The 10 Best Bidirectional Obd2 Scanner For 2023

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Best Bidirectional Obd2 Scanner
Best Bidirectional Obd2 Scanner

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: FOXWELL NT510 Bi-Directional Diagnostic Tool

The FOXWELL NT510 Bi-Directional Diagnostic Tool is a revolutionary diagnostic tool designed to view your cars comprehensively. This tool allows you to quickly and accurately diagnose any faults in your vehicle. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: Autel Bidirectional Scanner

The Autel Bidirectional Scanner is a powerful tool designed to help mechanics and technicians diagnose and repair many cars and trucks. This advanced scanner provides detailed information about 150+ car makes and models. Read Review

3. Best Compact: INNOVA 5610 OBD2 Bidirectional Scan Tool

The INNOVA 5610 OBD2 Bidirectional Scan Tool is perfect for professional mechanics and DIYers. Its Enhanced Data Stream allows you to access live data from advanced systems like ABS, SRS, transmission, and engine. Read Review

4. Best Reliable: Thinkdiag OBD2 Scanner

The Thinkdiag OBD2 Scanner is a powerful diagnostic tool that helps you quickly detect and diagnose vehicle issues. It has advanced functions such as actuating solenoids and actuators for active testing. Read Review

5. Best Precise: XTOOL OBD2 Scanner

The XTOOL OBD2 Scanner is a powerful and reliable diagnostic tool that provides fast and stable wireless diagnosis for more vehicles. With its high mobility of up to 33 feet, you can quickly diagnose your vehicle without being bound by cables. Read Review

Are you looking for the best bidirectional OBD2 scanner? If so, you’re in luck! With the advances in automotive technology, car owners now have access to various high-tech diagnostic tools. One of these tools is the bidirectional OBD2 scanner. A bidirectional OBD2 scanner is a powerful tool that can read and write data to the vehicle’s onboard computer.

This type of scanner is incredibly versatile and can diagnose various problems, from engine misfires to faulty sensors. In today’s market, there are a variety of bidirectional OBD2 scanners to choose from. With so many options, knowing which one is right for you cannot be easy. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best bidirectional OBD2 scanners available. We’ve looked at various factors, such as features, price, and customer reviews, to determine the best scanners. 

After extensive study and analysis over a considerable time, We think the best bidirectional obd2 scanner is FOXWELL NT510 Bi-Directional Diagnostic Tool because this device can scan your vehicle fast, execute read/clear operations on error codes, see live data streams, view ECU information, and much more. Other options presented here are certainly worthy of your attention, and to assist you in making an informed choice, We have compiled the following helpful buying guide.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 FOXWELL NT510 Bi-Directional Diagnostic Tool
Our Score:

This OBD2 scanner can scan problem codes, clear them, and reset the MIL for main electronic control modules, such as the engine, the airbag, the transmission, the ABS, the SAS, the EPB, and the TPMS. Additionally, it supports the body, the chassis, and the powertrain systems. This device can scan your vehicle fast, execute read/clear operations on error codes, see live data streams, view ECU information, and much more.

On BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce automobiles, the Foxwell scanner grants the ability to temporarily activate or operate a vehicle system or component for active testing. Additionally, it delivers accurate data results regarding troubleshooting and diagnostic issues. You can use it to re-calibrate, adjust, or configure particular components once you have repaired or replaced them. Unfortunately, this product's instructions are a bit complicated, but you don't need to be concerned too much because you can watch instructional videos on Youtube to learn how to use it.

TOP Choice #2 Autel Bidirectional Scanner
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This automobile diagnostic tool with reset is effective for use on more than 150 different car makes and models across the globe (those manufactured in 1996 or later). In addition, it can read and clear codes, read information from ECUs, see live data, execute active tests, and carry out unique functions for all available systems. This product's comprehensive analysis clarifies the precise nature of the issue and suggests potential solutions, which makes it much easier to establish a budget for the necessary repairs.

This scanner has Auto VIN, which enables it to directly retrieve precise information on the car with just a button, including anything from the engine type to the location where it is created. Moreover, active tests and bi-directional control can be applied to the vehicle's subsystems to determine whether all of the vehicle's actuators are functioning correctly. This device can also read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) to help discover faults and clear the codes after specific repairs. The only downside of this scanner is that it sometimes responds a bit slowly, but this product generally works well.

