The Best 2 Man Tree Stand For 2024

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Best 2 Man Tree Stand
Best 2 Man Tree Stand

Our Top Picks

1. Best Of The Best: Rivers Edge RE665 TWOPLEX 2-Man

This revolutionary ladder stand features a 2-way adjustable shooting rail for perfect height and depth, while the included two ratchet straps and criss-cross stability straps provide maximum support. Take your hunt to the next level with this unique and dependable ladder stand from Rivers Edge. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: Ol'Man TREESTANDS Assassin Dual Ladder Stand

This stand features a Millennium-style comfort max seat with lumbar support that folds in both directions and an Anti-flex bridge support system for rock-solid stability and eliminating the need for a tree brace. With its lightweight construction, you can easily take this stand to your favorite hunting spot, setting you up for success. Read Review

3. Best Quality: Rivers Edge RE649 2-Man Ladder Stand

Featuring a roomy bench seat and padded, flip-back shooting rail, this ladder stand is perfect for two hunters or for a solo hunter who likes extra elbow room. With its durable steel construction and reinforced ladder sections, you can rest assured that you will have a safe and secure spot to hunt from season after season. Read Review

4. Best Durable: Muddy MLS2300 Partner Double Steel Ladder Tree Stand

Perfect for hunting with a buddy during gun or bow season, this stand features a padded shooting rail that gives you a comfortable and quiet spot to rest your gun and flips back out of the way during bow season. With its heavy-duty steel construction, this tree stand is built to last and provides a secure platform to help you get the perfect shot. Read Review

5. Best Style: Rivers Edge RE668 Ladder Tree Stand

Enjoy a tear-resistant TearTuff mesh seat that can accommodate two people, so you can hunt in comfort all day long. The height-adjustable shooting rail provides a reliable and secure spot to aim and shoot with precision. Read Review

Hunting season is here, and if you're looking to make the most of it, you're going to need the right equipment. One essential item is the best 2 man tree stand. This type of tree stand is perfect for hunters who are looking for a way to get higher up in the tree and get a better view of the area.

It can also be used for hunting with a partner, so you can keep an eye on each other and still have a great view of the surrounding area. The best 2 man tree stand will provide you with comfort, safety, and stability, allowing you to make the most of your hunting trips. Whether you're looking for a solo trip or a buddy hunt, the best 2 man tree stand is a perfect choice.

Before making our recommendations, our specialists spend substantial time researching and analyzing customer feedback. Then we found the best 2 man tree stand is Rivers Edge RE665 TWOPLEX 2-Man. This ultra-stable and durable ladder stand is designed for two hunters and comes equipped with a 2-way adjustable shooting rail for height and depth, plus two ratchet straps and criss-cross stability straps for extra security. It is the greatest choice for its high quality. If you're looking for another one, consider Ol'Man TREESTANDS Assassin Dual Ladder Stand.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Rivers Edge RE665 TWOPLEX 2-Man
Our Score:
Rivers Edge

40” wide platform for extra room.

Flip-up, TearTuff mesh seat for standing shots and all day comfort.

Unique no-split TearTuff mesh seat allow you to sit right in the middle.

Includes adjustable length stabilizer bar.

Includes two ratchet strap and criss-cross stability straps

Dual tree blades improve platform stability.

2-way adjustable shooting rail for height and depth.

TOP Choice #2 Ol'Man TREESTANDS Assassin Dual Ladder Stand
Our Score:
Ol' Man Treestands

Anti-flex bridge support system for rock solid stability and eliminating the need for a tree brace

Millennium style comfortmax seat with lumbar support that folds in both directions

Designed and manufactured by Millennium Outdoors

Millennium style comfortmax seat with lumbar support that folds in both directions

Steel Construction with powder coat finish and Ladder sections bolt together adding strength and helps eliminate noise

Full platform with foot rest

TOP Choice #3 Rivers Edge RE649 2-Man Ladder Stand
Our Score:
Rivers Edge

500 lb. Capacity

36" x 12.5" platform

38" x 12" seat

Material Type: Steel

Included Components: Safety Harness

QUIET & COMFORTABLE - The padded shooting rail gives you a quiet and comfortable resting spot for you gun and flips back out of the way during bow season; height: 17' to shooting rail; seat height: 20" above platform. weight: 75 lbs. maximum weight capacity: 500 lbs.

