The Best Atv Salt Spreader For 2023

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Best Atv Salt Spreader
Best Atv Salt Spreader

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Agri-Fab 85 lb. Tow Broadcast Spreader 45-0530 85 lb.

Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader is a handy and affordable way to spread fertilizer, lime or seed on your farm. This durable tow broadcast spreader has a strong steel frame and is made of poly hopper, spreader plate and enclosed gearbox for years of use. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: Brinly BS36BH-A Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader with Weatherproof Cover

Brinly BS36BH-A Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader is a high-capacity hopper that is ideal for yards up to 1 acre. It holds 175 lbs. of seed, fertilizer, Ice melt and more, with an extra large rust- and dent-proof poly hopper. The durable construction includes stainless steel hardware, spinner shaft and agitator. The glass-filled nylon gears are fully enclosed with a nylon gearbox for additional protection. Read Review

3. Best Durable: Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader , Black

Maneuverable, durable and easy-to-use. Agri-Fab 45-0463 is the perfect tool for managing your garden without straining your back. This durable, rod linked on/off control with precise settings is a must-have for anyone who wants to focus on what really matters: their garden. Read Review

4. Best Versatile: Buyers Products UTVS16 UTV All Purpose Spreader with Mount , black

Featuring a durable metal frame, Buyers Products UTVS16 UTV All Purpose Spreader with Mount is made to last. It attaches with a 2 inch receiver hitch and has a spread width of up to 30 ft. The durable poly hopper holds up to 15 gallons of material. The 12V motor is sealed and features an adjustable shut off gate. Read Review

Whether you’re a farmer, a homesteader, or an avid camper, having access to the right tools makes all the difference. Atv salt spreaders are essential in ensuring that your garden and livestock are adequately protected from harmful elements. After all, nothing is worse than seeing your favorite plants wilt and fade while they struggle to survive.

Fortunately, there are several models of ATV salt spreaders available on the market today that make it easy to get the job done. In this article, we will take a detailed look at some of the most popular brands and design principles so that you can make an informed buying decision before you buy one for yourself.