TOP Choice #3 INNOVA 5610 OBD2 Bidirectional Scan Tool
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Using the INNOVA bi-directional scan tool, you will have no trouble locating or fixing the issue with your vehicle. You can acquire real-time solutions to any automotive problems you may be having, as well as access OBD2 and OEM live data. In addition, this scan tool can send commands to your vehicle to test operations like the fuel pump on/off switch, the air conditioning clutch on/off switch, and the electronic parking brake retract button.

You can use this device on any OBD2 car, light truck, SUV, or hybrid vehicle manufactured in 1996 or after, regardless of where it was manufactured. It supports three languages; hence you can use it easily. In addition, the Auto Re-Link feature assists you in determining while driving if the problems that caused the DTC codes have been resolved successfully. With the help of the Special Reset Function, you can apply dealership-level re-learning processes to finish any necessary repairs or maintenance, such as the SAS and the DPF Regen. It is a pity this scanner has no protective case to help you store it easily.

4 Thinkdiag OBD2 Scanner
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This OBD2 Scanner can read and clear fault codes, read live data, read information from control modules, perform actuation tests, and perform maintenance operations for ECM, BCM, SRS, TCM, BMS, TPMS, and SAS. It is compatible with over 120 car brands, and most of their models were produced after 1996. Moreover, this device's graphing and Data Recording are better integrated into Live Data Stream, making monitoring vehicle performance and analyzing aberrant parameters easier.

This scanner can be compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, transforming your smart device into a professional vehicle diagnostic tool. Moreover, this code reader activates solenoids and actuators for active testing and sends commands to systems and components to evaluate their functioning without utilizing the vehicle's controls, saving a significant amount of time when determining the causes of a malfunction. You can match the substituted components with the ECU using ECU CODING and flash hidden functionalities for BMW, GM, Benz, and other brands. Although you may find it a bit hard to use this device initially, you will get used to it after several usages.

5 XTOOL OBD2 Scanner
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The XTOOL bidirectional OBDII scan tool can send orders to the vehicle ECU to run numerous active tests of various vehicle parts and subsystems to identify their operating status, such as the EVAP test, fuel pump, fuel injector, A/C Clutch, window, door, sunroof, etc. This assists do-it-yourselfers in reducing the amount of time spent diagnosing and repairing. Nevertheless, this product's menu is not very user-friendly, but it doesn't affect you too much.

You are freed from the constraints of cords and given increased mobility of up to 33 feet thanks to this scanner, which offers a wireless diagnosis that is both quick and stable. People who want to diagnose their vehicles remotely will find that this diagnostic scanner meets all their needs while being incredibly tiny. In addition, it can work on more than 85 different makes from the United States, Europe, and Asia and give you additional diagnostic choices as long as you connect it to Bluetooth.

Without touching the controls on the car itself, the LAUNCH X431 V PRO scan tool can trigger solenoids and actuators for active testing and transmit commands to many systems and components to test their operational state. You can apply dealership-level relearn processes to conduct any necessary repairs or maintenance if you have a V PRO 4.0 diagnostic scanner. Moreover, when the diagnostic job has been properly completed, this diagnostic tool can generate a diagnostic report, making you easily monitor its repair process.  

Because this scanner supports AutoAuth for FCA SGW, it is compatible with Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Alfa Romeo vehicles, in addition to Fiat vehicles, after 2017. The brake reset on this apparatus can deactivate and activate the braking control system, aid with the control of the brake fluid, open and close the brake pads, and perform several other functions. In addition, this product offers Diagnostic Feedback that gives you the ability to report any problems you cannot fix right away. Nonetheless, this product may not work if it doesn't connect to the Internet.

This scanner is an outstanding option for do-it-yourself home mechanics. It can quickly send and receive information from a vehicle's onboard computer. In other words, it has the capability of requesting information from the car as well as sending commands to the modules of the vehicle. These commands will cause the module to carry out a variety of tests and functions uniquely tailored to their needs. The only drawback of this product is that it doesn't have various options for Mercedes Benz vehicles.