STEEL TREESTAND - All steel stand features Muddy Silencers technology to eliminate any metal on metal contact for trustworthy silence in the field; the big 40"W x 33"D platform provides a sturdy base for gun or bow shots with its D Force expanded metal construction

EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE SEAT - The dual, sling-style, Flex-Tek seats provide a comfortable 37"W x 18"D resting spot for long days in the stand and flips back out of the way for standing hunting; extra large, waterproof, Flex-Tek seat contours to your legs and back

INCLUDES - Stand comes with 3 sturdy, bolt-together, single rail ladder sections stabilized with an adjustable support bar, 2" rachet straps, and two 1" stabilizer straps for a secure climb up to the stand. Includes 2 full-body safety harnesses. 37"W x 18"H backrest.

DURABLE STEES LADDER STAND - A great stand for hunting with a buddy during gun or bow season, The Partner 2-Person Ladder Stand from Muddy stays quiet and keeps you comfortable; quiet, stable, and versatile

5 Rivers Edge RE668 Ladder Tree Stand
Our Score:
Rivers Edge Treestands

TearTuff mesh seat for 2 people makes for relaxed all day hunting

Includes ratchet strap and criss-cross stability straps

Flip-back, padded shooting rail for easy entry

Height adjustable shooting rail

16" deep platform for extra room

Includes adjustable length stabilizer bar

6 Guide Gear 2-Man Ladder Tree Stand
Our Score:
Guide Gear

500-lb. weight capacity

38inch x 12 inch padded seat

16.5'h. to shooting rail

38inch x 12 inch foot platform

HEAVY-DUTY TREE STAND - The mounting system includes two one-inch heavy-duty ratchet straps, two one-inch stabilizer straps and an adjustable support bar; weighted at 101 lbs., and holds a weight limit of 500 lbs. Included is two TMA-Certified full body harnesses

INCLUDES - The Stronghold 2.5 XTL hunting ladder stand comes packed with orange nylon washers, spacers, and caps for ultimate silence, 2 drink holders, and two additional accessory hooks to keep you organized

TALL AND COMFORTABLE 18' LADDER STAND FOR 2 HUNTERS - The Muddy 18 foot Stronghold 2.5 XTL ladder tree stand offers heavy-duty construction and ensures outstanding stability with its four single rail sections

PADDED ARMRESTS - Equipped with extra thick one-inch padded armrests and a one-inch padded adjustable shooting rail with the ability to be flipped back for an open shooting lane, as well as the innovative Muddy tree-lok system

ROCK-SOLID TREE-LOK SYSTEM - The innovative Muddy tree-lok system allows users to secure their stand to the Tree from the ground for confident climbs and to prevent any sliding. Comfort wise, the Stronghold 2.5 XTL comes equipped with a spacious Flex-Tek seat and backrest

Back Bone Stabilizer Truss System for enhanced ladder strength and stability

Grip Jaw System for maximum sure grip installation and safety

4 - 20" Wide Ladder Sections - Rounded Rectangular Tubing

Textilene Seat - 24"x 16" with Soft Molded Foam

Padded Arm Rests and Padded Flip-Up Shooting Rail

9 Rivers Edge Lockdown 2-Man
Our Score:
Rivers Edge

MORE SECURE – The Lockdown Ground-Level Ratcheting Technology allows you to ratchet your stand securely to the tree by pulling the top of the stand into the tree just like a conventional ratchet strap but allows you to do it from the ground.

THE ULTIMATE SHOOTING RAIL - Can be adjusted for both height and length based on your terrain and personal preference. The shooting rail and footrest can be tucked away into the designated slot on the platform.

UNIQUE NO-SPLIT TEARTUFF MESH SEAT – Comfortable for two or an individual hunter…go ahead and sit right in the middle for more comfort and concealment.

ROCK-SOLID STRUCTURE – Built with octagonal ladder rails and LadderLock connections to create the most sturdy ladder stand in the industry.

QUIET – Vinyl dipped parts for improved durability and quiet operation.

