The Best Affordable Indoor Security Camera For 2024

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Best affordable indoor security camera
Best affordable indoor security camera

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Wansview Wireless Security Camera

The Wansview Wireless Security Camera is the perfect home security solution for keeping your family and property safe. With advanced motion detection and alert notifications, you'll be sent a 10s video to your phone when detecting the motion. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: eufy security S220 Indoor Cam

Eufy Security S220 Indoor Cam is a security camera that uses on-device AI technology to identify and record events of interest. It can detect whether a human or pet is present and will only start recording when something of interest is detected. Read Review

3. Best Compatible: LaView Security Cameras

LaView Security Cameras are the perfect solution for home security. Featuring instant motion detection, you can keep an eye on your home in real-time from anywhere. Read Review

4. Best Durable: GALAYOU Indoor Security Camera

The GALAYOU Indoor Security Camera is the perfect solution for your home security needs. Equipped with 4pcs 940nm infrared lights, it provides crystal clear images up to 32ft away in low light. Read Review

5. Best Human Detection: MUBVIEW Indoor Security Camera

The MUBVIEW Indoor Security Camera is the perfect way to monitor your home or office. With its 67-inch/1.7-meter wired length, you can set it up anywhere to get the best view of your baby. Read Review

Are you looking for the best affordable indoor security camera to help keep your home safe without costing too much? Whether you're a homeowner who wants to monitor the activity around your property or a renter looking for an easy way to keep an eye out, an indoor security camera is a great way to keep you peace of mind. But with so many security cameras on the market, finding the perfect one to fit your needs and budget can be difficult. That's why we've compiled this list of affordable indoor security cameras.

We've researched to find the best camera while still providing excellent features. From motion detection to night vision, these cameras have all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a top-of-the-line camera at a fraction of the cost. We've even included a few recommendations for those on a tighter budget. So if you're looking for the perfect indoor security camera to help keep your home safe, read on to find the best affordable options.

You can count on our team of experts who have spent over 17 hours conducting results through 10,351 genuine customer reviews. Because of this, We concluded that the best affordable indoor security camera is Wansview Wireless Security Camera because you can keep an eye on your home whenever and wherever you choose, thanks to the Wansview home camera's crystal clear and smooth live video, displayed using a resolution of 1080P HD.  And eufy security S220 Indoor Cam is another choice while keeping the product's quality and functionality since this device allows you to tailor the region of your home where the detection takes place to meet your specific needs.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Wansview Wireless Security Camera
Our Score:

You can keep an eye on your home whenever and wherever you choose, thanks to the Wansview home camera's crystal clear and smooth live video, which is displayed using a resolution of 1080P HD. Built-in microphone and speaker allow you to talk with your significant other even when you are not together physically. In addition, this device works with Alexa; hence you can ask Alexa to show your front door, infant room, or any location where this wifi camera is installed. However, it would be best if this camera had an SD card to help you store recorded videos and images.

The 105° wide-angle improved lens and the 320° horizontal and 80° vertical rotation range offer a complete 360° coverage. Additionally, the 4X digital zoom allows the video to be enlarged so that details can be seen more clearly. Also, you will have a clear black-and-white image in complete darkness up to 5 meters away thanks to the four pieces of 940nm IR LEDs.  You only need to launch the Wansview cloud app on your phone to check what's happening and ensure you do not miss any significant moves. 

TOP Choice #2 eufy security S220 Indoor Cam
Our Score:
Eufy security

The artificial intelligence built into the device can tell if a person or a pet is in the room and will only start recording when something of interest happens. You can view every event in as much as 2K clarity (or 1080P clarity when utilizing HomeKit), giving you a clear picture of everything inside your house. In addition, you can tailor the region of your home where the detection takes place to meet your specific needs. Therefore, you can avoid unnecessary notifications.

