaller blenders, or even normal mini blenders. Mini-blenders are more affordable than personal blenders, but that's for good reasons: power!

Is A Juicer The Same As A Blender?

Juicers are used for separating the juice from the other components of fruits and veggies. However, you might not be able to absorb all of the nutrients contained in pulp. Because you can blend smoothies or shakes in your blender, it will make you feel fuller for longer.

Can A Personal Blender Blend Leafy Greens?

A personal blender will chop and blend leafy leaves to create green smoothies. A few personal blenders may be more effective at crushing leaves than others.

We suppose that these descriptions above are accurate and objective since experts give them. The best compact blender information, in other words, is continuously updated. Thus, don’t worry about the out-of-date data. Rest assured!

If you have any questions, let inform us. We will make all our effort to solve your problems, and please feel free to do that. Thank you!

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