10 BIG GAME Spector XT 2-Person Ladder
Our Score:

READY OUT OF THE BOX - This Spector XT ladderstand comes fully loaded with a padded, flip-back shooting rail, flip-back Flex-tek seats, and extra deep and extra wide foot platform; this platform has it all, and aside from its features, its size is a step above the rest

BIG GAME SPECTOR XT 2-PERSON LADDERSTAND - The Spector XT 2-Person ladderstand from Big Game Treestands is a two-person ladderstand that is designed with those who hunt from a tree stand in mind

FLEX-TEK SEAT - This Flex-Tek seat 41" wide and 18" deep is designed to accommodate the hunter’s body; padded and adjustable armrests make this seat even more comfortable for modern hunters

SPACIOUS & COMFORTABLE - At 17' tall, The Spector XT keeps you up and out of sight of every prey; measuring in with a foot platform at 44" wide x 29" deep, and a seat at 41" wide x 18" deep, this stand is as spacious and comfortable as it gets

LIGHTWEIGHT & SAFE LADDER STAND - Weighing 85 Lbs., this Spector XT ladderstand from Big Game Treestands boasts an overall weight rating of 500 Lbs. Included are two TMA-Certified full body harnesses

How to choose a good model of best 2 man tree stand

Choosing the best 2 man tree stand to buy might be difficult, but it is critical to locate a reputable brand that provides high-quality goods. This article will assist you in determining which is the greatest brand to purchase for high-quality items.

Before purchasing the best 2 man tree stand for your needs, there are several aspects to consider. The intended usage of the product is the most significant aspect. To avoid harming customers, the finest goods must be ensured on production materials. Here are some suggestions for purchasing the best 2 man tree stand.


You'll be amazed at how light your treestand is for carrying or backpacking when hiking through the woods.

What if you find that your seat or footstand is too small for you to comfortably sit on? Your portable treestand is useless and will ruin your bowhunting experience.

You will now be able to decide whether the weight of your stand is more important than its size. Remember that your prey will need plenty of space to sit while you wait. A good platform is essential for both hunting and sitting. A wider platform will not only be useful for storing your hunting equipment, but it is also important for hunter safety when standing up to aim.

To ensure the best match, balance the weight of your treestand and the size.


You know weight is important if you hunt long distances. It's already difficult enough to carry a full-stocked hunting pack of elk around. We recommend products that not only are reliable, durable, but lightweight and portable.

Ease Of Setup

You should be aware that some stands take longer and are easier to put together than others. You can wait for the trophy buck below by getting up as soon as possible.


You should pay attention to weight, size and comfort of the treestand. But, the main focus must be on the treestand style you choose. You read that right. The most important thing about a treestand is its design. It will serve as a lugging platform for bowhunters.

Treestands come in three styles, namely ladder, hang-on and climber. It is up to the individual hunter what style and hunting style they prefer.


Hunting enthusiasts can't afford to risk their safety by using a broken or falling apart stand. There's just too much at stake. All of these options are constructed from strong, durable materials that have been proven reliable season after season.


It is essential to be safe in your tree stand. We will only recommend trees that are reliable in the field. Our goal is to recommend safe options that are made from trusted materials, have been well reviewed by hunters far and wide.


It's hard enough dealing with cold temperatures and wind. Therefore, it is essential to choose a tree stand that you can spend long hours in. The stands were designed to make hunting as easy as possible.


What is a two man tree stand?

A two man tree stand is a hunting platform designed to be mounted on a tree trunk. It typically consists of a metal frame with a platform, two seats and a ladder for climbing the tree. The platform is typically elevated off the ground, allowing hunters to have a better view of their surroundings.

What safety features should I look for in a two man tree stand?

When purchasing a two man tree stand, look for safety features such as a full-body safety harness and a railing system that can be secured around the tree and the platform. Additionally, look for a stand with a heavy duty frame and construction, as well as non-slip surfaces on the platform and ladder.

What size tree can I use with a two-man tree stand?

A two-man tree stand is designed to fit around any tree between 8 and 20 inches in diameter.

How much weight can a two-man tree stand hold?

A two-man tree stand is designed to hold up to 500 lbs. However, you should always check the manufacturer's recommendations for the specific stand you are using.

What is the purpose of a two man tree stand?

A two man tree stand is used by hunters to gain a better vantage point when hunting. It allows them to remain concealed while still being able to observe their surroundings. This can help to increase the chances of a successful hunt.


We hope that our helpful advice has assisted you in locating the best 2 man tree stand for your requirements. If you still can't locate one, contact the Muddy Nexus XTL Steel Double Tree Stand. If you encounter an issue, please contact us as soon as possible; we would be pleased to assist you with any questions or concerns. Now is an excellent moment to purchase!

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