 The camera will automatically track and follow whatever is moving when motion is detected in the scene. This camera lets you rotate the lens 360 degrees horizontally or tilt it 96 degrees vertically to acquire an unobstructed view of the entire space. Moreover, the built-in AI will notify you if there is overwhelming background noise, letting you know when your child needs attention. Because this camera has built-in two-way audio, you can communicate with everyone who walks by in real-time. Although this camera sometimes disconnects the app, you don't need to worry; you only need to reconnect, and everything will be okay.

TOP Choice #3 LaView Security Cameras
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This camera's 2.1-megapixel resolution provides a vision of your house that is always crystal clear. It has enhanced infrared night vision with a range of up to 10 meters, which helps you have a high-quality image of your home even when it is entirely dark. This camera has continuous live broadcasting with movements captured in real time. In addition, thanks to the intelligent motion alerts feature, you can receive alerts immediately when this device detects motion.

The camera can be set up in various locations, including the office, the kitchen, and the living room. Also, it can let you share the camera with up to 20 members of your family or circle of friends is possible, and you may easily see footage from several cameras using a single account. You may listen to and converse with your family or children with the noise-canceling microphone and speaker already built in. Unfortunately, this camera sometimes lags when displaying in the views.

4 GALAYOU Indoor Security Camera
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The Galayou indoor camera for home security delivers a 2K super HD live stream, which enables you to monitor your pets or babies in precise detail. You can spin the head of this security camera using the app to see the complete picture of your home, which covers 355 degrees horizontally and 52 degrees vertically. In addition, this home security camera has four pieces of 940nm infrared LEDs, which allow it to display a crystal clear image in the dark up to 32 feet away.

The pet camera is included in the features. Intruders are scared away by the siren and motion sensor when they detect that humans are approaching your home. In addition, you will receive an instant alarm notification on your phone, and the PTZ indoor camera will automatically record 10-second video clips and save them on the app. Although the speaker is not very loud, you don't need to be concerned too much because it still helps you talk with any member of your family, no matter where you are.

5 MUBVIEW Indoor Security Camera
Our Score:

This camera will bring high-quality videos with a resolution of up to 2K full high definition. You can quickly swipe your finger up, down, left, and right across your phone's screen to rotate and set the point of view of your baby camera in real-time. In addition, thanks to four individual infrared lights, you can watch your infant or pet at night and see everything they do. The only downside of this camera is that the app is not very user-friendly, but it doesn't affect any function of this device too much.

When the Mubview indoor security camera detects motion, automatic motion tracking begins. After that, the Mubview App will send you a real-time alert to your phone when it detects suspicious acts, ensuring you know what's happening in your house. The wire attached to this indoor smart security camera is 67 inches (or 1.7 meters), which helps you install it anywhere. In addition, you will be able to hear your child's voice and use the two-way intercom to communicate with your child easily.

Thanks to six infrared LEDs, this camera lets you see what's going on day and night, even when there's no light, and it's completely dark. Besides, through two-way audio, you can contact your friends and family through your smartphone anytime and anywhere. This interior security camera can detect only human motion, which helps limit the number of false alarms that changes in light or flies might generate. Therefore, you can prevent yourself from being harassed by a constant stream of reports by adjusting the sensitivity of the detection system.

This camera allows many people to access the feed simultaneously on their iPhones or Android phones. You might take pictures of happy times with your friends and family with the camera that you have. Moreover, you can keep tabs on everything in your home with intelligent software that can manage multiple surveillance cameras and display sixteen live videos on a single screen. Although this camera doesn't work with a 5G network, it is still an excellent choice for every family.

This camera can capture precise details in full high definition and see more of the picture with a viewing angle of 130 degrees, making it an ideal choice for use as a baby monitor, nanny cam, or pet camera. Through surveillance and security cameras that have two-way audio, you can hear and communicate with family members, contractors, and even your pets. In addition, by closing the automated privacy barrier on the indoor security camera directly from the Arlo app, you can ensure that your moments remain private, providing additional peace of mind.

This product can improve the safety of your home or apartment by using the built-in siren either automatically or manually through the Arlo app. This feature can deter potential burglars from breaking into your house. Moreover, you can receive notifications for persons, vehicles, and packages on your mobile device immediately when this product detects motion. As a result, you can call emergency services or a friend directly from your mobile device. Nevertheless, you must pay an extra subscription to  Arlo Secure to use the recording feature.