Our team had to focus on researching and sifting through 20 hours to get such results for readers. These studies are based on customer star reviews and interviews about their feelings when using the product. When it comes to finding the best atv salt spreader, we believe Agri-Fab 85 lb. Tow Broadcast Spreader 45-0530 85 lb. is a worthy product to buy. If you're looking for additional options and more in-depth advice, you may check out the following.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Agri-Fab 85 lb. Tow Broadcast Spreader 45-0530 85 lb.
Our Score:
  • Spread width: up to 10Ft. Spread
  • Construction: Strong Steel frame; poly hopper, spreader plate and enclosed gearbox
  • Optional accessories: hopper cover(69711), grate(69128) and deflector kit(69115)
  • Capacity: 85 lbs. ; 1/4 Acre (14, 000 sq. Ft. )
  • Operations: cable flow control
  • Assembly: some assembly required; a video instruction Guide is available to assist with the assembly process
  • Power Source Type: Pull Behind Tractor
  • Wheels: 10" Pneumatic tires
  • Lasting durability: All parts that come in contact with corrosive fertilizers are designed to last: heavy polyethylene hopper with stainless steel hardware, spinner shaft, and agitator. Glass-filled nylon gears are fully enclosed with nylon gearbox for additional protection.
  • Made in the USA: Trusted Since 1839, Brinly-Hardy Company has been dedicated to providing quality, durable, and innovative Lawn & Garden Products built in the USA
  • Quick 30 minute assembly: includes pictorial assembly manual with fastener skin pack; each part is matched to each assembly step. Assembly video also available on Brinly YouTube channel
  • Universal hook-up: a single, heavy-duty universal Hitch Pin is included to easily attach the spreader to any rider or tractor and most any ZTR or ATV.
  • Patented autoflow with spread pattern control: Brinly spreaders are designed for professional-level results. Different materials spread very differently; directional spread pattern control allows you to center and even-out the distribution pattern for a balanced application of any material. The patented autoflow technology stops material from spreading when the tractor stops - eliminating waste and burns that commonly occur with other tow-behind spreaders.
  • Includes hopper cover: Included clear-top hopper cover with easy elastic on/off keeps moisture out and materials and Dust in - away from the driver and others.
  • Easy calibration: calibration controls feature an easy-to-reach locking dial for secure rate-gate settings. Brinly provides hundreds of pre-calibrated settings to help you get to work and get the job done more accurately and efficiently.
  • High-capacity hopper: Extra large, rust- and dent-proof poly hopper holds 175 lb. (3. 5 cu. Ft.) of seed, fertilizer, Ice melt and more to maximize the time spent spreading vs. Refilling the hopper. Ideal size for yards 1 acre or larger.
  • Spread width up to 12ft: High-speed, 6:1 glass-filled nylon gears provide widest spread pattern at slowest speeds.
  • Durable rod linked on-off control with precise settings". Maneuverable
  • Enclosed gear box with tapered gears for even spreading and long life"
  • Optional hopper cover, material deflector and hopper grate available"
  • 130 pound hopper capacity saves time refilling on larger acreage lawns"
  • Large diameter tires with wide wheelbase for stability on rougher terrain"
  • Durable and Dependable: Founded in 1946, Buyers Products has become a leader in the truck equipment industry though our commitment to customer care, innovation, and value across our range of products
  • Versatile and Rust-Proof: This spreader attaches with a 2 inch receiver hitch and has a spread width of up to 30 ft. The durable poly hopper holds up to 15 gallons. Features a sealed 12V motor and adjustable shut off gate
  • All Purpose Spreader: Turn your UTV into a landscaping tool with our Receiver Mount UTV All Purpose Spreader; Easily distributes salt, fertilizer, seed, feed, and other free flowing materials
  • More Than Just Parts: From snow and ice equipment to toolboxes, hydraulics, towing, truck and trailer hardware to our innovative lighting products—it’s amazing what Buyers Products can do for your truck
  • We Do Things The Right Way: We design products like we we’re building them for ourselves, because we are. Our teams are staffed with engineers and experts who know how to make a product exceptional
  • Galvanized Steel agitator.Do not aerate if the ground is too wet
  • 8 galvanized Steel spike Disks for thorough aeration
  • 10" Flat free tires
  • Rustproof poly hopper increases product life
  • Can aerate and seed in one pass with this combined design
  • 32" Working width
  • 360° baffle system for precise control of spread pattern
  • Adjustable gate settings.Wide tread 10 in. Pneumatic tires for stability on uneven terrain.Powder coated Steel frame.Enclosed gear box to protect the gears from debris.Grate and snow/rain cover included.Easy assembly, just flip up the handle and secure
  • Conical poly auger installed and additional spiked poly auger and flat metal agitator included - helps to break clumps for a smoother flow of product
  • Ergonomically designed Bail system
  • Rugged poly hopper to withstand tough winter conditions
  • Premium galvanized steel agitator improves durability; pneumatic tires allow for smooth transport, 3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty
  • 40,000-square feet coverage; roughly 1 acre
  • Hopper capacity is 17-gallons (dry)/175-pounds
  • 42-inch controlled spread width
  • Rustproof poly hopper increases product life
  • Poly Hopper Capacity: 100 LBS.
  • Enclosed gearbox w/ grease fitting ; Gears made of metal-alloy material
  • Spread pattern control
  • Made in the USA
  • 14" wide pneumatic tires
  • Stainless steel frame, stainless steel linkage, stainless steel t-handle
  • Adjustable Rotary Gate
  • Includes rain cover and hopper grate
  • Finger grip for balanced lifting
9 99 lb. Capacity ATV Spreader
Our Score:
  • For spreading fertilizer, seed, bait, pellets, ice melting pellets, potash, urea & dry granulars
  • Adjustable spread width 4' to 16' diameter
  • Frame mounted on and off switch
  • Spread grass seed, fertilizer, salt, or sand consistently
  • Adjustable feed gate
  • 15 gallon poly tank; 150 lb capacity

What to Look For in a best atv salt spreader?

Is it necessary for you to purchase best atv salt spreader in 2023 from Amazon within the next few hours? Perhaps you've just learned about something which can benefit friends or family members but aren't sure where to turn or who to trust.

So, we're here to help. Our new article will show you how to purchase the best item for your necessities quickly so that it arrives on time and as expected. It's that easy!


You should think about how much floor the spreader would have to pay for a specific route. Use a tailgate spreading device if you are driving a commercial tractor. The salt is spread using a tailgate spreading device that moves in circular motions around the lanes driving width.


