The 10 Best Cat Trap Of 2024, Tested By CampFireHQ

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Best Cat Trap
Best Cat Trap

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: OxGord Live Animal Trap

The OxGord Trap is the perfect solution for safely and effectively removing unwanted animals from your property. Its smooth internal edges and sturdy wire mesh exterior provide a humane and secure way to capture animals. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: HomGarden Cat Trap

The HomGarden Cat Trap is the only trap with a smart safety feature preventing escapes and stolen bait. The bait-lock system makes it easy to use, and once the pedal is touched slightly, the trap will be triggered, and the door will shut up immediately. Read Review

3. Best Reliable: Humane Way Animal Trap

The Humane Way Animal Trap is the perfect solution for keeping the yards and gardens safe from destructive rodents and animals without resorting to lethal measures. Read Review

4. Best Safety: ANT MARCH Cat Trap

The ANT MARCH live animal trap cage is the perfect solution for capturing pesky critters with a large enough opening to fit your captured animal inside and a durable design to prevent damage to your property. Read Review

5. Best Solid: HOMESTEAD Live Animal Trap

The HOMESTEAD Trap is the perfect solution for humane and effective animal capture. This trap is built to withstand even the most challenging conditions, thanks to its high-quality construction with rust-resistant wire mesh and heavy-duty steel. Read Review

When you have cats, they will always be around. These feline friends can sometimes be a nuisance and a menace, but if you care about your home and family, you’ll need to deal with them. You might have tried numerous methods to get rid of those pesky kitties.

This article will discuss the best cat trap safe for your furry friends and pets. This topic is essential because no trapping method works for every home or situation. There are so many traps on the market today that it can be overwhelming when you first take up this hobby. However, not every trap is made equally; some are much better than others for specific situations and environments. 

Following extensive study and analysis, We think the best cat trap of 2024 is OxGord Live Animal Trap because this humane animal cage trap features a spring-loaded door and sensitive triggers, making it incredibly simple to bait those stray cats or renegade raccoons. However, it is not the only thing on our list. We also show a complete buyer's guide; several options are available to help you find the most suitable one.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 OxGord Live Animal Trap
Our Score:

This trap protects the animal with rounded internal edges and an outside made of wire mesh, leading to the successful and risk-free capture of unwanted animals. This humane animal cage trap features a spring-loaded door and sensitive triggers, making it incredibly simple to bait those stray cats or renegade raccoons. In addition, this product can be collapsed and flattened, helping you store it easily. 

This product's illustration instructions are a bit complex, but this product is easy to use. Because in contrast to other animal traps, this product features an easy-to-use bait and-release system that uses secure, injury-free inside edges to protect animals captured from harm. You do nothing but lay the bait and wait until a stray cat, rabbit, or squirrel is caught in the trap. Because this product is sturdy and long-lasting steel, you don't need to be concerned about the animals getting loose. 

TOP Choice #2 HomGarden Cat Trap
Our Score:

This trap is galvanized to provide the highest possible protection against rust and corrosion. Moreover, it is constructed of durable rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcing for long life. With this product, you are protected from injury during transportation by robust doors and handle guards, and animals are protected from injury by internal edges that have been rounded off. The trigger rod is kept outside of the trap so that the animal cannot harm it while they are caught.

This live animal trap cage is ideal for capturing raccoons, opossums, cats, rabbits, and other unwanted animals of a similar size. It can also be used to relocate or rescue street-savvy wild animals. Although the mesh apertures on these traps are far smaller than those on equivalent traps, they can prevent escapes and the theft of bait well. This product is simple to use, bait, and release after use. When the pedal is depressed even a little, the mechanism that activates the trap will be set off, and the door will immediately close. Nevertheless, it would be best if the back locking bar were stronger to help make this product more solid.

TOP Choice #3 Humane Way Animal Trap
Our Score:

This ethical manner lives animal traps are an effective, non-lethal method of controlling rodents and other harmful animals in typical yards and gardens. These animal traps are designed to be simple to assemble, provide a safe habitat for the captured animals, and have an easy removal process once they are ready. Although the latch is a bit long, this product still works well.