More To Consider

8 REOLINK 4MP PT Plug-in Security Camera
Our Score:
9 SCOORNEST Indoor Security Camera
Our Score:
10 VSMAHOME 2.5K Security Camera
Our Score:

What to Look For in a best affordable indoor security camera?

You may think purchasing seems simple, and it sometimes does the opposite! Studying the outcome of best affordable indoor security camera will take a considerable amount of time. Also, there are multiple sides of best affordable indoor security camera you need to check. That’s the reason why we’re all ready to assist you with best affordable indoor security camera issue.

You should pay more attention to the following criteria of best affordable indoor security camera in 2024:

Night Vision And Spotlights

The low-light performance of outdoor security cameras is highly variable. Monochrome footage is produced by most night vision modes, making it harder to distinguish objects. Color night vision is more common, but it can occasionally appear weird due to software enhancement. We prefer spotlights, which allow for better-quality footage, and the light serves as a further deterrent to any intruder. However, they're not suitable for every scenario, and they take more batteries to operate if they aren't connected.

Person, Animal, And Vehicle Detection

If you have a camera that is capable of distinguishing between people, animals, and vehicles and that can send you smarter notices about what's happening, you don't have to open the camera app every time it detects something.

Wired Or Battery

Wired cameras must be able to get power, must be near an outlet, and will lose power if it does not, but they never require charging. If you buy battery-powered security cameras, the process is simpler. You can choose where you want to position the cameras. You will use less electricity if you charge the camera rather than removing the battery, but charging it can take several hours. You can power some camera batteries with solar panels now, which gives you the best of both worlds.

Video Quality

You should never record at the highest resolution possible in a video. While 4K videos offer superior image quality, they require significantly more bandwidth to stream and a lot more storage space to record. If you have only Wi-Fi, you need to be cautious. The camera must be able to take in more information, but this can cause a fish-eye effect on the edges and some cameras are better at removing distortion than others. It's important to get a camera with HDR support, particularly if it's facing a mixed lighting location with some shadow and direct sunlight (or a street light).

Local Or Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a standard feature in most security camera brands. Many smart features, such as person detection or activity zones, are bundled in with the cameras to make a subscription mandatory. It is not always as simple as it appears. Make sure you understand what is included before you purchase. When buying a camera, always consider the subscription cost, and make sure you know what is included.


Most security cameras will connect to your Wi-Fi router on the 2.4-GHz band. If you intend to install the cameras in a particular location, you may be interested in the 5-GHz band, which allows for a quicker stream load. A Wi-Fi range extender such as the EufyCam 2 Pro may be included with some system. In locations with a poor Wi-Fi signal, it is not advisable to install a security camera.


What is an affordable indoor security camera?

An affordable indoor security camera is an economical and easy-to-use surveillance device designed to keep your home or business safe. These cameras typically come with features such as motion detection, night vision, high resolution video, and more.

What are the benefits of an affordable indoor security camera?

Affordable indoor security cameras offer a variety of benefits. They can help deter burglars, provide evidence for law enforcement if a crime is committed, monitor activity in your home or business, and give you peace of mind.

What features should I look for in an affordable indoor security camera?

When shopping for an affordable indoor security camera, look for features like motion detection, night vision, two-way audio, and HD video resolution. Additionally, check for compatibility with your home or business’s existing security system, if applicable.

How do I install an affordable indoor security camera?

Installation of an affordable indoor security camera is typically straightforward. Depending on the type of camera you purchase, you may need to use screws or adhesive mounting tape to attach the camera to a wall or ceiling. Additionally, you may need to run an Ethernet cable or connect to your Wi-Fi network to allow the camera to function.

Can I access my affordable indoor security camera remotely?

Yes, many affordable indoor security cameras are compatible with smartphone apps, allowing you to access your camera and view its footage remotely. Additionally, some cameras support cloud storage, enabling you to access the footage from any location.

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