A walk-behind salt spreading machine is the best choice if salt distribution will be limited to small areas like driveways and paths. A walk-behind salt spreader, which is similar to a wheelbarrow and equipped with a handle, can be manually operated. Since you are walking on snowy paths, the handle must be pulled together by your back.


The strength of the salt spreaders is not clear between steel salt spreaders and poly. It is durability that makes the difference. Steel salt spreaders most often have motors made up of different components. This means that steel salt spreaders need to be maintained in the winter. The maintenance of poly salt spreaders is generally less complicated because they usually have electrical motors that contain fewer components.

Agitation System

A salt spreader should discharge salt at a rate that does not clog it. The conveyor system is the best option because it doesn't leak salt. You should use steel salt spreaders. An auger system uses a drill to cut down the salt before it is discharged. A few salt spreaders can be outfitted with shaking programmes, which allow the salt to be broken down by the hopper using agitation.


Be aware that salt and/or ice melt can weigh a lot, especially in large numbers. Therefore, if your spreader is heavy at the beginning, you will find it to be very heavy as it fills up. Walking behind models larger than those with a walk behind are easier to push. This will increase the physical challenges.


It will have an impact on the performance of your salt spreader over time. Because of its slimmer appearance and salt-resistant qualities, polyethylene ("poly") was the most popular material for salt spreaders over the years. A poly spreader allows salt to slide more freely without sticking to its interior liner. However, steel is harder and more likely to cause salt to stick to its surface. An iron spreader can rust, which could reduce its effectiveness at work.


How Do Truck Bed And Tailgate Spreaders Work?

Motorized hoppers are used in both truck bed spreaders and tailgate spreaders. They can overhang the back of trucks and evenly spread salt. The top loading covers allow for quick filling of the hopper and keep moisture out.
They differ in their storage capacities. A truck bed spreader is equipped with an enormous storage tub which sits on the bed of the truck. The spreaders can distribute large quantities of salt, without the need for refilling. The salt load directly into the tailgate spreader, which has a lower storage capacity. With capacities of 3-8 cubic feet they are suitable for many uses. They are also low-profile, so they don't block drivers' rearview.

Can You Put Salt In A Fertilizer Spreader?

The same applies to the fertilizer spreading machine. Fertilizer spreaders, however, are often designed to cover large fields in a shorter time. This means that they may be overly big and produce excessive amounts of fertilizer. I will only recommend that the spreader be of reasonable size and adjustable to the route.

What Is A Salt Spreader?

A salt spreader (or salt spreading machine) is an equipment that helps to spread salt, sand or other finely granulated substances onto large areas. You spread salt on icy roads as salt has a lower freezing point which allows the top layer ice to melt.

Saltwater is formed when the top layer has melted. The saltwater will not be dissolved by adding a little table salt. You will require more, which makes salt spreaders so useful.

What Types Of Salt Spreaders Are Available?

Salt spreaders come in many configurations. A walk-behind salt spreading machine is the most common. They are useful for clearing small areas like driveways or sidewalks. These models can also be attached to snow blowers and ATVs.
Truck bed spreaders and tailgate spreaders are the most powerful options. They mount on top of pick-up trucks. These spreaders are used for salting large areas like streets or parking lots. These are often combined with truck snowplows.

How Do Salt Spreaders Work?

Salt spreaders are easy to use. A hopper is a container that can taper downwards to release its contents.

The spinning disk distributes the material evenly over the area as it is being released. You can use whatever spreader you prefer, but it is important to begin slowly so that the material doesn't get too spread. It's also better to finish any first layers if it seems insufficient.

Can You Use A Grass Seed Spreader For Salt?

Although technically, you could use a spreader to do this, they were not intended for this purpose. Some spreaders simply drop seeds underneath the spreader, while others spread them all around the spreader. Your success will be determined by the size and calibration of the drop spreader/rotary spreader.

These links will show you how to adjust your sawder to get the desired effect. Both broadcast and drop spreading can work effectively, as long as the settings are easy to adjust and they don't get damaged by salt.


Its features, not its name, are what define best atv salt spreader in 2023. This may seem self-evident, but it's easy to become fixated on a specific company or brand due to its reputation. We strongly advise you to consider your needs and determine which products will assist you in meeting them. With our options above, if you can't choose any suitable one, let's check Brinly BS26BH-A Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader with Weatherproof Cover. Wish you a nice shopping day!

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