The humane approach lives trap is ideal for use as a straightforward, non-lethal solution for various animal problems, including but not limited to coyotes, stray dogs, raccoons, possums, and foxes. Because of its user-friendly construction, this trap has an uncomplicated and easy-to-understand method, making it suitable for novices and seasoned fishermen. The trap may be built into the S shape without equipment from its flat state. It has been created with a straightforward gravity action locking door mechanism to provide a safe and secure capture, and it is extremely small so that it can be stored easily.

4 ANT MARCH Cat Trap
Our Score:

The ANT MARCH live animal trap cage is designed for trapping raccoons, squirrels, opossums, voles, groundhogs, cats, rabbits, armadillos, rats, weasels, and other similarly-sized unwanted animals. It can also be used to relocate or rescue streetwise wild animals. This snare is made of durable rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcing for long life. Moreover, it has been galvanized to provide the highest possible level of rust resistance. 

The ANT MARCH Huge one-Door Animal Trap is built to be dependable and durable enough to handle the demands of outdoor circumstances and the rebellious animals you may trap. In addition, each trap is made with rust-resistant, galvanized, 12-gauge wire mesh to prevent rusting and provides long-lasting protection for your property against animal pests that cause harm. The spring-loaded door and sensitive triggers offer swift and secure captures that are tailored to the size of the animal being targeted, thereby preventing unwanted catches. Even though this product seems a bit flimsy, it is still an excellent choice.

5 HOMESTEAD Live Animal Trap
Our Score:

This product is built to last a long time and offers the highest possible level of rust and corrosion resistance thanks to its construction with high-quality, rust-resistant wire mesh and heavy-duty steel. With this product, animals cannot escape from the traps because of the solid reinforcing door. In addition, you are safeguarded by the safety guard handle while being transported. It has rounded corners inside to prevent animal injury and wire mesh on the outside.

This heavy-duty live trap is designed for capturing raccoons, opossums, groundhogs, skunks, feral cats, squirrels, rabbits, and other unwanted creatures of a similar size and weight. This helps prevent animals from escaping the trap and stealing the bait. The animal trap has a small eye mesh of 1 inch, so you will save time and effort by purchasing this heavy-duty live animal trap that is already constructed. However, it would be best if this trap had a handle on the door to help you let out the animal easier.

The ZENY live animal trap cage is suitable for trapping raccoons, opossums, cats, rabbits, and other similarly-sized unwanted animals and relocating or rescuing streetwise wild animals. You are protected by the sturdy door and broad handle guard during transit. The wire mesh used in constructing this trap is excellent quality and corrosion-resistant. In addition, it is also durable and highly tensile, and its inside edges have been flattened to protect animals from injury. 

Because of its loaded door and sensitive triggers, this trap is perfect for humanely trapping raccoons, stray cats, groundhogs (woodchucks), opossums, armadillos, and other nuisance species of similar size. You can quickly set it up in a matter of minutes, and it folds flat for storage so that it won't take up excessive space in your room. In addition to that, you can release quickly to free undesirable animals. The only drawback of this product is that the spring mechanism welds may become loose after a long time, but you don't need to worry too much. Because you only take it to the nearest shop to have them repaired a little, everything will be ok.

7 PULOMI Live Animal Cage Trap
Our Score:

The 31 x 11.5 x 12.5 Mesh apertures are narrower than those found in other traps of equal size to prevent escapes and the theft of food of animals well. The durable rust-resistant wire mesh used in its construction is made of steel that has been galvanized for optimal resistance to rust and corrosion. Furthermore, this humane animal cage trap is designed with a spring-loaded door and sensitive triggers, making it very simple to catch stray cats or renegade raccoons.

This trap can be used indoors or outdoors and is safe for children and animals. Using this product, you can safely capture unwanted animals since it has smooth inside edges and an exterior made of wire mesh. This will prevent the animal from being injured throughout the capture process. Besides, you can collapse it very quickly; when you want to use it, you only have to open it quickly. This product has a slight downside: the trap plate is a bit high, but you don't need to be concerned too much because it doesn't affect you too much. 

More To Consider

8 JungleA  32"x13"x12" Cage Trap
Our Score:
9 Tomahawk DT2 - XL 4' Drop Trap
Our Score:
Tomahawk Live Trap
10 Jahy2Tech Cat Trap
Our Score:

What to Look For in a best cat trap?

