The Best Budget Propane Grills For 2024

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Best Budget Propane Grills
Best Budget Propane Grills

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Char-Broil 463377319 Performance Propane Gas Grill

Get grilling with the Char-Broil 463377319 Performance Propane Gas Grill. With its reliable electric ignition, you can fire up your grill quickly. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: American Gourmet 463773717 Propane Gas Grill

This grill is designed to provide extra storage and prep space, and it features a porcelain-coated steel lid for long-lasting durability. This grill is perfect for outdoor cooking with its easy-to-clean design and easy assembly. Read Review

3. Best Portable: Monument Grills Larger 3-Burner Propane Gas Grills

The Monument Grills 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill is ideal for outdoor grilling and entertaining. It has 36,000 BTUs of cooking power and can handle everything from steaks and burgers to veggies and seafood. Read Review

4. Best Easy to Clean: Camplux Propane Gas Griddle Grill

This Camplux Propane Gas Griddle Grill is perfect for outdoor grilling and entertaining. It features a unique H-shaped stainless steel burner, which puts out over 15,000 BTUs of heat. Read Review

5. Best Design: MASTER COOK Gas Grill

The MASTER COOK Gas Grill is the perfect way to enjoy all your outdoor grilling needs. With its integrated piezo ignition system, it ensures quick and reliable startups. Read Review

If you're looking for a great way to cook some delicious meals, you need to consider getting a budget propane grill. Propane grills are an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the convenience of grilling without spending too much money. They are relatively affordable and come with a range of features that make them ideal for grilling up your favorite foods.

From their easy-to-use design to their efficient heating system, there's much to love about budget propane grills. In this article, we'll look at some of the best budget propane grills on the market today, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing one for your backyard. We'll review each model's features, pros and cons, and pricing, so you can decide which one is right for you. 

We think the best budget propane grills of 2024 is Char-Broil 463377319 Performance Propane Gas Grill. This product's swing-away warming rack provides additional cooking space for browning buns or preparing side dishes. However, to give the reader a wider variety of alternatives, we recommend adding American Gourmet 463773717 Propane Gas Grill if you are interested in purchasing another appealing one. Its piezo ignition mechanism allows you to start the burner quickly and dependably with the push of a button. 

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Char-Broil 463377319 Performance Propane Gas Grill
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The performance of four top-ported burners made of stainless steel is designed to be long-lasting and sturdy, and they provide a wide temperature range with precision control. The primary cooking surface is porcelain-coated cast iron grates that are corrosion-resistant. It has a width of 23 inches and a depth of 18.5 inches, offering sufficient area for grilling around 20 burgers. The swing-away warming rack provides additional cooking space for browning buns or preparing side dishes. 

With an electronic ignition system, you only need to click a button to start the engine. When not used, the lid may be folded down to shield the burner and provide additional space for working or preparing food. A temperature gauge positioned on the lid gives you grilling more control and monitoring of the heat. Unfortunately, this product's burner hoods may wear out after a long time, so you must replace them to continue using them.

TOP Choice #2 American Gourmet 463773717 Propane Gas Grill
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The American Gourmet Classic grill has three burners that provide 30,000 BTUs of heat across a cooking surface. This allows it to accommodate enormous meals that the whole family will enjoy. The cooking surface is fourteen inches deep and twenty-six inches broad, and it has porcelain-coated grates that help keep food from sticking and are simple to clean. It has three inline burners made of stainless steel, which are built to last and provide excellent performance in the kitchen.

The grill's firebox and lid are made out of porcelain-coated steel for greater durability, making them capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. In addition, inline burners offer superior control over the range of heat from high to low. The piezo ignition mechanism allows you to start the burner quickly and dependably with the push of a button. However, it would be best if this gas grill had a propane weight gauge to help you easily hang it.

TOP Choice #3 Monument Grills Larger 3-Burner Propane Gas Grills
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Monument Grills

This portable but powerful grill has a total cooking capacity of 36,000 BTU, allowing you to quickly prepare meals for six to eight people despite its compact size. It distributes the heat evenly and quickly, which saves your cooking time. This product has porcelain cast iron grids, triangles, and oil drip pans, helping you easily clean after use. Moreover, this grill is easy to start with an ignition button. 

This grill's LED Control Knobs provide improved visibility at night, contributing an outstanding ambiance to the overall cooking experience in your home. The side shelves on either side can be folded over to save room when utilized in this manner. In addition, this compact propane grill is highly portable because it has wheels and can be taken virtually anywhere. This product's propane hose is long enough to help you easily connect to the tank. The only drawback of this product is that its parts are a bit hard to assemble, so you should look for detailed instructions on Google to learn how to do it.

4 Camplux Propane Gas Griddle Grill
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This grill's distinctive H-shaped burner is made of stainless steel, emits more than 15,000 BTUs of heat, and distributes the heat evenly and quickly. Therefore, you can cook quickly and remain the flavor of the food. This product has a removable enamel grill and oil cup, and the flat-top grill is not prone to sticking, making cleaning it easier after use.

This grill is portable, has a small footprint, and is easy to move around. It is a 0.13-inch cold-rolled steel griddle plate with five steel bars at the bottom, ensuring that it will not bend even when exposed to high temperatures. In addition, this propane grill comes with a knob that can be turned to change the temperature, enabling you to adjust to the exact heat for each food. It is a pity this product doesn't have a lid to help it remain the food's moisture.