The ANCEL automobile Scanner is compatible with over 100 automobile manufacturers and 99% of vehicle models. It offers dealer-level diagnostics that provide precise and comprehensive results across all access control modules. Moreover, this product can diagnose the ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, TPMS, Brake System, Suspension System, and BODY as quickly and precisely as possible, allowing you to troubleshoot the root cause of the problem swiftly and then clear the error code after the issue has been resolved.

More To Consider

10 TOPDON ArtiDiag Pro OBD2 Scanner
Our Score:

Which Criteria Do Our Experts Advice To Consider When Purchasing Of best bidirectional obd2 scanner?

According to our experts, you should understand some sides of the product to get the finest one. Like others, best bidirectional obd2 scanner of 2023 might include many factors for you to take into account. For that, each among best bidirectional obd2 scanner will have unique features and challenges as well to consist of.

The focus on the following features of best bidirectional obd2 scanner is highly recommended, given they have come together with tech-evaluated certification:

Code Reading

To get the check engine light code on an OBD2 scanner, the primary purpose is to provide you with the numbers. You can find the engine light code on a simple scanner, but some of them may also provide you with additional information about what the code means. If you have a small screen and can’t read the definitions clearly on your scanner, you might want to get a model with a larger screen.

Live Data Scanning

With the advancement of onboard computers, modern vehicles can now monitor a large number of their subsystems simultaneously. You can check on the performance of your vehicle using live scanning. The technology has significantly advanced since 1996, so you can monitor your vehicle's operations in real time. You can, for instance, find out why your vehicle is losing gas mileage.


All of the car manufacturers have their own unique codes. Because the OBD2 system is standardized, the codes are not. To select the best scan tool, you must know whether your vehicle is included. These devices will have most of the major domestic businesses, including Toyota, Ford, and Honda. If you have a foreign or special vehicle, you must look for a scanner that is compatible with it.


An OBD-II scanner's most important capability is not the actual scanning process but rather the data transmission abilities. Because the scanner itself doesn't monitor the vehicle, this phrase is somewhat misleading. Instead, the scanner communicates with the onboard computer through various sensors to assess problems. This, however, doesn't mean that the data the scanner receives is the same from vehicle to vehicle. Some scanners can read only basic trouble codes, whereas others can gather a wider array of information.


The majority of OBD-II scanners can be connected directly to an OBD-II port on the car with a cable. These scanners do not require batteries to function. They draw power directly from your battery. Wireless scanners with separate display units/app and a plug allow for easy mobility.

Types Of OBD2 Scanners

A OBD-II scanner plugged into the OBD port is a quick and simple engine monitoring setup. However, it doesn't enable you to move around the vehicle while working on the engine bay. Battery-powered machines are also non-operational. The advantage of wired scanners is that they offer a link to a computer to translate codes. Because vehicles can be driven without wire, this option is more popular. Wireless scanner linkages are more difficult to establish at first, but the mobility advantage makes it hard to resist when working on an engine.

Information Processing

Commonly, an OBD-II scanner provides plain English with a nice resolution, rather than the underlying trouble codes. Even high-grade scanners that provide almost exactly the same data as those at the low end are rare. Whenever you look up the code or use a scanner that translates it, you will comprehend the code. Higher-end scanners that offer repair solutions are the best investment.


What is a bidirectional OBD2 scanner?

A bidirectional OBD2 scanner is a diagnostic tool used to diagnose and troubleshoot issues with a vehicle’s engine. It connects to the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port (OBD2 port) and allows you to read and diagnose the vehicle’s engine codes, adjust settings, and perform bidirectional tests and commands.

What does bidirectional mean?

Bidirectional means that the OBD2 scanner can both read data from the vehicle and write data to the vehicle. This allows you to diagnose and troubleshoot problems, adjust settings, and perform tests.

What can I do with a bidirectional OBD2 scanner?

With a bidirectional OBD2 scanner, you can read and diagnose engine codes, reset check engine lights, adjust settings, and perform bidirectional tests and commands.

What is the difference between a unidirectional and a bidirectional OBD2 scanner?

A unidirectional OBD2 scanner can only read data from the vehicle. A bidirectional OBD2 scanner can both read and write data to the vehicle, allowing you to perform bidirectional tests and commands.

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