A valuable product is determined by many factors (included below). The process of researching the best cat trap is pretty significant because of these features related to the products. However, rest assured that we are here to support your challenges.

Having a closer look at the following factors would benefit you a lot. These are the most important things among various ones you need to consider:

Closure Speed

Metal traps, galvanized or ungalvanized, eventually rust when exposed to the elements. How fast traps can close will be affected by the rust. Even though there is no rust in the traps, metal grating can cause traps to not close as quickly as they should. Sometimes, the door may not close completely due to metal burrs left over from manufacturing.
When you remove the trap, inspect the door mechanism and clean out any protruding or burrs that might hinder the door from moving. Apply a light amount of sewing machine oil on the moving parts. Do not use too much oil, as the smell may scare the animals.
Use no vegetable oil. This will only attract animals to the trap, where they'll lick at the oil to make it more attractive. They should ignore the trap and enter the room.


Galvanized steel is used in most live capture traps for its strength and durability as well as weather resistance. While the steel mesh is large enough to allow for air circulation, it's still sufficiently small that animals can't escape after being caught.
Some animal traps can be made from clear plastic. The clear plastic allows you to see inside the cage and prevents the animal from running away. You can not scratch, claw or bite the animal.

Legal Note

Before you purchase traps, find out what your local trapping laws are. Only test the traps you have purchased in practice or in season. Remember that traps found in illegal areas could also be used for emergencies and may even constitute intent to violate game laws.

Strength And Resilience

No matter what type of trap you use, it should be strong enough that the animal cannot escape. Make sure you check the material used to make your trap. A good option is galvanized steel mesh, but make sure you check the gauge.
Look out for traps which are specifically designed to not injure the animal. Steel mesh traps may be deadly if an animal tries to escape but gets stuck. For the animals' welfare, a strong and sturdy trap is equally important as capturing them successfully.

Hand Protection

They are often unpredictable and panicked, so they will run away from you if they get trapped with someone. When you try to free them from the cage, they will often throw themselves at you. They don't know what to do and will fight to free you.
If you do not want to get bitten or clawed, solid metal plates around your top handle and door latches is a good idea.
You may also find the other side to the coin. The animal might be paralyzed by fear and will need to be thrown out of its trap. If you are forced to, be prepared to leap. Most of the time the animal will flee, but if it is forced to run or attack, that's when they will be aggressive. It is impossible to predict which one it will be so keep your eyes open.


A trap too small is just like a pair of shoes. You may find yourself in a bad position and regret buying it. The animals may be scared to try and squeeze in the trap if it is too small. They might be able to launch themselves from the trap if the size of the trap is not large enough.
Make sure to identify the type of animal that you are dealing with before you buy a trap. Next, find out the average size for that species in your region. Even within the same species of animal, sizes can differ greatly between regions.


Before you make a purchase, be sure to check the functionality of your animal trap. The specifications of an animal trap will often determine its functionality. The functionality of animal traps increases as the specifications become more complex.


Are there any risks associated with using a cat trap?

Yes, there are risks associated with using a cat trap. If the trap is not set up correctly, there is a risk that a wild animal may become trapped instead of a cat. Additionally, cats can become scared and stressed if they are trapped for too long, so it is important to check the trap regularly and release the cat as soon as possible.

How do I set a cat trap?

Setting a cat trap is a simple process that requires the right materials and patience. First, you'll need to purchase or build a humane trap. Next, place the trap in an area where cats are known to frequent and bait it with food. Finally, check the trap regularly, and when you have a cat, release it in a safe location.

How do I choose a humane cat trap?

Humane cat traps come in a variety of styles and sizes. Look for one that is large enough for the cat to move around and comfortable, with a secure door and escape-proof sides. Traps should also be lined with a soft material like carpet or blankets to make the cat more comfortable.

What food should I use to bait a cat trap?

The best bait for a cat trap is wet or smelly food, like canned tuna or sardines. You can also try using dry cat food, tuna juice, or a combination of both. Be sure to check the trap regularly, as bait can spoil quickly in warm weather.

As a normal, we keep researching and updating new information when possible to best cat trap. So, you should verify our website more regularly or subscribe to our newsletter to catch up with the updates and modifications. 

Besides the list of best cat trap of 2024, we can also assist you out. Whenever you require solving product-related issues, contact us!

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