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Your patio or deck will be outfitted with a high-performance, long-lasting cooking system when you get a Master Cook 4 burner propane gas grill. Your friends and family will continue to gather around this grill for a long time. One side table of the propane gas grill allows for flexibility and easy storage, and one side burner is excellent for warming sauces and side dishes to complement the things that are being grilled. 

The cooking grates of this product have excellent heat retention capabilities. It includes an integrated piezoelectric ignition mechanism, which allows it to light all five burners swiftly. You can obtain flawlessly cooked foods with the built-in stainless steel thermometer that provides accurate temperature control and a simple readout. Moreover, the lid of this product is made of stainless steel, which ensures that your food is cooked swiftly and evenly. However, this product's doors may be bent many times bumped, which makes it hard to close.

6 Sophia & William 2-Burner Gas Grill
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Sophia & William

You may prepare various foods on the cast iron plate of this propane grill's flat-top griddle, including vegetables, eggs, bacon, and breakfast. Two burners made of stainless steel allow for optimal heat control, which cooks food uniformly and quickly. Additionally, this product's battery-powered electronic igniter enables a speedy start with a button or the turn of a control knob.

Because the Sophia & William flat-top grill is easy to use, you can start cooking quickly and cook anything at a significant discount. There is plenty of space for food preparation thanks to the two fixed side tables. Therefore, you can cook various types of food simultaneously for your family. In addition, this product has a storage shelf located front panel, helping you store multiple cooking tools. Unfortunately, some screws on this grill may come off after a long time, but you don't need to be concerned because you only have to tighten it, and everything will be ok.

7 Megamaster 720-0988EA Propane Gas Grill
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With 30,000 BTUs across three burners, you will have enough power to grill delicious food for your friends and family, whether having a party or hanging out together. You will have no trouble preparing various dishes for your family because you have more than four hundred (400) square inches of room to cook. In addition, this compact grill features two wheels built to last, allowing easy maneuverability.

This propane grill is an excellent choice for BBQ parties or outdoor parties. It has two folding side shelves allowing convenient storage and food preparation on the patio. This product also helps you easily control the suitable temperature for each food thanks to its built-in temperature gauge. Furthermore, unlike other grills, it provides a convenient warming rack, enabling you warm food when necessary. Initially, you may find it a bit hard to light up this grill, but you will get used to it after several times.

More To Consider

9 Amazon Basics Portable Propane Gas Grill
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Amazon Basics
10 Ooiior Portable Gas Grill
Our Score:

What to Look For in a best budget propane grills?

Buyers are frequently hesitant to purchase best budget propane grills. Certain factors should be considered while making a significant purchase. Our understanding and expertise with best budget propane grills will assist you in making the right decisions.

Please take the following points into consideration before selecting best budget propane grills:


Is your grill going to be outdoors all year? Or will you store it in sheltered areas? Are you going to cook on your grill every day? Do you plan to upgrade it in the next year? Do you have one grill? You should consider how long-lasting your grill will be able to withstand the demands of your life.


A gas grill with an automatic starter or removable upper cooking grates for indirect cooking is a good choice. This will be ideal for large-cut meats and buns. An advantage is the propane gauge. Although a side burner can be useful, it is rarely used. The best features are built-in LED lighting and wireless temperature monitoring.

Cooking Area Capacity

A large grill will allow you to prepare large meals for your family and friends. However, it is possible to waste the additional space if you grill for only one person.


BTU is the British Thermal Unit. It measures how much heat it takes to increase the temperature by 1 degree Fahrenheit for one pound water. The number of BTUs is used to indicate gas output, or how hot a gas grill produces. It is not a good indicator of efficiency. Instead, look for grills with large temperatures. Premium models might have infrared burners capable of reaching 700° or higher.


Consider the size of your grill, as well as where it will be stored, when deciding on its dimensions. Small grills, on balconies and patios that are small can pose a danger to your health. It can be hard to maneuver around a grill that is large in size. This could increase your risk of getting burned by the heat.
Grills with two or more burners offer greater flexibility and temperature control. The most crucial measurement for evaluating the size of a grill is its surface area. It is measured in square inches. Most grills can handle 24 burgers.


Clean grills are safe. To prevent grease fires when shopping for grills make sure grease traps are easily accessible and can be cleaned. Give the grates an extra scrub before you use them again. Make sure you place your grill outside when assembling it. Finally, make sure the grill is sturdy. The grill that is heavier will be less likely to tip or move in the wind.


How do I set up a propane grill?

To set up a propane grill, you will need to begin by assembling the grill according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Once the grill is assembled, you will need to connect the propane tank to the grill and turn on the gas valve. After that, you can light the grill and begin cooking.

How often do I need to clean my propane grill?

It is important to clean your propane grill regularly. Depending on how often you use your grill, you should aim to clean it every few weeks or after each use. Cleaning your grill will help to prevent build up of grease and other food residue, ensuring that your grill is safe to use and your food tastes great.

What type of propane tank should I use for my propane grill?

It is important to use the correct type of propane tank for your propane grill. Most propane grills require a 20-pound propane tank, however, it is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you are using the correct tank for your grill.

What are the benefits of using a propane grill?

Propane grills offer the convenience of grilling with gas, with the affordability of a charcoal or electric grill. They are easy to set up, use and clean, and they provide consistent heat for grilling a wide variety of foods.

We constantly update the list of best budget propane grills as new data becomes available. For the most up-to-date information, please visit our website regularly.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or concerns with best budget propane grills. If you ask, we'll do our hardest to help you in any way we can!

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